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Time to say goodbye

Posted on Thursday, 28 May 2020 - 5:44pm by Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Commander Soral

Mission: Operation: Recall
Location: Vulcan
Timeline: 2393 - MD 13+


The morning arrived all too soon, T’Lanna was still getting used to being back in her old room yet she’d managed to sleep which seemed odd in itself especially with the funeral looming. Getting up she enjoyed the real water shower, the temperature of Vulcan made a cool shower feel all the more enjoyable. Once she was done she dried off and walked into the bedroom, for a few moments she stood looking at laid out funeral clothing before slowly putting it on. This was a day she’d dreaded for a very long time and now it was finally here.

Making her way out of her room she headed down to the living area ready to join her father. “Father” She offered a respectful nod but not her usual smile. “Are we ready to go?”

He gave a nod. "Indeed." He bore robes that were black as night. "My aid will meet us there. Your mothers wishes were to be cremated. I shall journey to Betazed then to scatter them."

T’Lanna nodded. “She would have liked that, to be back on ancestral ground.”

For the first time her father looked somewhat defeated but he held himself regally as they walked. It did not take long and when they arrived there were several Vulcan family members and dignitaries to greet them.

For the first time in her life T'Lanna didn't want to be her usual bubbling emotional self, she wanted to make her father proud and be the Vulcan daughter he'd always wanted. She buried her feelings and kept her demeanour that of a proud Vulcan, one celebrating her mother in the highest way not mourning her with floods of emotional tears.

He led her to the front where a small ceremony took place. It was a salute to the sun, A Betazoid reading and then a receiving line where all paid tribute to the Lady of the house as well as her former husband and daughter.

T’Lanna stood proudly alongside her father as she listened to the tributes being paid to her mother. As much as she wanted to cry she didn’t want to show weakness, something her mother always told her was okay. There would be time for tears, right now she was the daughter her father deserved strong and proud.

Once everyone had left the aids came in. "We shall begin the cremation. It will take longer as her....borg components need to be removed."

He gave a nod. "Let us go home then." He said to his daughter.

T’Lanna nodded before pausing to take one last look back. She hung her head before gathering her emotions and nodding to her father. “Let’s go.” As they walked she looked to her father. “Will everyone be waiting when we get home? I’d like us to spend some time together.”

"No. We must spend the next day in grief." He had so much he wished to speak with his daughter about. So much he hadn't told her.

T’Lanna nodded, she was annoyed at herself for not being used to her own people’s ways. “I’m sorry I should know that, I should have taken the time to learn more about my own people’s ways.”

"It is alright." They walked in silence and arrived home. The servants were gone but had left a meal out. "Why do you not eat and rest. We can talk later. He said.

T’Lanna nodded. “Yes father.” She slowly made her way across to the food, picking up a plate she slowly put herself some out along with a drink before sitting down to eat. Her heart was aching but right now it felt easier to bury it than wallow in it, she twiddled her fork in her food before eating. She wasn’t really that hungry but she needed to eat for the sake of her son.

Her father placed a hand on her shoulder before he retired to his study. He needed time to grieve his wife.



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