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Getting to Know you

Posted on Saturday, 30 May 2020 - 12:57pm by Captain Barret Stillwater & Commander Soral

Mission: Operation: Recall
Timeline: 2393 - MD 13+

Figured we should give them a solo meeting too lol

Soral stood outside the ready room. He'd left Bones in their quarters since he was here on summons. The day had been filled with reports and meetings. They had just arrived at the station and the new crew was due to board. They had the official ceremony later today and he wanted to let Stillwater in on the surprise for Victrix.

"Come," replied Stillwater from behind his desk, though he immediately realized that wasn't going to 'cut it' anymore and accessed the holo panel at his desk and triggered the doorway to part. There stood his First Officer, Lieutenant Commander Soral. "Please, come in, Commander. I was just reviewing some of the reports that Lieutenant Commander Victrix had to present. Busy first few days ahead."

"Indeed." He entered the room. "You asked to see me?"

"Yes," replied Stillwater. "I wanted the opportunity to get to know you on a more personal level. We have a lot ahead of us, Soral. If we are to right the wrongs of the Federation and Starfleet in whatever way we can play our small part. I need to know who you are, not what a personnel file tells me, but what you can tell me" he stated. Stillwater continued. "I want a fresh start. I have put in a formal request to rename the starship."

"Indeed? May I ask what the name you have chosen is?"

"Standing Bear," Stillwater replied. "A nineteenth-century Ponca chief and civil rights leader from Earth."

"Indeed." He motioned to the chair. "A very good choice sir." He still stood not having been asked to sit down. "What would you like to know about me sir?"

"Your viewpoints on the Federation and Starfleet in the current political climate" replied Stillwater.

He sighed. "May I sit?"

Stillwater nodded. "Please" responded the Commanding Officer.

He sat down. "Starfleet. I believe that Starfleet is about exploring, making first contact, helping those in need, building a village out of a galaxy. I believe Starfleet is about helping those that are down, about weighing all options and then being ruled by what is truly honorable and right. It is what we were and it is what we have forgotten. I saw that first hand and when I did what was right I was reprimanded." He paused. "I believe we need to return to the old and that now the Federations but a shadow of what it was." He paused again.

"That is what I would have expected from someone who has taken the reprimanded actions that Victrix shared with me" replied Stillwater. "Unfortunately, these times are not so unlike those before it. Starfleet and the Federation has not always made the wisest nor most ethically sound decisions."

"Indeed." He paused. "I could not turn my back on those people." He simply said. "Permission to speak freely sir."

"Granted" Stillwater said.

"There are days when I start to wonder if there is hope for Starfleet."

"Those were the days I decided to retire, served my last few months, and headed to Prairie."

"I find that one can never escape the demons that haunt one." He paused. "Was it a peaceful life?"

"For the most part, yes" replied Stillwater. "Thank you for explaining where you stand Commander Soral. I will prepare for what's ahead."

"Where do you stand sir?"

"Here," he replied. "I stand here and I will always endeavor towards the principles of this uniform that I've always held onto."

"Indeed." He paused. "I look forward to getting to know you sir and to working with you."

Stillwater gave a nod and a grunt of approval.

"Also I would like your permission for something."


"Your husband...he is not an officer and he will get bored. I would like your permission to engage him more with the crew. He is, whether Starfleet acknowledges it or not a part of this crew. I do not wish him to feel bad."

"We're working on that, but proceed with engaging him."

"If that is all I shall tend to my duties by your leave."

Stillwater nodded. "Granted, Commander Soral."


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