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Something Fishy This Way Comes - Part II

Posted on Sunday, 21 May 2023 - 9:55am by Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Commander Soral

Mission: Operation: Lobes & Liberties
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: 2396

Previously on Something Fishy This Way Comes....

"Are you well?"

“Still deciding,” she admitted quietly, almost too quiet for him to even hear as she peered at the clock, “it’s the middle of the night… is something wrong? Are you… are the children alright?”

Why else would he call her in the dead of night? She groaned at her choice of phrasing. Even so, she couldn’t imagine why he would be calling in the middle of the night. The ship wasn’t at red alert so it wasn’t a life-or-death situation but there were many things that could happen aboard a ship which might warrant a wake-up call. Climbing out of bed she walked round, raising the lights as she went, taking some comfort in the familiar sites. No murderous Vulcans, no evil scientist, and no dying family to torment her.

"Lieutenant?" Soral sat up waiting for her response.

And now the continuation....


“It’s fine,” she said, more to herself than him as she curled up on the chair. “What… what did you need? Is something wrong?”

He knew her well enough to know that she was not fine...besides a Human Female who said fine meant, usually, that the world was ending. Knowing Alex, he knew that she needed something to get her mind off her troubles. "I have a scientific puzzle that involves time and physics and pretty much molecule issues. When you are...recovered enough join me in the ready room."

Agreeing, Alex spent some time showering and changing into a fresh uniform before she replicated a strong cup of coffee to drink on route to the Bridge. All the while reminding herself that this was work and they could - despite everything- work together.

Pressing the door chime she waited until Soral responded before stepping inside.

Soral looked at her. "Please have a seat." He rose and brought her a hot chocolate, knowing that's her drink of choice. "I could use your assistance with a scientific matter. It involves genetics and that is not my strong suit.”

Accepting the seat, Alex sank into it as she watched him head for the replicator. The next thing she knew, hot chocolate was placed on the table and she promptly traded in her coffee for her preferred beverage. “And you needed this help in the middle of the night?” she queried, clearly curious.

"No, but you required a diversion. I am assuming nightmare. So here we are." He sighed as he picked up a Data PaDD. I have a question for you, hypothetical. If the alternate host for Soral, the alter me had survived here in this universe and I was here too would there be a danger to either one of us?"

Perhaps she was still in that nightmare… a hypothetical diversion which felt a little like torture. There wasn’t two of them, after all. Just the one. And he was sitting right there.

“There is insufficient data to make a hypothesis. There are no documented incidents of an individual and what we would consider a mirror counterpart existing in the same place and time for any prolonged period of time,” she sighed, taking a long drink. “Obviously just existing in the same Universe at the same time does not cause any instant instability. Neither one of you was destroyed to achieve balance. So, it would seem unlikely to cause one of both people to be erased for want of a better word.

But longer term… who knows? There are also some theories - within Starfleet only of course - which suggest there may be variations at the molecular level which over time would create potential issues. Think of it like a gravitational pull, on a cellular level, to be in the universe they belonged to. But it is just theory. Little more than guesswork given there has been no study in the field. I appreciate the distraction but could we perhaps choose a different subject? This is … a little too soon,” she said quietly as she set down her cup. And in some ways a little to reminiscent of some of her recent nightmares.

He sighed. "I can understand...." He paused. "You are right. My apologies I should have sought someone else for this opinion." Nobody he trusted more but she'd given him a start. At least short term it would be alright. He'd have to seek Vulcan help.

“No, it’s okay. And even if we are not quite there yet, I am still an officer on this ship and a scientist,” she pointed out. “And I should say, I spoke to my mother. She’s okay. Pre proposal nerves. Are you… are you are okay?”

As she asked she seemed to study him as if expecting to see the images from her dream. Which was of course ridiculous. Yet it had been so vivid, felt so real.

He gave a nod. "I am tired but well." He paused. "I am glad that your mother is well." He paused again. "I am...keeping something from you in a bid to protect you." He knew she hated secrets but this was his way of telling her without telling her. Leaving it up to her if she wishes to know.

“You do have a history of doing that,” she reminded him, with no hint of surprise at his declaration. “Given our current situation, I can’t blame you for keeping things from me. It was me who asked for time and some space, after all. But…. Is this related to your question in some way?”

"It is."

“In what way?” She queried.

"Are you certain that you wish to know?"

“As long as you are certain you wish to tell me,” she countered.

"In the sake of honesty, I do not, knowing it will upset you but that has always been a part of our problem. So, with that all said, I have brought forth our...their...The mirror verse versions of N'vek, Severine, Soval, Seleya, and the three knights. They are living here now, safe, my oath to our mirror selves fulfilled. His oath to Lexi, fulfilled. Their family safe."

“And Aria?” Alex managed after a moment; the question barely louder than a whisper.

"Her too." He smiled a little. "They are all here."

“Oh…” she fell silent as she tried to think around the conflicting feelings the news brought. Relief, yes… because through Lexi’s memories she knew them all and four children were of her own - alternate - flesh and blood. Unease, because all but the youngest knew a very different life to the one they’d find here in the Federation. And what was to stop them trying to live in the manner they knew best by this point in their lives. And fear. Because hadn’t the boys been the very children she and Soral had been trying to save in her dream?

And then there was his question. Could Severine, Soval and N’Vek be harmed by the presence of their older, alternate selves? It was a question there was no answer to. Not without more information.

“I’m sure Lexi would appreciate the steps you had taken,” she said quietly. “How safe is safe?”

"They will be living on Betazed in a home I have prepared for them there. I have Vulcan counselors and Betazoid empathic counselors there to aid them in the transition to this verse. I will some point taking a leave of absence to be with them and wish to introduce them to their...siblings here."

“That’s… a lifetime of therapy waiting to happen,” Alex pointed out. Arguing would not be wise. He would do what he wanted; she was sure. “While I’m sure most of them are able to look after themselves…. do they have security?”

To Be Continued...


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