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Not Enough Cookies in the World - Part II

Posted on Sunday, 19 March 2023 - 3:54pm by Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Ensign Oriana Skye Sety

Mission: Operation: Lobes & Liberties
Location: Conference Room | USS Standing Bear
Timeline: Current

Previously on Not Enough Cookies in the World .....

"Okay! I'm going to be a great engineer here. I will do Betazed proud!" She turned and gave a shaky salute and headed out smacking into the door as it opened. "I'm okay!"

Oriana covered her face with her hands. "That was..."

“Bad,” Alex groaned as she bit into a cookie, “really really bad.”

Before Oriana could respond the door chimed again. She looked at Alex. "And so, the trails and tribulations of the second officer have begun." She paused. "There should be music. We totally need an ominous drum here."

Alex arched an eyebrow, took a deep breath and called out for the next newcomer to join them.

And now, the continuation...


In quick succession they met the next five new crew members. One, a Bolian who would be part of her staff who was on paper a more than competent scientist- provided he never had to use a transporter, had his own private workspace, and every third day needed set time for a mediation ritual he had devised. Oh. And he liked to sing. Klingon opera no less. He even gave them a chorus or six.

Next, they had a Bajoran who was again assigned to engineering as a computer specialist. Aside from seeming terrified of social interaction, he too on paper at least seemed like he wouldn’t accidentally blow up the ship. Which as the meetings progressed became her benchmark for deciding if she should resign with immediate effect.

By the time number seven left, she was out of cookies and had her head in her hands. None of them deserved a place on this or any starship. Ever.

Oriana gave her a pat on the back. "I have no idea why Soral personally chose these candidates." She sighed. "The next one is ... from Vulcan. With a crazy name...Belladonna."

“Of course, they do,” Alex sighed. “Okay, let’s do this. Come in!”

The doors parted and in walked #8 of what had been an eclectic and frankly unbelievable group thus far. With a long confident stride, the intern closed the gap to both of them, a copy of her transfer instructions in hand. She wore traditional uniforms worn by those who served on Vulcan’s own fleet but that was about all that was outwardly traditional or expected. For one, her shoulder length hair transitioned from jet black at the roots to a blood red at the tips, a rare choice to see any Vulcan make. A headband with black and red detailing kept it from her face which lacked the more angular, sharp features most expected when they met a Vulcan.

Instead, she had a softness to her features and piecing blue eyes which seemed to hold intelligence while seeing into your very core.

“Reporting for duty, Lieutenant…?”

“Kingsley. Welcome aboard. May I get you a refreshment?“

“I require nothing at this time, Lieutenant. I would prefer to be shown to my quarters and to begin my duties,” Belladonna replied. “You will find my transfer in order.”

So not a completely a-typical Vulcan. “Of course. But we wanted to welcome all our new crew, ensure you were settled and answer any questions you may have?”

Oriana had been struck a bit mute. She was staring at the Vulcan. The outfit was Vulcan but had an edge to it and the eyes...the features were subtle but...She shook her head. "Please have a seat. Tell us if you have questions." She seemed to find a voice but kept looking between Alex and Belladonna.

Bella, for her part raised both eyebrows and seemed to shrug a little. "I have been told to prepare for Human formalities. I shall have a Vulcan spice tea, if the replicators can create it."

“Of course,” Alex nodded as she retrieved the drink, glad for the distraction. There was something disquieting about this woman, she just couldn’t put her finger on why. Setting the drink down, she retook her seat. “This would be a logical time to ask any initial questions you may have,” she pointed out. “So please, ask away.”

"Indeed." She pulled a PaDD from the little bag she'd come in with. "I have studied at the Vulcan Defense Academy and am currently on the Command Track. I was told that I would be learning from the senior staff as well as the Second XO, which I am deducing is yourself, and the XO. It is logical for the XO to greet all exchange recruits I am unsure as the why protocol was broken. Is this a regular occurrence on the ship?" She seemed to be taking notes. "Or is it a security feature to keep the command team safe, something that can sometimes be a failing within the Vulcan system, something we should perhaps adopt."

Alex glanced at Oriana and gave a little shrug, “security. But also, with a large number of crew reassignments, it was necessary to combine forces to allow for meetings with the departing crew.”

"Very logical. I had heard the Commander's Logic was unique. Fascinating."

“Any other questions?” Alex prompted.

"None at this time. I have an appointment at medical if there is nothing else."

“Nothing from us,” Alex assured her, giving Oriana’s foot a subtle nudge under the table as she went on, “on the PaDD are details of your assigned quarters and duty shifts. There is also a number of crew organised activities - everyone is welcome. If you need anything please do not hesitate to contact either of us.”

"Very well." She stood. "I believe that Human custom dictates small talk." She paused. "It was not unpleasant meeting you. I take my leave." She gave a little bow and head held high she walked out of the room with an air of confidence to her as if she were a queen walking on her land.

As the doors closed, Alex sank into her seat. “Dear lord, is this some kind of hell? Where did they find these people and how do we get at least the first five gone - like yesterday.”

"I'd be more worried about number 8 than the rest." Before she could ask the door chimed. "Last one, ready?"

“Come in!” Alex called as the last arrival hurried in. Perhaps it was the hurry, or the hand clasped over their mouth or the odd colour to their complexion but she immediately grabbed the sick bucket he had made Oriana replicate and slid across the desk. “Welcome to the standing bear,” she offered meekly as the newcomer threw up repeatedly. She glanced at Oriana, “remind me to thank Soral for this.”

Oriana grinned. "Perhaps the bucket as a memento?"

“I like your thinking,” Alex grinned.

The Ferengi looked up. "Reporting for.... duty." The Ferengi walked over and held out his hand to Alex

Alex glanced at the offered hand, but made no move to shake it. “Welcome aboard… why don’t I show you to the bathroom so you can freshen up and then we can talk on the way to sickbay? I’m curious to know what led you all the way here…”

"Ohhhh I want to bring glory and profit to Ferenginar and the only way to do that is to learn to fly well!" He smiled a toothy grin and just like that a wave of paleness washed over him. Before anyone could react a mighty force spewed from his mouth towards Alex.

Instinct made her jump out of the way - for the most part. It was like a cheesy horror movie, of the worst kind. “Call medical up here, and a cleaning team,” Alex sighed as she slipped off her comm badge and pips, before peeling off a uniform jacket that needed incinerated- fast.

Oriana grimaced. "I think I can take it from here."

“And then I want transfer orders to Starbase 80.”

Oriana bit her lip it was funny but horrible at the same time.

“At this point, I’ll put my own name on the damn thing,” Alex quipped as she hurriedly exited in search of a shower.



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