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Storm of the Mind

Posted on Sunday, 19 March 2023 - 4:24pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali

Mission: Operation: Lobes & Liberties
Location: Holodeck | USS Standing Bear
Timeline: Current


T’Lanna sighed as she looked at the clock, it was well past the time that Soral should have arrived for his appointment. This made the third appointment in a row he’d missed, and she wasn’t going to let him get away with it this time. Checking with the computer as to his whereabouts she headed to find him.


Soral's mood hadn't improved. He'd decided to skip the chat with the counselor yet again. Instead of the warm comforts of the counseling office he found himself seated on the cold ground of a grassy hill surrounded by drifting grey-brown clouds. A cold wind blew whipping up a storm to mirror the one that seemed to be raging within him.

Arriving at the holodeck, T’Lanna used her medical clearances to enter. As the doors closed behind her she made her way to where she could see Soral sitting. She had to admit it didn’t look like a very appealing program, cold wind and grey clouds it made her shiver. “Soral...” she approached him slowly. “You missed your appointment... again.”

Soral, without opening his eyes, responded, "Indeed I have. I see that the computer no longer masks my location. The dark side of not having Hamura in Engineering.

“You are First Officer of this ship Soral, the computer needs to know where you are for security’s sake, if nothing else.” T’Lanna sighed. “I know you aren’t... entirely you anymore Soral, but I can’t help you if you don’t turn up to see me.”

"Ah, you are making an assumption that I require assistance."

T’Lanna moved to sit opposite, taking her usual meditation pose with legs crossed she gave Soral a curious look. “You do, you’re just too damn stubborn to see it!”

"I see. Perhaps enlighten me as the the...origin of your theory."

“The origin of my theory? Hmmm let’s see...” T’Lanna paused. “You get captured, almost killed by your alternate self, you break your bond with your wife, who then ends up combined with her alternate self, you end up combined with your other self, while she is left to struggle with the reality of situation. How am I doing so far?”

"That still does not indicate why I would need help. Logic should, as Humans say, trump it all."

“Ahh but does it Soral? Does logic state that if Alex decides not to pursue a relationship with you, that you should leave? Does logic even apply now? You are half Romulan, and you feel emotions now, don’t you?”

He raised an eyebrow even thought his eyes were closed. "I see. And where did the rumours of my leaving originate from?"

“Now that would be telling” T’Lanna gave Soral an annoyed look. “Will you please open your eyes and look at me” she shivered. “Computer... weather, sunny and 21 degrees.” She smiled as the weather changed and the holodeck took on an air of summery warmth. “I know you Soral, this isn’t you.”

He slowly opened his eyes and stared straight at her. "What is not me?"

“This... at least the program it was, and everything else.” T’Lanna paused. “Who are you Soral? and don’t go giving me a cryptic response. I may not know you as well as Alex, but I know you well enough.”

"I would guess that as a counselor you would know who I am. Soral of Vulcan, Commander of this ship, A minute portion of myself is Romulan genetically, anything else?"

T’Lanna nodded. “You are also Soral from the alternate universe, a blending of two, both of whom love the same woman in very different incarnations. Those two sides are having a hard time coming together aren’t they? The turmoil within rages just like the storm that was raging when I walked in here.”

"I think you are psychoanalyzing too much. A failing in both verses it seems. The storm was simply comforting. I find the ship a tad too...bright these days."

“I think your skills of deflection and telling half truths are definitely improving.” T’Lanna gave him a disappointed look. “You... at least half of you, has been my friend and mentor ever since I came onboard this ship. I told you, when we saved you, how I felt about you. We are friends, that isn’t going to change, I just wish you’d talk to me without taking it back to an empty answer.”

"I am but an open book."

“You are nothing like an open book Soral.” T’Lanna sighed. “I will count this as your missed session, but miss another one and I will have to report it to the captain.”

"I suppose that is standard procedure."

T’Lanna silently cursed to herself. “For Heavens sake Soral, snap out of it!! I’m not your a-typical Vulcan either, right now you’re getting on the one nerve that happens to wind me up!”

He raised an eyebrow. "We Vulcans do not have nerves. One would argue that we are a cold lot. Perhaps I can assist with your counseling?"

T’Lanna breathed a sigh of relief. “Well, we finally got somewhere with that, and yes, I would appreciate your assistance.”

He gave a nod. "If you excuse me I promised one of the transfers I would assist her with something."

“Her?” T’Lanna sighed. “Fine, I’ll see you later Commander.”

Soral stood and left Vali standing there. He walked out of the holodeck sighing. "I was just starting to be one with the storm." He shrugged. "I shall try again later." He really did have to head over to meet Belladonna, she'd been flagged by a Vulcan friend of his, someone he trusted. It was up to him to bring her out of her self. Like himself she shared a dual Vulcan, Romulan line. This was going to be an interesting meeting.



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By Lieutenant Alex Kingsley on Sunday, 19 March 2023 - 5:06pm

poor T'Lanna!