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Family matters

Posted on Wednesday, 27 May 2020 - 4:56pm by Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Commander Soral

Mission: Operation: Recall
Location: Quarters
Timeline: After arrival at the station


T’Lanna was putting her feet up enjoying the first true rest she’d had of late, her coffee table was littered with books on pregnancy and parenting that she’d been reading. She’d been in communication with Jason’s parents to let them know that they were having a grandson, they’d been as ecstatic as she was which was nice to see. She had to admit they were a lovely couple who’d always made her feel welcome, they would also make wonderful grandparents and could provide a secure home for her son when she was out across the universe. Her thoughts were interrupted when the door chime rang. “Come in”

Solan, his hands steeple behind his back, breezed into the quarters occupied by his daughter. He brought his right hand forward and gave the typical split finger salute. "Live long, and prosper my daughter."

T’Lanna gave the same split finger salute in return as she stood to greet her father. “Health and long life my father. What brings you to visit me? I wasn’t expecting to see you so soon.”

"I had business to attend to here. I had heard you were here and I came to give you the news that your mother's body was returned home."

T’Lanna nodded. “Thank you for letting me know” she hung her head before remembering her manners. “Please sit father, is there anything I can get you to drink?”

He walked in and sat rigidly. "No I am fine." He paused. "I have come, also, to speak with you about something."

“Oh? ... let me guess, the Kholinar? You want me to purge my emotions don’t you?”

He raised an eyebrow. "Indeed. I have spoken with the elders and they have a spot open that is being held for you."

T’Lanna shook her head. “With all due respect father, I am not purging my emotions! It’s not what mum wanted and it’s not what I want either!”

"But perhaps it is what is best."

“How can it be what’s best?!” T’Lanna fought back the urge to shout, against her father it was a waste of time. “I happen to be eight weeks pregnant! I’m also in love with an officer here aboard ship. I have a life here and I’m not giving it up.” She paused to take a relaxing breath. “Commander Soral has been helping me with my meditation, he’s also been helping me understand more about my Vulcan heritage without the need to pester me about purging my emotions.”

He raised an eyebrow "I see." He paused. "Soral, he is Vulcan?" One did not assume.

“Yes he’s Vulcan” T’Lanna nodded.

"Full blooded?"

“Yes, why?” T’Lanna looked at her father curiously.

"Excellent. Then your child will be three fourths Vulcan. I shall meet this man. Has an official bonding taken place?"

“Wait ... I didn’t say Soral was the father of my baby!” She sighed. “My baby’s father was Human, he’s ... dead.” She paused. “The man I love is also Human, there’s nothing going on between myself and Soral except friendship.”

"I see." The disappointment was clear. "Do you...wish to marry this Soral. I can speak with him. The human you can easily forget I am sure he will move on."

“Soral is ... already spoken for, he is due to marry.” T’Lanna could see her father’s disappointment. “Father I ... can’t help who I fall in love with, my heart guides me much as yours did when you married my mother. As much as I wish I could make you proud of me it seems nothing I do is good enough!”

He studied her. "Pride is a human emotion. I am content and satisfied with who you are. If you wish to be with this human that is your choice then. I do wish you would marry a Vulcan but I do respect your choice. It is why your mother and I did not bond you."

T’Lanna nodded. “Thank you for that. I wish I could make you proud by having a Vulcan husband but it’s not the way my heart has lead me. My emotions would dishonour you in the eyes of the Vulcan people, that’s the last thing I want.”

He raised an eyebrow. "I have never felt dishonoured from you."

T’Lanna gave her father a surprised look. “You ... haven’t?” She smiled. “But it’s a disappointment that you’re grandchild isn’t that of a Vulcan father.”

"It is my grandchild. On Vulcan all life is sacred and it is a representation of the IDIC in fullest. Diverse ad unique."

T’Lanna smiled warmly. “Thank you father. I promise you I will continue to work with Commander Soral to master my meditation and emotional control. I will continue to make you proud of me.”

He gave a nod. "Indeed."

“Would you like to meet Commander Soral? I can arrange it if you would like? I’d also like for you to meet Raith but I’m not sure if he’d be comfortable with my dropping in with you without warning.”

"If you wish it." He said wanting to support his daughter. He would also like to meet this Vulcan that was instructing his daughter.

T’Lanna nodded. “Excellent.” She tapped her comm badge. “Commander Soral it’s T’Lanna, if you’re free would you please stop by my Quarters?”

Soral had just been on his way to the station. He tapped his Com unit. "I am on my way." He wondered if everything was alright. It didn't take him long. He stood outside his hands clasped behind his back after ringing the chime.

T’Lanna greeted Soral at the door. “Thank you for coming Soral” She motioned him inside. “This is my father Admiral Solan, he wishes to make your acquaintance.”

Soral raised an eyebrow at her choice of words. "Live long and prosper, Admiral." He said executing a Vulcan salute.

"Long life and good health, Lieutenant Commander," was the old Vulcan's reply. "I am to understand that you have been instructing my daughter in the way so of Vulcan."

"Indeed. Meditations mostly."


“I was telling my father that you’ve been helping me.” T’Lanna smiled warmly. “I thought I’d introduce him to you. I hope you don’t disapprove.”

Both men replied, "Not in the least." They looked at one another. The Admiral's eyes held approval. "My daughter is a bit lax," he said. "Please have a seat."

Soral bowed slightly, "She is not. I shall have to leave shortly to greet new crew. But I have a few moments."

T’Lanna couldn’t help but feel awkward. “Perhaps I should just let the two of you talk without interruption from me.” She nodded politely and stepped away so they could talk freely.

Soral and Solan both raised an eyebrow. They both spoke in clear Vulcan both enjoying being able to use their language. They talked of Vulcan, what was occurring and to Soral's surprise even about the new political happenings on Vulcan. It was quiet enjoyable but soon Soral had to excuse himself to greet the new crew, one member in particular.

"Fascinating individual." Solan said. "Very Vulcan but not pure."

“Not pure? What makes you think that?” T’Lanna looked at her father curiously.

"His manner. His way of speaking. When he speaks Vulcan he speaks an ancient dialect of ours and his eyes. Our people do not generally have blue eyes."

“Things I should have noticed from the start” T’Lanna nodded. “So I’m not the only part Vulcan aboard this ship, Soral is too.” She gave her father a respectful nod. “Thank you father, it is no business of mine to enquire unless Soral wishes it. That’s if he even truly knows.”

"Perhaps not. It could be ancestral. He may have DNA from a distant relative however he is an admirable man. His Vulcan heritage is important to him. I approve."

T'Lanna nodded. "Then I shall continue under his tutorage as I planned, happy that you approve." T'Lanna nodded. "Before you go ... when will mother's burial be? I'm uncertain if I'll be able to attend, as much as I'd like to."

"When I return to Vulcan." He was a little hurt by her not being there but understood.

"I ... want to be there!" She hung her head uncertain if she'd have time before the ship departed to travel to Vulcan and back. "I've waited so long to have her back and now ..." She fought back the tears. "It is difficult."

He paused a moment. "Vulcan funeral customs are....elaborate. But I have not yet decided if a Betazoid funeral would be more appropriate." He placed a hand on her shoulder. "Your mother would have understood. I understand."

T’Lanna looked up at her father in surprise, she hadn’t known him to show such an emotional side before. “I’m going ...” She looked at him determined. “I’m going home with you for mum’s funeral. I’ll let the Commander know that I’m taking some leave time. I’ll let Raith know that I’ll see him when I get back. I would ask him to go with me but I doubt the Commander would want two of us away at once.”

He gave a nod. "I should get back to the station. I have one more meeting before my ship arrives."

T’Lanna nodded. “I’ll transfer across once your ship arrives.” She wanted to give her father a hug but wasn’t sure if he’d see it as too much of an emotional outburst.

"I shall see you then." He said as he stood and headed for the door.



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