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The Haircut

Posted on Friday, 29 May 2020 - 1:56am by Emerick & Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD

Mission: Operation: Recall
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Pre Change of Command Ceremony

Ryan grumbled at the never ending paperwork on his desk, pushing a large lock of hair out of his eyes. He stopped, suddenly realizing that he'd actually had to push it out of the very top of his line of sight. His hair was well beyond regulation, which he never really worried about, but when it started to interfere with his vision, he had no choice. He sighed in resignation but called out. "Computer activate the EMH"

"You're looking awfully shaggy" replied Emerick after his matrix stabilized. He was always intrigued when activated by Ryan. "What has happened? I have been offline for several days and...the ship lost power?" he inquired as the information started to connect with his program.

"I wasn't onboard for that. But feel free to peruse the reports. As for the shaggy, that's why I called you. Can you do me a favor and cut my hair. I can't go to the change of command ceremony looking like this." Clearly Ryan was dreading said haircut.

"Sure, I'll just access my barber subroutines" replied Emerick. "Oh yes, that's right...they are filed along with my Chief Engineer ones" he added. "Nevertheless, it cannot be that difficult can it?"

"I'm sure you'll be fine, and I'll need you to be in charge if anything comes up in the next couple of hours." Ryan held up a hypo, showing Emerick he was about to use the Xanax.

"Crude yet effective" replied Emerick. "What are you planning? Knocking yourself out while I give you a haircut."

Ryan chuckled, leave it to Emerick to break the tension with bad humor. "Not quite, but 2mg should keep me from having a panic attack." He'd actually never considered where people would get their hair cut on such a small ship. "The Operating room?" Ryan asked, it would be the easiest to clean and sterilize after wards.

"Have anything in mind or do you want me to just try to be creative."

Ryan headed to the OR, since Emerick hadn't voiced any objections. He pulled over a stool , then shed his labcoat and uniform jacket, leaving them on the operating table and himself clad in just a tshirt. "Not too creative please." Ryan injected the hypo, then left it on top of his uniform jacket before taking a seat on the stool. "But I'm not picky, just out of my eyes."

"You got it, Doc. Goodbye sheep dog" replied Emerick getting a pair of clippers. It was not equipment that he was used to working with, but there were aspects of his programming that had some meetings not veterinary medicine and treatment protocols. This wasn't too different them shearing a sheep, was it?

Even with a strong dose of Xanax, Ryan had his fist clenched at his sides, and his feet tucked around the legs of the stool. "Thank you Emerick. I can't exactly perform surgery with hair in my eyes, it was time."

"I've read about some of your surgical accomplishments" replied Emerick as he trimmed the hair and helped Ryan see better. "I would not be surprised if you could do it blindfolded."

Ryan snorted. "That was one time, on a brachial artery, and I wasn't blindfolded, the power just went out. I was a nurse at the time though, so we kept that one under raps." Ryan took a deep breath as Emerick passed close to his ear, hoping he hadn't flinched. "Sorry." He apologized anyway.

"You're alright, Doc" he replied as he tried to be as even and precise and he could be. A few minutes later and he felt like he had done it. "I think I might have done it."

Ryan stood up, holding onto the stool as a minor wave of dizziness hit him. He made it to the bulkhead where the sink was hidden inside, and opened it up, revealing a mirror as well. "Hey, that's a goo jub" Ryan slurred, as he began scratching the back of his neck.

"You're welcome," replied Emerick. "Lieutenant Commander Victrix was pretty happy with the Romulan ears I did for her and her make up" the EMH replied. "I may actually have learned something I'm good at and did not know."

"Thas goo. You shou bransh ou more." Ryan yawned. "Sawwy, I nee to sleep this off." He headed towards his office.

"Sweet dreams, Doctor" replied Emerick. He didn't deactivate himself as the medical staff would likely be attending the ceremony later. Emerick knew he had to hold down the fort.

Ryan made a rather weak and unsteady wave, and almost bumped into his door, before remembering to place his palm on the opening mechanism.


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Comments (1)

By Commander Soral on Friday, 29 May 2020 - 8:10am

You two always have such good writing chemistry together. Great job!