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New Face in a New Place

Posted on Tuesday, 2 June 2020 - 6:23pm by Lieutenant JG Kay’la & Commander Soral

Mission: Operation: Recall
Location: USS Standing Bear | Ready Room |Deck 01
Timeline: 2393 - MD 13+

OOC: I’ve changed it a little.


Kay’la arrived on the bridge of her new ship clutching the PADD containing her transfer orders. She’d arrived just before the party the previous night so she’d just joined in, now it was time to officially report in. Walking up to the ready room she was about to press the door chime when the door opened and she almost walked into Commander Soral. “Commander!”

Soral had been allowed to use Stillwater's office to finish a few things while his was getting a refit. He had been about to grab lunch when he nearly bowled over a Klingon woman. "Apologies." He searched his memory. "You must be the new nurse. Please." He motioned to the office as he ducked back in.

Kay’la nodded and followed Soral inside. She’d brought the PADD containing her transfer orders which she placed on the desk. “My orders Sir.”

He took the PaDD. "Please be seated. May I offer you a drink?"

Kay’la nodded as she took a seat. “Chilled water would be fine, thank you Sir.”

He got her a drink and sat back down reading. "Tell me of yourself."

Kay’la sipped her drink before putting the glass down. “I was raised by a Starfleet family after the death of my mother. My father is ... unknown to me. I’ve spent my entire life growing up amongst Humans, which when you’re half Klingon isn’t as easy as it sounds. I can be pretty hot headed sometimes thanks to my temper but I do try and keep it in check.”

"That is good." He scanned through the data. "Tell me about your previous postings."

“Well my first posting out of the Academy was aboard the USS Wildcat, from there I spent a month aboard the Klingon Bird of Prey I.K.S. Y’Nar as an Exchange Officer. It was quite the eye opener for me as up until then I knew very little of Klingon culture. After that I transferred to the USS Challenger as Nurse and Field Medic before accepting a posting here.”

"Indeed. What can you bring to the Fontana...I mean Standing Bear." It would take a lot to get used to the name change. He had managed to steel the Fontana plaque with Stillwater's permission, of course. It was an item he would treasure.

“What can I bring? Experience of working not just aboard Federation ships but also a Klingon ship. I’ve dealt with quite a few races, I assisted in the birth of several children, am used to triage during battle and I’m used to being off ship in a medic capacity.”

"Excellent. Have you worked with EMH programs?"

“On and off” Kay’la grinned. “They all have their own personality quirks but they’re expert in the field as they’re programmed to be.”

"This one...prefers to be treated as part of the crew. We see no need to not aqueous to the request. Would you be willing to comply?"

“I have no problem with that Sir” Kay’la nodded. “I treat people, whether they’re synthetic or not, the same way. It wouldn’t be very ethical of me otherwise. I’m not your a-typical Klingon as I’m sure you’ve realised by now.”

"Indeed. He studied her and then picked up a blank PaDD. "You have settled into your quarters?"

“Well I’ve been inside, I wouldn’t say I’ve settled in yet” Kay’la smiled. “I have a pile of boxes to sort but I’ll get there eventually Sir.”

"Please do that first. I insist you take some time to unpack first and get settled. This way you can start in straight away. Also you will need Medical clearance and Counseling."

“Of course Sir” Kay’la nodded. “I had plans to get my medical done, I will also contact the Counsellor and arrange for my boarding evaluation.”

"Excellent. Now, do you have questions for me?"

Kay’la paused. “Not that I can think of at the moment Sir, but if I do think of anything I will let you know.”

"Excellent. My door is always open. Your first contact is the CMO as your department head but I tell all staff if you are more comfortable my door is open. If there is nothing else, dismissed."

“Thank you Commander I will remember that” Kay’la smiled as she stood and headed out of the office. First stop her quarters to get sorted out.



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