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Posted on Friday, 29 May 2020 - 1:48pm by Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Operation: Recall
Location: USS Fontana |
Timeline: 2393 - MD13+


The thought of taking time to think weighed heavily on her as Lieutenant Kingsley collected some essential items. Leaving a spare uniform jacket for Bones she had retreated back to her quarters completely and utterly exhausted. Yet her mind would not rest. Sleep eluded her and she could only stare at the ceiling for so long before she grew frustrated and gave up on the notion. She needed information. And consequently she found herself seeking out the same engineer who had helped rescue her earlier in the day.

Eyelaya was getting ready for a new roommate. She'd cleaned her quarters from top to bottom. The common areas were clean an the spare room had been cleaned by Ops once her previous roommate had gone. Sam hadn't even said goodbye and that made her sad. Just as she was about to make tea the door chimed. She wondered who it was. Her roommate was due tomorrow. "Come in."

“Am I disturbing you?” Alex enquires, not wishing to intrude despite her reasons for visiting.

"Oh. Lieutenant Kingsley. Come in. How can I help you?"

“Actually it was what you said earlier,” Alex admitted, “after Sorel left us. You seemed familiar with Vulcan culture - I wanted to ask if that was accurate? And if so, I came to ask for your help.”

She smiled. "Of course! I lived on Vulcan while I studied engineering. I'm about to have tea would you like something? I also have genuine chocolate cake!"

“Just a hot chocolate please,” Alex replied. She really needed to not have so much chocolate in her life. She glanced around the spotless room, noting how sparse it seemed. But again she held on to her questions. At least for now. As her beverage was handed over, she smiled in thanks.

“You obviously heard what Soral said,” she began, “and firstly I want to stress this is all private. I have not spoken to anyone about our relationship. Although I’m sure on a ship this size most people know ...”

“I don’t really mind anyone knowing we are together. But the situation was always complicated and from the outset, he warned me that our time together would be limited. The reasons are a private matter to Soral. But I decided to be selfish and take what time I could. But now, it appears my absolute failure when it comes to controlling myself has had repercussions. Apparently following a mind meld we are, indeed, husband and wife.”

I’m not familiar with Vulcan culture beyond basics and some things Soral has told me. I went in with the certainty we could not be more than a fleeting, perfect moment,” she smiled sadly, “and now? I’m not sure there is a way to be more together when the ‘fog’ as Sorel called it, lifts. I need help. I need to know more although logic has had zero influence on my decisions so far... can you tell me anything about the bonding?”

She smiled. "Sure I can." She sighed as she cut a piece of cake. She left the cake out in case her friend wished to cut a slice. She go the hot chocolate and a rich cup of Vulcan spice tea. Sitting down she looked at Alex. "There are rumours of you and the Commander, yes." She confirmed.

"As for the fleeting moment I assume he has someone waiting on Vulcan?" She sighed. "The fact that he started a relationship tells me it's a no choice situation but to your question. Bonding." She paused and sipped her tea. "It's a dicey subject they don't talk about. BUT," she emphasized. "When you live on Vulcan you learn pretty fast."

She tapped her fingers letting what she'd said sink in. "Okay, so first off Vulcans are ... a puzzle. They are logical to a fault but not in matters of marriage and love. To tell you the truth they love pairings. Hell they match make if they see a single adult. To them it's like if your not married hell we'll marry you off and we'll pick you mate!" She laughed. "Most illogical," she said grinning. "But they usually are bonded to someone at the age of 7 a betrothal. They call it more then an engagement less the a marriage. The minds are linked to their future mate so that when he time comes, usually during Pon farr, they are drawn together to get married and cement the union. Some Vulcans allow the individual to pick their own mate and some pairings are done for family alliance. There are the odd shunned Vulcan or the rejected Vulcan cases as is with Commander Soral." She paused to let Alex ask any questions before she continued.

Alex nodded, thoughtful as she considered her questions. Mindful of Soral, not wishing to betray a confidence. “Tradition is important to him,” she observed, “I do not know how what has happened will impact him. His family. He was always determined to follow the path which led to his marriage, on Vulcan.”

She took a long drink, “given I am not Vulcan- is it dangerous for him? He has so much discipline and self control. Until I get involved that is...”

"Okay so here is the low down of it from my understanding," she said. "It all depends. If he's traditional and the bond was done early on then he wouldn't have started a relationship with you. If however, as I suspect, he was not bonded then what he has is a marriage contract. Those are.... dicey. They are strictly for convenience. If you are bonded then your minds are linked. It doesn't matter that you aren't Vulcan. I mean think of Ambassador Sarek and Amanda, They were married. Think of...Doctor Corrigan on Vulcan one of the most famous doctors. He bonded to a Vulcan. The bond is real. That being said it will take a while but you two should be linked enough to feel one another in your minds. When you are away from one another you will be able to still find that bond link. Tradition wise he will have to account for his actions in breaking the Marriage contract but if the marriage council, yes they have one, is convinced that this is a real love pairing they will not dispute it." She shrugged. "There are so many factors to consider." She paused. "There is also options. I take it this was unplanned? From the way the both of you are reacting."

“What if the council decide it isn’t real love? What would happen to him?” Alex asked, looking alarmed.

Eyelaya studied the woman. She sighed. "Okay deep breath. First off don't even worry about them. Just worry about you and Soral. Worst case scenario they hold up the original contract. " She paused. "Let's worry about what this bonding, or marriage means for you. Sound like a plan?"

“Plans are good,” she murmured as she stared into her glass. She wanted Soral to be here.

"So. Pon'farr. Your a scientist so it will be easy to understand. Vulcan males, and females, to a milder extent, go though pon'farr. It means something like the time of mating. It happens every seven years. Like on earth with certain animals like salmon they must go home to mate or die trying. Some can stave off the urge with meditation but only when they are young. After about thirty...well the drive takes over. So every seven years they loose their ability to be logical, they have emotions and they come out. They become short tempered and angry and combative. Eventually they go into the blood fever. How long that takes depends. If they are bonded like you and the commander then he can use your link to stave off the fever for a while if not well they get whapped. So far clear?"

“Whapped?” She repeated.

"Hit with. Can't stop it."

“Oh... and returning to Vulcan? Is that an essential part?”

"Yes and no. They have to if they are not bonded or if their mate is there or if this is their first Pon'farr. But here is the tricky part most do because every seven years their wives can divorce them by choosing the challenge. In which case the woman can pick a champion and her husband has to fight him to the death." She paused. "Ohhhh hold on." She ran to her room and came back with a book. "Got his on Vulcan. It's all about the tradition and what it is. At this time, since it was unexpected and did not happen under pon'farr you can break the bond with a priestess present."

Taking the book she glanced through it, “may I borrow this?”

"Of course."

“Soral did say a priestess could break the bond,” she confided, “but he gave no indication of what he wanted to do. Before, in the lab I could feel like he was almost with me but now... I can’t describe it. I’m twenty three, had only one semi serious relationship and now -“

"It will take a while to solidify the bond a few days a week....and he could be muting the bond not wanting to influence you but by their custom the choice is yours and he will abide by it."

“Mine?” She all but squeaked. Not voicing her concern that perhaps he was muting the bond for another reason. Because he did not want that for them. That he wanted to abide by his vow, to ensure his sister’s future. “But it affects us both...”

"It does but... But ask yourself from what you know, what you've seen in his mind does he love you? If so maybe he fears you don't feel the same. It's something you will have to talk to him about. Vulcan males are...stubborn."

She sighed as she set down her drink, rising. “First I need to sleep,” she conceded. “But thank you. And I’d appreciate it if this could stay between us?”

"Of course." She smiled. "Lieutenant Kingsley,"

“Alex, please.”

"Alex, A Vulcan who isn't in love would not have let himself get lost like that. Just remember that."

She simply nodded. "Thank you."



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