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Posted on Tuesday, 26 May 2020 - 5:00pm by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt & Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie & Petty Officer 3rd Class Echo Smith

Mission: Operation: Recall
Timeline: 2393 MD 08


Maximus Jax Mackenzie was hungry. He'd just gotten off a shuttle where he'd been trapped for 30 bloody hours. He was hungry, he smelled, he needed shave, and he was itching to punch someone. No doubt his Capellan hot blood but he was here, he had finally gotten a rank bump that had been denied for years and he was back with his old friend. Which Fleeter Brass bastard had made that happen he didn't know but he was grateful to them none the less. He looked around his hand scratching his stubble. Where to eat?

He made his way towards the nearest place that had food in it. He'd even eat Klingon if he had to.

A young Italian woman, in civilian clothes was just sitting at the last available table. It have three other chairs, but she was hungry and would probably have her new friend join her later anyway. Her nose was in a PaDD, hunting for something of use. She had a few personal matters to deal with prior to potentially not having the means to contact them later.

Maximus had just been heading to a table when a young rather attractive woman sat down. He bit down a curse. He was starving so he'd sit there anyway. He walked over pulled out a chair and sat down. "You took my table."

"You took my silence," she replied, not looking up.

"Don't worry you'll get that back. I don't talk when I eat but I do bite when hungry." He said.

Adrianna finally looked up. The voice didn't seem to match what she had imagined. "I understand that," she replied, her accent strong as her mind escaped her, with a little less of a cold front to her voice. He was handsome, that was for sure and nothing was to stop her in that instance because nothing was official with Leopold, "You look more like you could use a drink over food, though."

"Both." He sighed. "Being back on a Starfleet station has a way of giving a man the creeps." He looked at her. "Seems only fair I buy you a drink and some food for letting me commandeer the chair."

She looked the man over, taking a moment to think, "I have a friend of mine joining me soon, but I'll take the drink." Adrianna then sat back in her chair, "Starfleet Stations and Starfleet anything tend to seem surreal to some, myself included. I think 'creeps' would be right." The word was difficult to say, her tongue stumbled attempting it.

He gave a grunt and waved over a waiter. "Ladies first." He said.

Adrianna couldn't help but feel that his chivalry was not genuine, but she tore her eyes away from him and ordered an Italian equivalent of an Irish coffee. The caffeine would inevitably allow her to maintain her wits whilst the 'little something' would ensure he wasn't drinking alone.

The waiter noted her order. "And you sir?"

He sighed. "Two beers, cold. I mean ice cold. What kind of food you serve here?"

"All kinds."

"Human food?"

"Yes sir."

"Fine, one double cheese burger well done. Ketchup, mayo, mustard, buttered buns, two cheese slices. Toast the buns, side order of fries and onion rings, one stake very well done and I mean burn it son. I want a slice of cheese pizza no sauce, three slices of chocolate cake and a banana split." He looked at the pretty woman. "Anything sweet for your teeth?"

The woman normally carried a poker face, but that was a hell lot of food. Her mouth fell open a little, "I'm more of a savoury person, but thank you." Adrianna reran the list in her head and internally debated whether he had ordered for her or whether he was just hungry. It would wait to be seen.

He smiled. "So. What does a pretty thing like you do in a shitty fleet like this?" He said as he watched the waiter scurry away.

Adrianna snorted, "keeping up my end of a plea bargain by providing intelligence to those that don't have the balls to find it." it was a blunt response, but hell, this man seemed just as cynical as her,"what about you?"

"Well I was nice and retired until they figured out a loophole and sent two green blooded big eared hobgoblins after me and a vengeful little ensign who couldn't take the heat to bring me back. " He sighed. "My understanding is I'm security tactical and investigations on some bucket called Fontana." He leaned back as the waiter brought their drinks. He downed a mug of beer in what seemed one swallow and sipped at the second mug. "That's good beer. Vashti has nothing like this. Only thing missed here is the food."

Adrianna smirked, "well I'm glad I won't be the most cynical person on the Fontana."

It was then that Echo hurried over. She spotted Adrianna and a handsome man. Girl code said she should scurry right back out, but she spotted an extra ice cold beer, and couldn’t resist. The place was packed, she was starving, and that ice cold beer. Decision made, she continued to the table, and took a free chair. "That for me?" She asked hopefully. Pointing at the beer.

Adrianna smiled, "No it is our unexpected guest's. Welcome,Echo. This is our new tactical man on Fontana. You are the only named person at this table at the moment."

"Right! That." He motioned the water. "The lady has an order." He looked at Echo. "Order what you like."

Echo looked momentarily crushed at the loss of ice cold beer but Smiled at mr rough and handsome. " Echo." She introduced, "what he's having, drink wise."

Adrianna chose to remain nameless in a mini power play to see if he actually cared, hoping Echo wouldn't break.

The waiter scurried away again mumbling that Max's food was almost one. "You are right." He said. "I'm Maximus Jax Mackenzie. Don't have many friends but Maximus is fine or Mac." He pointed to Echo. "Echo." He then pointed to Adrianna, "How about you?" He asked his other companion. "Your accent tells me Earth and Italy. But seeing as that we'll be trapped on Fontana together how about a name?"

Adrianna nodded, still a little wary, "Baciami, and yes, one of the few stereotypes remaining."

"Nothing wrong with..." Just before he could finish the waiter brought out the beer for Echo and set the massive amount of food on the table. "Food. Blessed food." He grabbed the burger. "Are you ladies sure you don't want anything?"

Adrianna had oddly lost her appetite, especially upon seeing a murdered steak and an abomination of a pizza, "I think I'll pass."


"Oh, that looks good. Double it up." Echo was tempted to steal off his plate, but was honestly worried she'd get a finger bit.

He smiled. Cutting the burger in half. "Here." He pushed the plated half to her. Take some fries and onion rings. Steak is well done and the pizza is cheese no sauce. There are thee slices of chocolate cake one for each and thee is the banana split. Help yourselves." He grabbed his half of the burger and all but inhaled it. Having not eaten in three days he was starving. He made sure to cut the steak and pizza in three in case the women changed their minds and proceeded to eat his thirds. "So Echo." He said after swallowing a bite. She's intel I'm TacSec what are you and are you stationed on the Fontana too?"

Adrianna just looked at it, remaining silent. The food would have been fine but this man had no taste. She muttered something about being a philistine in her native tongue under her breath and opted to go against her usual dislike in sweet stuff and make headway, slowly on a slice of cake.

He smiled a dazzling smile as he waited for Echo to respond.

Echo shoved her face with the burger, but had the basic manners to wait until she was done chewing to reply. "Thanks. I'm a small crafts pilot, I'll be on the Fontana as well, if she ever arrives." Echo complained. She was tired of shore leave, and was getting bored. Bored usually got her into trouble. She eyed Mac, making clear she liked what she saw. She gave him a wink, and took a healthy swig of her beer.

He smiled. "Excellent." He picked up one of the three slices of cake and started on it. His weakness was chocolate. "My understanding is they were delayed but on their way. Should be here in a few days. I hope. Until then I'm sure there are things to do." He looked down at his outfit. "I should also get fitted for a uniform. I haven't had to wear one in a blissful year." He looked at the two women. They were both very attracting. He wasn't immune to it but they were his shipmates. "So how did you two meet?"

Echo had to finish another bite before replying. "She helped me out right over there actually." Echo pointed to a spot along the very crowded bar. "Somebody wouldn't take no for an answer. I stomped him in the foot, but she was ready with a dagger." Echo smiled at the memory, and gave a nod to Adrianna.

His eyes darkened. He gave a nod to Adrianna. "Good on you. I would have ripped his throat out." He looked at the two women. "If he or anyone bothers you I will assist. You are on the same ship as I and thus are my sisters. I shall ensure your safety," he said. He meant it. One thing he believed in is that you protect your own. He looked at Echo. "I am happy you are unharmed."

Adrianna merely nodded, "I mean I personally prefer fear over violence but as I said, I'm the stereotype for my people." Her eyes could tell she was far from impressed at the offer of protection, though she had thanked him with the nod. The woman had heard it time and time again, but it was a rarity anyone stood up to the plate, especially if it was 'family business'. Equally the term 'sister' made her visibly cringe slightly. That was not a term her body or mind wanted to hear.

Maximus had paid the credits for the food and another round of drinks. He had been about to say something when three rather large Klingons in Starfleet uniforms approached the table. "Maximus Mackenzie."

Max sighed. "I didn't do anything."

One of the Klingons sneered. "That is debatable. My understanding is that during your retrieval you broke the jaw of a human, broke two knee caps from a Vulcan, tried to steal a shuttle escape pod, then tried to steel a shuttle from the USS Anders to get away." He smiled. "You may try to brake something on us if you wish. The station commander wishes to see you."

Max was itching to knock the Klingon on his ass but ... he was here. He'd made peace with fate after all his escape efforts failed. He looked at the two ladies by his side. "I am afraid I have to cut this short. By your leave ladies."

Adrianna looked the Klingon's over and took on board what was said. This man gave Adrianna's past a run for its money. He should have been a Don. The Italian smirked, "I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of each other."

Echo was both impressed and disappointed. Impressed at his rap sheet, yet disappointed that he was off the table for a clothes-less evening.

Max stood. "Very well then." He bowed to each lady in turn. "Until another time."

He finished his third beer in one gulp and grabbed his pack. "Alright boys. Let's go meet your station Commander."

They marched him away leaving the two ladies to finish their evening.

The Italian watched him leave before looking to Echo with a raised brow, "some characters will be joining us."

Echo sighed. "He was cute too. I would have shared. He didn't even leave a beer."

Adrianna chuckled, “I’d hardly say ‘cute’ would be the right word. Though, I am with you on the sharing thing.”



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