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airlock aftermath

Posted on Saturday, 30 May 2020 - 2:21am by Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD

Mission: Operation: Recall
Location: sickbay
Timeline: MD13+

Assuring her escort she could manage just fine from her, Lieutenant Kingsley entered Sickbay alone. The place seemed completely deserted as she called out a tentative, “hello?”

Stepping further into the room, she studied every detail. Even reaching for a tricorder until she noticed her hand was slightly shaking and colour still returning to her fingernails. She assured herself it was nothing to worry about. All was now safe and well. Except for Soral... her mind wandered off in his direction again. Where had he gone? What had he meant...?

Ryan hurried out from the small area in the back that served as a makeshift, pretty much everything. He was half expecting he'd have to use it as a pressurization room after the call he received. He was surprised to find Alex here, under her own steam and without escort. "Sit down." Ryan reached for her arm, afraid she might not be steady on her feet.

“Doctor!” Alex started as a hand lightly touched her arm. “Sorry! Million miles away... I need your assistance. There was a power outage in the lab I was in and breathable air got a little on the low side.” She made it sound so insignificant until she held up her hand, admitting in a low voice, “my hand won’t stop shaking....”

"Yes I heard." Once he had her settled on the biobed he hurried over to the replicator, and came back with warm but not hot tea with a straw in it. "It might look silly, but it's better than a lap full of tea. He offered it to her without quite thrusting it at her shaking hand. "It's the Adrenalin let down." He explained.

She nodded and took a long drink. The warmth was soothing and as she drank her hand grew steadier. “Thank you,” she said after a long moment.

"You're welcome. Humor me a moment." He smiled, grabbing his tricorder. Her oxygen levels were good, and though she showed signs of being under high stress, they were coming down. "Things look fine. I prescribe something relaxing, with ice cream."

“Ice cream?” She repeated, clearly assuming she had heard wrong.

"Or donuts. Whatever floats your boat." Ryan grinned. "Just relax for a bit, a scare like that can take a bit to recover from, just physiologically not to mention psychologically. I'm glad your ok."

“Me too,” she grinned back. “Fortunately Eyelaya and Soral were there to help.”

Ryan nodded."Me too." He took the tea mug from her. "Alright, feeling a bit better now?"

“Much,” she agreed with a nod.

"Good." Ryan smiled. "Now, go get some rest and relaxation." He ordered with a smile.

Sliding down from the biobed, Alex thanked him again before heading for the door. Before the resting she had someone to find...


Dr Ryan Rose


Lt. Alex Kingsley
Chief Science Officer


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