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Intelligent Conversations

Posted on Wednesday, 27 May 2020 - 4:48pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt

Mission: Operation: Recall
Location: USS Fontana | XO's Office
Timeline: 2393 - Post station Arrival


Soral sat in his office looking over reports. He was waiting to meet Petty Officer Adrianna Baciami. He'd, in fact, just finished reading her file and was impressed. He also had made it a point to meet all the new staff. He was just waiting for her to arrive.

Baciami was never a fan of first meets, they were either lovely and professional or judgemental on her history. She knew she was good at her job, but equally she was not naive to her history. The uniform was donned though and before she knew it she was at Soral's office. She sounded the chime and fussed over her uniform a moment.

"Enter when ready." He said standing to greet the new arrival.

The young Italian stepped in with a humble but approachable smile. Once in the room properly, she extended her hand and politely greeted, her strong accent clear, "good morning, sir. I'm Adrianna Baciami."

Soral had gotten used to handshakes by now. He returned the formality. "Welcome. Please have a seat. May I offer you a drink?"

"Black coffee, nothing in it," she nodded, taking the offered seat. In one sense it was a bad idea as the caffeine would probably make her anxious... But faster, but it would at least help her mind to wake up a little. The woman was far from a morning person.

He brought over a coffee for her and one for himself. "I have read your record." He simply said. That one comment usually lead people to assume and sometime it would net positive and sometimes negative reactions.

Adrianna remained poker faced, "did it help you sleep?" it was out of her mouth faster than she could silence the quip.

He raised an eyebrow. "Well it did speak of your liberal way of expressing yourself. You seem to prefer absolute candor?" It was a question more then a statement.

Adrianna nodded, "I'm afraid it is how I have been brought up. Habits are hard to break, sir."

"Good. I will prefer absolute candor. I dislike sugar coating, as humans call it. I also wish those around me to feel free to speak their mind when they disagree or if the have a better way of doing things." He sat back. "How are you settling in?" he asked that of all the new people. It was his job, as XO, to ensure that all was well. A happy crew was a productive crew. It was sound logic.

"Barely started that process," Adrianna replied, "either way, I pack light, so there's never much to unpack." She paused a moment, "I promise to only 'sugar coat' to the general public, there is never a need between us, I should hope. Equally, I should hope that you feel you do not have to sugar coat with me, I'd imagine you saw from my file that I'm hardly a 'little girl'."

"Indeed. I believe in being direct. I have never been good at the fine diplomatic arts." He sighed. "Excellent. I always believe in a settlement period. I do have something that I am working on that I could use your assistance with but at your leisure. Nothing urgent."

"My leisure has been within the past two-ish weeks of shoreleave, sir," Adrianna replied, waving him off, "what do you need?"

"Excellent. I need information." He paused, "How much do you know about the Bajoran Cardassian issue?"

"Enough," she responded simply, "what kind of information do you need?"

"Arali Prin was a resistance leader. Enilem Topen was the deputy head of the Obsidian Order." He paused. "It is my understanding that Topen was thrown out for rescuing Bajorans and getting them to the Federation. He betrayed many Cardassians to Starfleet for arrest and detention. The rumour is that he and Prin had children. I need to know if this is true an if that child or children are in danger. We have a possible lead on one of the children who may be a member of this crew."

" I can ask the question, " Adrianna replied," I think children were had, but I'd be unable to say for definite. There is someone I know, whilst not Starfleet-styled kosher, that would have the answer, I should think. " Adrianna ran a hand through her hair. From her past she had far too many contacts that would be frowned upon. They came in handy though. It was whether or not Soral would be OK with unconventional means.

He gave a nod. "I shall look forward to the report then."

The woman couldn't help but take a moment to internally question if she had heard, or rather not heard, right. Adrianna had been open about sources which would normally, at the very least, gain an uncomfortable look. This was going to be an interesting run. In Adrianna's opinion, this is how intelligence should be run - on a no questions basis. "No questions asked," Adrianna simply said, "You'll have what you need within the week. My source can be difficult to pin down, though easy to be forthwith."

"Take your time, that is something we have for now. I do have one request though."

Her it comes, the woman thought, questionable means means questionable returns, "yes, sir?"

"I believe it's time for human colourful language. Feel free to shake as hard as you need to but please do not fatally sake anyone...for the moment."

Adrianna blinked, "sorry, sir, I speak a few Earth languages, but that phrase is lost upon me."

"It simply means feel free to ruffle feathers but don't seriously hurt anyone....yet."

The young officer couldn't help but snort. She waved off her bad manners in an attempt at apology and recovered. "Sir, you must know me well. Either way, I prefer barking over biting."

"Then you are a better person then I. I sometimes bite and ask for forgiveness." His words were not Vulan but were true.

"I think we'll get along well," Adrianna tried to hide a smirk, "I mean, after all, classic tactics are sometimes the best. But I'll stick with exploiting psychological weakness first before spilling any blood, thank you. I don't want to be *that* much like my father. That said, he used to say - and probably still does - if you make a temporary enemy for the sake of knowledge out of desperation, you shouldn't ask for forgiveness. A 'true man' will respect the 'any means necessary'." The woman reminisced a moment. It was a rarity a fond memory occurred of such a man, still, she continued, "It is less wordy in Italian, and certainly more poetic, I promise."

"I do not doubt that." He studied her. "You are most welcome here Miss Baciami. Before you start your research take time, settle in."

"Thank you, sir, but I'll send the pigeons out first, then I can relax," the woman nodded and stood up.

"Excellent. It was pleasant to meet you." He said.

"Likewise, sir."



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