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Accidental Wife

Posted on Thursday, 28 May 2020 - 5:32pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Operation: Recall
Location: USS Fontana | XO's Office
Timeline: 2393 13+


With a clean bill of health, Lieutenant Kingsley had one objective. And, according to the computer which was now of course being exceptionally helpful, he could be found in his office. Pressing the door chime seemed rather mute at this point and in any event, the doors parted as she approached, allowing her entry. No sooner had the doors began to close than she blurted out, “your wife?”

He looked up. "Indeed. You are now Lady Alexandra my wife."

She stared at him in silence, quite unable to form the appropriate words. Lady Alexandra. She thought of his engagement, of his promised marriage for the sake of his sister’s happiness, of his plans to be a husband in name only... She was a scientist, an officer. Not a wife. Except he was saying it. And she could all but feel his certainty. In the end she sank into a chair opposite with just one word passing her lips. “How?”

He sighed. He quickly called the ship's Yeoman who would ensure their privacy by standing vigil outside. He then looked at her. "A few nights ago when we mind melded. It was to be a simple meld but then distracted in one another's arms." He paused. "The time before that when we melded I closed the meld this time...I was so caught up in all of it that....I did not. On Vulcan bonding takes place young and that is a betrothal. The minds are linked. As adults the bond is solidified by a priestess but the actual bonding takes place as it did with us a meld not closed. In our case it was not suppose to happen I was going to close the meld but..." He left the rest unsaid.

"Our minds have woven together. Your is sign. Also I can feel your mind with mine. And once the fog clears you will feel mine with you. We will be able to tell one another's presence and soul and know of one another even when not together. It was accidental." He didn't voice that he didn't care. "If you wish it the bond can be broken but must be done so by a priestess." Gods know he didn't want to break the bond, even though accidental it was welcome. But she might. She didn't know all it entailed. "There is more you must know before you make your decision."

It was, a lot. And there was more? “Please,” she said quietly, gesturing for him to continue. She remembered the meld, and vividly remembered how it ended. Or rather, hadn’t ended.

"On Vulcan bonded couples are so bonded that if one feels pain the other does. If one dies then unless the other undergoes a healing meld they will both die." He paused. "Every seven years I shall go through a blood will not to the same extent of course feel it too. The Pon'Farr."

“Blood fever?” She repeated. She stood, moving around the desk, “I have so many questions. So many. I’m not Vulcan, I don’t know Vulcan customs and traditions. I do know how I feel about you. And today, it felt like you were there ... and I thought maybe I was going a little insane from oxygen deprivation...

Your sister, your engagement ... I know you were going through with the wedding for her. It was so important to you,” she pointed out as she touched the side of his face.

"There is a lot to speak about, a lot to think about and take in." What had stung, thought, were the words I don't know how I feel about you. He looked up. "You must take time to think, to formulate the questions. As I said if both sides are amenable to the bond being broken I will request the help of a priestess." He swallowed past a lump. "You should take some time to think."

Time to think. It made her think of breakup letters in movies. Time to think was an unwritten code for time apart before going separate ways.

“And what happens to us? If we break the bond?” She asked him quietly. She knew the answer, she suspected she did anyway. She pushed the thought away.

He shrugged. "We are no longer married." He simply said.

“Not what I asked,” she pointed out. “Is it this - bonded, married - or nothing?”

Her voice broke on the last word. She wondered if he knew how incredibly overwhelming it truly was. He seemed so calm, in control. Yet she did not possess his discipline. Not even close. And he was speaking of blood fever and shared pain and more. And having started with great intentions to avoid getting too deeply involved that had gone out the nearest airlock.

He sighed. "It does not have to be." He paused. "We should spend some time apart thinking. Then talk and make a decision." It was accidental but for him it was welcome. The truth was he didn't know what was next. He didn't dare think about it. He loved her but he could sense how overwhelmed she was so he guarded his thoughts from her so that it would not influence her decision.

She gave an absent nod, lost in thought. “I’ll collect some things and stay in my own quarters,” she said softly. She frowned, and then leaned in and kissed him softly. It was a kiss full of love but fear of what the future might now hold.

He kissed her back fighting hard to not let his mind reach for her. "We will figure this out. This is new for both of us."

She rested her forehead against his, closing her eyes. “We will.”



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