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Medical Exam

Posted on Tuesday, 2 June 2020 - 6:43pm by Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie & Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD

Mission: Operation: Recall
Location: USS Standing Bear | Sickbay
Timeline: Before change of command ceremony


Maximus walked into sickbay. He sighed. He had to go through it he guessed "Doctor Rose?"

Ryan was running through a check of all the bio beds, so was in the main bay. "Hello." He greeted politely. "Lieutenant Mackenzie. Thanks for not having to be tracked down."

His lip twitched at the comment. He'd been tracked down several times in the last few months. "Yes sir. Reporting for my medical sir." He was an officer to the core. He may not want to be here but since he was he would abide by the regulations. He held up a PaDD. "These are my medical records for the last year since I left Starfleet." He handed the PaDD to him. "I am afraid they are in Romulan. The computer will need to translate."

"Thank you." Ryan took the offered PaDD. "Please, Ryan is fine, Doctor if you must." He never had liked being called 'sir.' "Go ahead and hop up if you wouldn't mind please." Ryan motioned towards the closest biobed. "So anything I need to know that's not on this?" He held up the PaDD to indicate the records he'd just been given.

He sighed. "Most recently in the last...thirty days? Broken ribs still fresh re-broken in my latest tussle, probably some bruising, maybe even concussion. Maybe a few other things but not sure." He then added, "Phaser stun top setting about four times in the last few days."

Ryan raised a brow a bit at the extensive list. It was a toss up what he wanted to check on first, the ribs or the possible concussion. Mackenzie seemed to be both breathing well, and coherent, so it was doubtful either issue was too prevalent, but still. Ryan started with a scan to his brain. While that was running he asked. "Federation issue on the phaser? He asked. He needed to know what issues to look for with multiple phaser hits, and that depended on the make.

"Yup. I was retired, wanted to stay that way...they sent a few people to try and bring me back."

Ryan nodded. "Ok. Seems Starfleet is pulling retirees out of the woodwork lately." He commented, thinking of Stillwater, their soon to be Captain. He continued his work, keeping his attention focused between Max and the readings.

"Yeah. So I've heard." He sighed "It is what it is." He said. He studied the doc. "You look young how old are you?"

Ryan let out a short laugh. He'd had the problem all through medical school, when he'd had very much the baby face, but it had been awhile since he'd heard a comment about his age. "I'm thirty two."

"Well you look like you could just barely hold a scalpel...not an insult. A youthful appearance could have its advantages."

"No insult taken. Now, for you. You've got some minor tearing and lactic acid build up in your intercostal muscles on both sides. Two minor fractures. I can fix them up easily enough, but please tell me there isn't a secret fight club going on somewhere on board." He was more or less teasing, the injuries seemed to predate the Lieutenants arrival, but it was worth a check.

"Not that I know of but if you hear about it before I do let me know. Might be worth joining." He grinned.

Ryan shook his head in mild exasperation, but gave the man a grin. "Ok. Hold still for me and I'll get your ribs fixed up first." If from nothing else than fixing up his own ribs, Ryan was rather an expert on the area, and deftly had Maximus patched up there. Several other injuries required his attention as well. It was clear the man had been in more than one scuffle. But he paused after the ribs. "Alright, how's that feeling?"

"Better. Easier to breath." He looked at the doctor. "I will probably be in here a lot."

"Good." Ryan started on some of the other less worrisome injuries. "Accident prone or do yo plan on having further scuffles with Security?" Ryan asked. The man didn't seem violent to Ryan. He'd actually remained pretty relaxed around the other man, which was unusual.

"I am in security." He smiled. "Mostly pulled muscles. I like to push my workouts. Considering that I've been re recruited so easily I need to get back into shape."

"Ahhh. Well if you need a spotter, I'm available. I'd recommend starting off with resistance work before going to weights though. Easier getting back into it."

He studied the man "You're alright doc." He paused. "Say you know the crew well. I have a roommate, trying to know what I can before I move in. Maybe you know them."

Ryan smiled at the compliment. He'd take 'alright' any day. "Yeah sure. I know the entire crew. Not well of course, but the basics. Who are they?"

"A CPO I think Chief Petty Officer Eyelaya? Something like that."

Ryan nodded. "Yes, Eyelaya. She's a character." Ryan put it nicely. "She's a bit socially awkward, but very nice. My wife got along with her quite nicely when they were roommates." Ryan stopped. That had come out of his mouth without him really thinking about it. He'd been avoiding thinking of Sam quite well. "Anyway, bring a puzzle of some kind as a house warming gift, and you'll be fine."

He filed that information for later, both the doctors hasty admission and about the roommate. But then he asked, "So your wife works here with you?"

"No. She's not on the ship." Ryan didn't elaborate. "Any reason you're getting an enlisted roommate?"

"Not sure. I'm not even sure who makes the assignments." He shrugged. "Well I better head to the counselor." He sighed. "I'm fine with doctors but counselors...that is another story."

Ryan nodded. "T'Lanna is very kind, and not at all your typical canned 'shrink'. Hold on a sec." Ryan held up a finger, hurried off to the replicator in his office and returned with a chocolate bar. He offered the wrapped bar to Max. "There, go armed with that, and you'll be fine."

He smiled, "Thanks doc."



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