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Curious questions

Posted on Tuesday, 20 June 2023 - 2:21am by Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Commander Soral

Mission: Operation: Lobes & Liberties
Location: First Officer’s office

T’Lanna wasn’t sure quite whether she was ready for what she was about to do, with Hamura having said that Soral knew her counterpart she wanted to know more. Making her way to Soral’s office she pressed the chime and waited for an answer.

Having had his conversation with Oriana, Soral was just sending in the reports for the month when the door chimed. He looked up at the door with a quick glance at the screen showing who stood in front of it. "Enter Counselor."

Walking in T’Lanna offered Soral a warm smile. “Forgive my dropping in to see you unannounced Soral, there’s something I need to ask you. It’s...personal.”

"Of course. Please take a seat. I just need to finish submitting a staff resignation." He turned his attention to the screen and entered a few detailed before shuttingthe computer down."

Taking a seat she made herself comfortable. “I was talking with Hamura, and was told that you knew the other me. This maybe a silly question but...what’s she like?”

He studied her. "You mean the mirror verse version of yourself?"

T’Lanna nodded. “Maybe I shouldn’t ask, but I’m curious.”

"Well I would say she was a lot like you. She was a leader, I would say diplomat but the Borg are far from diplomatic. She was however quite....regal while she was still...A member of the collective. She was more self aware of the individual as opposed to the collective given her position within it."

“So she was assimilated too? Just like me.” T’Lanna nodded. “I wonder if her mother and father are still alive? Surely our similarities can’t go so far as for her to have lost her parents as well.” She wasn’t asking Soral, merely thinking out loud. “Did she serve with you? Work for you?”

"She was of great assistance to... myself and Lexi." He studied her. "Counselor your mirror self was indeed Borg but she was not assimilated in the standard fashion. There is a human saying. Do not open doors you do not intend to walk through."

“It depends on the door does it not Soral?” T’Lanna offered a wry smile. “I’ve lost much in my life, my mother to the Borg, the recent loss of my father...” she paused before giving Soral a more confident look. “I don’t know what my life holds from here on out Soral, I was lucky to survive mass radiation exposure. I’m not pussy footing about anymore, I’m willing to walk through any door that’s put in my way.”

He studied her. "Very well. In the Mirror verse T'Lanna was next in line. Daughter of the Queen of the Borg. She would have been queen had she not disappeared."

“QUEEN...OF THE BORG!” T’Lanna gave Soral a look of dismay. “In the mirror verse my...her mother is still alive and the Queen?” She paused the whole thing gave her the creeps. “I was just a child when I was assimilated, it was a nightmare that I wouldn’t wish on anyone, no wonder you, he, asked me for help against the Borg.”

"Hmm.." He told her enough for now. "Yes, well." He shrugged. "It is a rough Verse there. I and he prefer this one much more."

“I can imagine” T’Lanna nodded and smiled. “You said the other me disappeared? What happened to her?”

"Do you truly wish to know the answer to that?"

“I...guess so” T’Lanna nodded. “It would be somewhat illogical to ask the question if I don’t want an answer.”

"I find that when one spends too much time with humans it's a habit that develops. "Nevertheless." He stood an walked to a small table. Gently, and keeping his back to Vali he pulled an item out and wrapped it. "Take this to your quarters and only then can you open it if you are sure you wish to know. When you see what is inside you will know your answer."

T’Lanna looked at the parcel in its wrapping. “Thank you, I understand.” With that she gently took it from him before heading for the door, pausing long enough to look back. “Thank you Soral.” With that she headed on her way.



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