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Weaving the Tapestry of the Mind

Posted on Tuesday, 26 May 2020 - 3:08pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Operation: Recall
Location: USS Fontana | XO Quarters
Timeline: 2393 MD12


It was late when Soral got back. Really late. When he arrived he was not surprised that Alex was asleep. He puttered around the kitchen quietly putting a veggie and cheese sandwich together. His mind felt occupied with many things and his call from just half an hour ago had not put him in a good mood.

“Hey,” Alex said quietly as she walked up behind him, resting her hands on his shoulders. “Everything okay?”

He turned and gently cupped her face. "I did not mean to wake you."

“You didn’t,” she promised, kissing him. “A sandwich? If you want I can fix you something more filling? I’m really good with a replicator. Some would say exceptionally good. Me. I would say that. The offer still stands though.”

"Indeed. A sandwich is fine." He sat down at the table and pulled her down so that she sat on his lap. Wrapping his arms around her he rested his head on her shoulder taking in the sent of her and just taking a moment to rest his soul.

She smiled, cupping the side of his face. Allowing the silence to stretch on for a little while before she spoke up, "what's wrong?"

"It has been a long day. Fang has also contacted me. A fire storm has taken out half of my saya crop on Vulcan." He sighed. "That will no doubt cause a fall in profit and you know Ferengi. Loss of profit is like loss of a limb." He looked up at her. "I wish to apologize," he said. "I should not have let my feeling for you affect my judgement about you being on an away team. I still keep going back to that even though we've all gone and come back. I never apologized formally."

“You were just being overprotective, it’s forgotten,” she told him with a smile. “I’m sorry about the storm. Finish eating and come to bed, you must be exhausted.”

"Indeed." He reluctantly let her go. Finishing his sandwich he cleaned up, washed up, slipped into his pyjama pants and slid under the covers. It took him a moment to remember how different things were BA or as he referred to it as Before Alex. It amused him how he measured time that way. The world of Earth had it's BCs and BCEs and ADs but his life had BA and DA, before Alex and during Alex. He smiled as she settled in his arms as if were the most natural thing to do. "Have you meditated today?" He asked.

“No, not today,” she murmured as she curled up beside him. “I did have an entirely incident free work out at the gym though.”

"That is good." He paused letting the silence stretch. It was times like this that he wished they could have a telepathic conversation. That thought brought something to mind. "May I ask a question?"

“Sure. What’s on your mind? Hopefully not considering any more Ferengi customs?” She teased.

"Have you been feeling well as of late?"

She frowned, clearly confused by the question. “Yes, just a little tired but you have been keeping me busy,” she pointed out with a grin. She half sat up, “why?”

"I cannot explain it but something." He shook his head. "Do you remember our conversation after the briefing?"

“Conversation?” She repeated with amusement. “That was one word for it. But yes. I remember.”

"I had a thought there. About keeping you in a bubble. It was a thought but you seemed to have picked up on it. You responded out loud. It was... interesting."

“You must have said it,” she reasoned. “I can't tell what you are thinking. We were talking about bubbles. Or I was. I was angry, I don’t really remember who said what.”

He wisely said nothing. He knew that he had said nothing but she'd picked up on it. "Also you righted a glass that was knocked over. I did not recall you knocking it over." That one he could not be sure of.

“I must have. Soral, I don’t understand... what’s going on?”

"I do not know. Perhaps you have gotten involved with a Vulcan who is slowly going mad." He raised an amused eyebrow.

“I hear love can do crazy things to you,” she agreed as she leaned up to kiss him. “You still seem worried... I’m human, remember. I can do clumsy things sometimes. Especially if I’m arguing. Nothing to worry about.”

"Indeed." He brushed her hair with his hand. "Your hair fascinates me, you know."

“Thing for red heads, huh?” She teased.

“It is difficult to explain. Words for any Vulcan are difficult. I wish we could speak telepathically so that I can show you... allow you to feel my feelings."

“You showed me before, when we meditated?” She pointed out.

"That was a meditation. This would require a different kind of mind meld." He said.

She thought on it for a moment. “Does it hurt?” She asked, more curious than truly concerned.

"No it's a sharing of minds, Like before but rather then inducing meditation it's a sharing of thoughts. It allows you to see and feel from the others perspective." He sighed. "Ignore me." He kissed her. "We should get some sleep."

“Ooooh no you don’t,” she countered, sitting up and turning to face him. “You can’t just drop that on me and say let’s sleep. That is entirely unfair.”

"I see. What else is there to say? I explained the process of a mind meld."

“Do you want to try?” She asked him, entirely serious.

He thought a moment. "If you wish it. It is not something we have to do but I am willing. You know of my affection for you. I would not deny you my thoughts or feelings if you wish them." He briefly wondered if she felt the same. She hadn't actually told him how she felt. He'd admitted to loving her but he worried she did not feel the same.

She smiled as she held his face in his hands and leaned in to kiss him. “I do,” she promised. “Soral, you have somehow, wonderfully came in and turned my life upside down. I have never had anything close to this, to what we have. And I knew it would probably mean heartbreak down the line but I am sure of one thing, that I love you. You are a remarkable soul and somehow- for some inexplicable reason - I am blessed to have you.

So yes,” she said as she kissed him. “Whenever you want to, I’d like to at least try.”

Her words touched his heart. He kissed her gently. "Shall we try now?"

She rested her forehead against his for a moment before nodding. “What do I need to do?” She asked softly.

"Let's sit up." They sat up facing one another. He gently touched her face. "Ready?"

She took a deep breath. Not sure what to expect. “Ready?”

"My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts." He felt the slight pull that came with mind melds. "Our minds are merging." There was a pause. "Our minds are one."

There was a moment and then he felt her mind in his. He pulled her deeper showing her how he saw her, showing how the simple act of touching a lock of her silken hair brought him joy beyond measure. He showed her how he felt about her, how he saw her, and how much her smile, her laugh, her touch brought him air for his starving lungs. He showed her how much he loved her. In return he only wished to know how she truly felt about him.

Her breath caught at the depth of his emotions. How could anyone ever imagine Vulcan’s as people without emotion. Ruled by only logic. Cold. His feeling, his love - it was like a tidal wave. She frowned, focusing. Back to the holodeck, to the heat of the forge, letting herself feel what had been building. How that first kiss - the kiss they thought might have ended it all - was like a supernova. Her existence becoming centred around him, like the moon orbiting the Earth. Unable to exist without each other. His strength, his heart, his soul ... her complete love for him. Her fear of losing what they had found, the pain she knew would come when he was obliged to wed someone else.

She reached for him, for the love and the joy he was sharing as if it was something palpable. Something she could hold and never have to let go.

Their lips met and that night passion burned strong neither thinking about mind meld that had not been completed properly. They had not eased their minds apart. As their love for one another gave way to their need for one another their minds wove together like a fine tapestry neither wanting to let the other go. She felt what he felt. He felt what she felt and when both had fallen into an exhausted sleep their minds still reached for one another each weaving a bit of his and herself into the other.

=/\= Next Morning =/\=

Soral was the first to awake. He was thankful that it was two hours early. He kissed the back of her neck. "Awaken my love. It's almost time to leave our paradise for another day." He ignored the odd little buzz in the back of his mind. The odd sensation as if his mind had within it another presence.

“I’m up,” she said into the pillow as she stirred. Yawning as she rolled over onto her back, forcing her eyes to open and grinning as she peered up at him, “good morning...”

She stretched out, enjoying the warmth of the bed and having him there to wake up to. Her hunger was starting to give the beginnings of a headache but she had no intention of leaving this spot anytime soon. “So... that was a mind meld huh?” She asked with a mischievous smile.

"Not the usual one. One shared only between lovers." He kissed her and looked at the time. "Fascinating. We slept all but a couple of hours after our...most interesting distraction from sleep yet I feel energized." Last night had been something he'd never experienced. It was as if not only their bodies merged but their minds, their souls. He wasn't sure what happened. One moment they were mind melding and the other... well. He stroked her hair. "You are beautiful Alex. I hope you realize that."

“I know you think so and that is all that matters,” she said as she kissed him. “Perhaps I am as jinxed when it comes to mind melds as meditation?” She mused. “Shall I make us some breakfast?”

"You go and shower and dress for duty. I'll make breakfast." He kissed her and reluctantly left the warmth of the bed for the living area. "Alex come see this."

She had just put her foot on the floor when he called out. Concerned at first she hurried out to join him, stopping at his back, “what’s wrong?”

He pointed to Bones' bed. "He's stolen both of our jackets for his bed again."

“Good thing he’s so cute,” Alex grinned, inwardly pleased to have earned his seal of approval. “I’m sure you will still be his favourite though!”

"Nonsense." He kissed her. "Let us get our day started."



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