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Eyelya and Alex

Posted on Monday, 12 October 2020 - 9:53am by Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Operation: Dreamweaver
Location: Engineering
Timeline: MD7, following 'Hope'

"I brought snacks," Lieutenant Kingsley announced as she found the acting Chief Engineer of the Standing Bear hard at work. Holding up an old fashioned paper bag and coffee cups, the scientist confessed, "quite a few different snacks really because I didn't know what you liked to eat and I was hoping I wasn't alone in being too obsessive with work that I forget the little things. Like eating. And sleeping."

She sat back and sighed. "How can I not work after my failure on the bridge." She was grateful for food and that it involved chocolate.

Alex grinned, “and I thought I was hard on myself. Chief, you didn’t fail, not even close. Now, would you prefer to start with chocolate chip cookies or a slice of double chocolate cake? Oh, and please don’t tell Soral I considered this a meal choice...”

She grinned. "But it's dairy and's all the food groups. Anything chocolate is good." she looked serious then. "I did fail I didn't trace that damn rift."

“I’ve been studying the same data as you and having the same bad luck,” Alex reasoned. “That isn’t failure just... a challenge. I do wish I had paid more attention in Commander Latham’s astrophysics class. I’m not sure he covered this scenario though. And have you seen how many reports there are of disappearing crew and spatial rifts?! It’s a lot. Try the cookie, they are really good. Anyway, I now have data but it doesn’t help our people. And how did they get back?”

She sighed. "We'd have to figure out a way to create one of our own...keep it stable."

“I’m taking over a holodeck to run some simulations,” Alex confided. “I’m pretty confident in how to close them after they appear - creating one is going to take a lot of energy. And a risk to the ship.”

She sighed, "That's the problem. Any news on those we got back?"

“No, I figured they’d have enough to do without anyone else in the way. Plus Stillwater is already there,” Alex said as she bit into a cookie. “And I’d end up probably asking things I do not want answers to...”

"Like?" she knew that sometimes it was best to share your fears with another.

“Like,” Alex stood, pacing just as she had done in the turbolift, only this time with half an eaten cookie in hand, “what happened to them? Are they okay? What about the others? What about Soral and Mac and Bones...? Soral’s been gone so long... what if he can’t come back? What if he is really hurt and needs us and we are here, unable to do anything? Is he even still alive?”

She sank back into her seat, “you know... little things.”

Eyelaya reached over and covered her hand. "He's going to be okay. I know he will."

Alex nodded, offering a small smile, “thank you. Sorry. I’ve had all of these horrible ‘what if’ scenarios running through my head for days. I shouldn’t be bothering you with them.”

"No bother. You are worried. He is your husband. That's natural." She smiled. "The Commander is a fighter. He won't give up." She looked at Alex. "You will, we will figure it out."

“But first, I need more chocolate. I do my best work overdosed on chocolate.”

"I think that's how I work too." She sighed. "At least Mac is with him. Mac will keep him safe." She took another cookie. "Oh! Here. This will alert you to any more rifts." She gave Alex an upgraded tricorder.

“Thanks,” Alex replied as she took the device, already opening it before she noticed the purple stripe on the casing. “Wait - is this one of the new tricorders? How did you get these? Never mind... I probably shouldn’t ask. Okay, I’m curious as to what you’ve programmed them to look for? Is it a combination of things or one? Like Tetryon particles.”

Eyelaya smiled, "No it's just going to tell us if there is a rip in our space...dimension whatever you want to call it."

“Okay, thank you... now, what can I help with? If you need more people, I will send you anyone who isn’t a liability with a spanner, if you need resources, you will have them.”

Eyelaya smiled. "I'm alright." She patted Alex's hand. "We'll get him back, I promise."

“Thank you. I just hope that, wherever he is, he is being as stubborn as he is at home...”

Eyelaya laughed. "You know I used to live on the planet and honestly all Vulcan's are stubborn. They pretend that they don't know what it means but they are awfully good at it."

Alex grinned, "fortunately for him, so am I."



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