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Back From The Dead

Posted on Saturday, 10 October 2020 - 6:19pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Operation: Dreamweaver
Location: USS Standing Bear | Science Lab
Timeline: 2393 (Before Descent)


It was late in the lab. Most of the crew was back with the exception of a few including Soral. The rift had opened every three hours and three came through. For the last six it had not opened. The science crew had long gone to sleep yet a light remained on.

Tired eyes cast over the calculations and results of simulations, including the most up to date sensor readings. When the rifts had started to appear on a more regular basis, she had hoped - maybe everyone had - that all of the missing crew would be returned safely. Yet suddenly it had all gone quiet again. Nobody else had been taken but nobody had been returned in the last few hours either.

She had never felt so exhausted and yet she also refused to give up on her husband and their friend.

The small square reader on her desk, left there by Eyelaya began to hum to life. The sharp beep that followed showed a rift opening, in this very room.

From under the desk, Bones was now wide awake. His soft snores now a growl which was too adorable to be menacing. Knowing Eyelaya would have the exact same readings she instead reached for her tricorder, leaving it open an on her desk - recoding as the rift opened just in front of her door. Bones barked at it for all he was worth and she quickly grabbed him before he could jump through. Again.

The water like shimmer of the rift was stronger now. Through it three figures were seen. Mac standing at a control panel, beside him a Vulcan crew member and beside that a form turned with his back to the rift. Voices, like underwater murmurings were heard. Mac's came through. "They are going to break through. You two go! I'll hold them off."

Mac’s voice seemed like it was drifting in on a breeze, distorted slightly. “Mac!” She had to raise a hand, the light from the rift seeming impossibly bright in the confines of her office.

Unfortunately sound did not travel both ways. The third figure could not be heard but Mac shook his head. "No! Absolut....." He turned as the third figure pointed and as he did the third man reached over to Mac's shoulder and compressed the point that would render him unconscious. The Vulcan Petty Officer raised an eyebrow but caught Mac before he fell. Without ceremony he tossed Mac into the rift and within agonizing seconds his body sailed out and onto the floor by Alex's feet. He was alive but very unconscious.

“Mac!” Alex knelt down beside him, Bones nudging the unconscious man with his nose and licking at the side of his face. “No, Bones...”

Her hand found his pulse, relief flooding through her as she looked back towards the rift. “Soral, please be there,” she whispered.

Now two figures stood arguing. Soral turned, his face in profile, "Petty Officer you will go. I will stay here and hold them off. The computer has to be destroyed so that they cannot take any more. Everyone else is dead it is logical that I stay behind."

“No!” Alex shouted at him, angry tears in her eyes. “Come back.”

The other Vulcan inclined his head. Soral turned his back ready to destroy the computer. Solek stopped at the edge of the rift. He seemed to turn his head to the side as if seeing something that was not there. He gave a nod into the rift and turned. With lightening speed he knocked Soral out and dragged his body to the rift. Heaving he shoved the XO through and then picked up the pipe bringing it down on the computer.

Soral's body sailed through the rift and seemed to hover in mid air before dropping to the ground with a thud.

Alex winced at the sound of Soral hitting the floor... it did not sound good. Both men now lay almost side by side, the rift itself seeming to fluctuate, as if it was struggling to maintain itself for longer. Keeping one eye on it she made a quick check to make sure her husband had indeed survived the trip before looking up, trying to see the Petty Officer who had stayed behind.

Solek saw the rift fluctuate he made a decision. He would not survive anyway when the creatures caught him. He jumped and managed to sail through at the last second landing like a cat fully alert and awake. "Lieutenant," He said casually.

"Petty Officer," she replied back as her eyes watched the rift almost blink out of existence. Everything seemed so dark and well, empty, now that it was gone. If you didn't count the three newly returned crewmembers. Glancing at Mac and Soral she tapped her comm badge, "Kingsley to Sickbay, I need a medical team to my office. We have three more crew back, two are unconscious."

After confirmation a team was on route, she turned her attention to the Vulcan who had taken a huge risk in sending her husband through first, a grateful smile playing on her lips, "I saw what you did and... I can never thank you enough."

As she spoke, Bones squirmed out of her grasp and moved to lay down at Soral's side, whimpering as he kept trying to nudge his owner awake. "He'll be okay," she assured the puppy, not wanting to begin thinking about what all of the abducted crew had been through.

He gave a nod. "No thanks was necessary. An XO's job is to sacrifice himself for his crew. He did that by ordering me through. A crew member's job is to ensure that his CO, which Soral was since Commander Stillwater was not there, gets back safely. I pushed him trough. Then I figured out then I took calculated risk that I would have enough time to return. If not I would die an better to die trying then at the hands of those creatures." He sighed. There was more to it then that but he...didn't want to get into that part. He has no doubt that Alexandra knew Soral's V'Shar connection but she knew nothing of his Romulan side and Solek was here to ensure Soral's safety on behalf of that side. It would not do for Starfleet to know they have A Senate Guard on ship. Romulan DNA was so close to Vulcan that it was negligible unless one looked and so far nobody had...his physical alterations were simple. "I believe he will regain consciousness soon. He will no be pleased with me."

“Well I am and as his wife, that supersedes any unhappiness on his part,” she assured him. She glanced at Soral, worry in her eyes. Not quite able to believe he was really back. She reached out, taking his hand and holding it for dear life.

"Lieutenant if you don't mind me saying your husband has a Hero Complex. I could teach you the Nerve pinch," he said having just mastered it himself. "You could drop him anytime you want. Comes in handy when you argue." A small smile tugged his lips.

“Oh don’t worry, I have my own technique to win an argument,” Alex grinned.

He gave a nod. "I should go to medical and then I have a report to write." He gave a bow. "With your permission."

“Of course, but only if docs say it’s okay,” Alex agreed.

He turned and left. Just as the doors hissed closed Mac roused. "Son of a ...."

“Language,” Alex warned as she shifted to face him, her free hand on his shoulder to keep him down. “Easy, medical are on route. Just stay still.”

Mac opened his eyes. She was a sight even though she was swimming in his eyes. "Alex...When we get your husband back I'll wring his neck." He moaned "I hope Karma bites him in the ass."

“If by ass you mean a petty officer and a nerve pinch,” Alex observed, touching his cheek to turn his head in Soral’s direction, “I think you are all good.”

Mac raised his head and turned it to the side. Relief flooded him. "Oh thank the Gods!" He laid back his eyes filling with tears. "Idiot survived."

“He did,” Alex agreed with a whisper, trying to not follow him down the emotional route because she might not stop. “You both did.”

"Indeed," Came Soral's voice. "I need not remind....remind you that I still out rank you." Mac with a burst of energy turned on his side and smacked the Vulcan awkwardly in the face....but given his weakness I was more of a tap.

"You nerve pinched me."

Soral was about to respond but caught Alex's eye. He used his strength to push up and wrap his arms around her. "My wife." He whispered.

Her playful chiding of Mac for hitting his friend died in her throat as Soral reached for her. Sitting at his side she held him to her with all her might, burying her face in his chest. It was him, it was really him. “I thought I was never...” her voice trailed off as she fought against her tears. Happy tears. And perhaps a few angry ones. She’d save those for later. “I’m so sorry. I couldn’t find you!”

"I am back now." He gently stroked her head. His fierce love for her overwhelming. "Where I went I am glad you could not follow." They had lost so many.

Mac moaned. "Get a room you two."

Without even looking Alex reached out and hit him gently on the back of the head before she shifted, looking up at Soral as she held his face in her hands, “how badly are you hurt?” She whispered, although her tone made it clear if he concealed anything she would likely add to his injuries personally.

"I am alright. Perhaps a few broke ribs....Nothing serious."

Mac grunted as Alex smacked him. "Just saying."

Before he could respond the medical team entered. They quickly loaded Mac onto a stretcher and even though Soral fought them they loaded him on too. He still held Alex's hand unwilling to let her go.

Picking up Bones as they left, Alex walked beside Soral. “You’re sure nothing worse?” She prompted as they waited for the next lift, Mac loaded into the first.

"I am alright. I promise."

“That’s good, you will need your strength for all the paperwork waiting for you,” Alex teased.



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