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Too Much Too Soon...

Posted on Monday, 22 June 2020 - 6:54pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Operation: Iktomi
Location: USS Standing Bear | XO Quarters
Timeline: MD 04 - Post Away Mission


Alex was taking some things to the lab and he figured she'd work on those. Soral had dismissed the crew and had reported to the CO what they found and now he entered his quarters finally letting the wave of pain hit him. He sunk to the floor taking deep breaths. He felt Bones licking his face and he reached up to pet the dog. It was very Empathic. He was endlessly fascinated by its abilities.

“Soral!” Alex said softly as she entered their quarters, hurrying to his side. His pain and discomfort was radiating from him, enough to stop her pointing out the fact that had he rested he would not be in this position now. Vulcans and stubbornness... Kneeling down she studied his face, debating on if she should summon Doctor Rose. Who would absolutely be entitled to say ‘I told you so’.

Bones looked at her, his big brown eyes full of worry. She rubbed behind his ear to sooth him, “it’s okay Bones.”

Turning her attention back to Soral she frowned, “we should let the Doctor check you out.”

"No...I shall be fine." He allowed her to help him sit up. "It was not a very... eventful away mission. But we did save a life. I shall be able to get up soon." He hoped.

"Uh huh," Alex sighed, rolling her eyes as she shifted position so she could support his weight. "I suppose you also think you can start dancing at the same time? You should never have gone, Soral... you could have died yesterday! And I know you tried to hide it from everyone but you were in agony the entire time. You need to rest. And heal. This is too much worry for a puppy, you'll give Bones grey hairs."

At that Bones yapped in agreement, earning him a scratch behind the ear.

Soral let himself smile a little. He let Alex help him to the sofa. "I was needed. I will take things easy today." He sighed. "I think you're right."

"I usually am," she observed, "but about what specifically?"

"Perhaps we need to see Doctor Rose."

Reaching for her com-badge, Alex sighed, "I hope he has a triple dose of 'I told you so' already on standby. =/\= Lieutenant Kingsley to Doctor Rose. Doctor, can I trouble you to come by our quarters as soon as you can. Soral is feeling unwell.=/\="

=^="I'll be right there." =^= Ryan was already grabbing his med kit.

Soral waited until Rose had responded. "It was me or the CO Alex. You know I cannot let him risk his life."

"We have other senior staff, we could have handled it," she pointed out. She stopped, realising it was a repeat of an argument they had already had. And that would do nothing. Help no one.

He held out a hand to her. "Still glad you married me?"

Her tension evaporated as she took his hand, "of course I am."

He sighed and suddenly said. "I wish to meet your mother."

"Oh you will," Alex promised, "she's planning the biggest celebration. I was waiting until you felt better to tell you... I've to let her know when we will be getting back to Earth and she has promised to take care of the rest. She means well."

"Indeed." He studied her. "I...." Before he could finish the door chimed.

Ryan stepped in, and walked quickly over. "Any loss of consciousness?"


“When I came in he was conscious but in a lot of pain,” Alex added.

"Indeed." Soral added as she shifted on the sofa.

Ryan wasn't usually one to mutter under his breath, but he did so silently, in his head. 'Stubborn man'. "Can you describe the pain for me?" He asked, already taking scans of Soral's heart.

"Sharp, off to the side as if it spiders from a central point," he said.

Ryan breathed a very soft sigh of relief. The scanners confirming what he'd suspected. "You need to rest. I can only do so much. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself, but you've got to give it time to do so." Ryan finished his short lecture, then pulled out a hypo. "I'll give you a pain killer."

"Thank you doctor. I will promise to take it easy. This away mission was necessary."

Alex shot him a look that once again made it clear she disagreed. "Thank you for your help, Doctor and I'll make sure he rests. I can finish my work from here while he sleeps in the next room."

Soral watched the doctor as he prepared the hypo.

"Sounds like a good plan." Ryan injected Soral. He stepped back, waiting to see if the dose was strong enough to give the man some relief.

It took a few moments but the relief flooded in. "Thank you Doctor. I am beginning to feel better."

"Good. I trust you'll get some rest." He gave Alex a look, knowing he'd need some help with request.

Soral bowed his head. "Indeed doctor. I shall rest as much as I can."

"Yes," Alex agreed with a look that brokered no argument, "you will..."



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