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Beginning again

Posted on Wednesday, 28 October 2020 - 11:56pm by Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali

Mission: Operation: Dreamweaver
Location: Sickbay

OOC: hi thought I’d send you this :) thought Eyelaya could be involved as the resident Borg specialist.


T’Lanna was on her way to Sickbay last time she was here she’d woken up with a whole plethora of new Borg implants, now she was on her way to arrange about having them removed all over again. Walking into Sickbay she headed over to Ryan’s office and peered inside the open door. “Knock, knock”

"Hey. Come on in." Ryan spoke from his desk, not getting up as he normally would. "Have a seat."

Walking inside she smiled as she took a seat. “Apologies for interrupting your peace and quiet, I wanted to speak to you about these ...” She held up her arm and motioned to the other new implants with her other hand. “The sooner I can get these implants out of my skin the better I’ll feel. It’s hard not to slip back into Borg ways when you’re covered with Borg tech.”

"Understood. I know Eyelaya has been working on some ideas for safe removal. I'll give her a call." Ryan did so, and waited for the Chief to arrive. "So, other than the uninvited implants, how are you feeling?" Ryan asked.

“Okay I guess” T'Lanna shrugged her shoulders. “It’s been hard on everyone losing crew especially Yolen, just when I thought the Counselling was stabilising out I’ve got requests a mile high!!” She offered a brief smile. “How are you feeling?”

Ryan offered a return smile. "I've been better." He admitted. "As soon as things settle down and Emerick can take care of my ribs, I'll be fine."

“If you need some moral support just let me know” T’Lanna smiled. “It’ll take my mind off being a metal clad automaton again!”

Ryan was about to scold her for calling herself an automaton, but realized T'Lanna was just using the word to ease the tension. He smiled. "I'm sure Eyelaya and I can take care of that."

“I know you can” T’Lanna smiled warmly. “I just never thought I’d see myself with this many implants again. People see me coming, turn around and go the other way, either that or they stand and stare.” She paused for a moment. “It just reminds me of when I was first liberated.”

"That's understandable to feel that way. The crew should know better by now though." Ryan frowned, wondering if he needed too hold an acceptance seminar. He just might. This crew had two x Borg. But that's all they were....X neither deserved to be treated with fear or criticism.

“Sorry I don’t mean to off load on you! It’s hard not having Raith to share my thoughts with. He normally makes me feel so much better!” She offered a smile. “How’s he doing? Is there any sign of him regaining consciousness yet?”

"There I have some good news. His vitals are looking much better. I don't think he'll need any intervention to wake up soon on his own, we'll give him a bit of time and see." Ryan replied.

“Really!?” T’Lanna’s eyes lit up with joy at that news. “I’ve so missed having him with me. Not that I’m ever without him, we have a weak bond one which will get stronger once we’re properly bonded.”

Ryan had to admit to a small twinge of jealousy. One he quickly pushed away. He was happy for T'Lanna, and his own relationship issues were just that, his own. "Well if you two decide to do a wedding, I want an invite." He smiled. "Once we get your implants fixed, I'll see about getting you in to see him."

“That would be wonderful, thank you.” T’Lanna smiled warmly. “I’ll do more than send you an invite to the wedding I’ll make you my guest of honour. To be honest I know there’s a ritual involved in the Vulcan bonding but I know very little of the ceremonial part of things, no doubt I’ll find out.” She paused suddenly realising they hadn’t even called Eyelaya. =/\= Vali to Eyelaya ... Chief please report to Sickbay, we need your input. =/\=

Eyelaya slapped her com badge. "Oki doki! I'm on my way." It didn't take long for her to get there. Only a few minutes. "Hiya!" She waived at the two.

“Hi Eyelaya” T’Lanna offered a warm smile. “Thank you for coming so quickly. “Ryan and I would like your help with planning the removal of my new implants. I know it’s not going to be a quick or easy process hence why I called you.” She looked at Ryan then back at Eyelaya. “It took weeks and several operations to get me free of implants last time, the sooner I can get rid of these the better.”

Eyelaya sighed. "This one won't be easy. But I've been working on something that might help."

“Such as?” T’Lanna looked at Ryan then back at Eyelaya wondering what she’d come up with

"There maybe a way to use nanites to help with the removal. Still haven't perfected it yet but it would be painless and....might be quicker."

“Really?!” T’Lanna looked at Eyelaya in surprise. “But wouldn’t any nanites introduced for that go on to try and remove all my implants? I have to keep all those in my brain, brain stem and spine without them I’d die.”

"We can target them. Believe it or not each nanite has a frequency as unique as a fingerprint."

“Really?” T’Lanna looked at Eyelaya in surprise. “I actually didn’t know that.”

"Yup. The Borg are inventive in many ways." She sighed. "Okay so this can be done but...there are side effects," she looked at both Ryan and Vali.

T’Lanna exchanged a glance with Ryan. “What side effects?”

Eyelaya sighed. "Headache, dizziness, pain at the implant site." She looked at Ryan. "Doctor she will need your help with that."

Ryan nodded. "I'll be happy to help. Don't worry T'Lanna, we'll keep you as comfortable as possible."

T’Lanna nodded and smiled. “I know you will, I do appreciate everything the two of you are doing for me.”

Eyelaya smiled feeling a bit relieved that Emerick was not there. Just to ensure it, "No EMH least for now." She plopped down at one of the work tables. "It will take me a moment to get things ready."

T’Lanna nodded. “I wasn’t expecting to do it right away but I’m not going to complain either. The sooner I’m me the better.”

Ryan had to frown. "Eyelaya. I'm not sure I'd be steady enough to assist right now. I'm sure Emerick would keep it strictly professional." He offered.

“We can always leave it until you’re feeling up to it Ryan” T’Lanna offered a smile. “What do you think Eyelaya?”

"It can wait. The nanites are dormant right now." She confirmed.

Ryan gave a small sigh, but nodded. "Ok, just hold tight for a few hours. Sorry for the delay."

Eyelaya smiled. "You both could use rest. Not everyone survives their time with the Kavari." She stood up when she reaized what she'd said. "I should go get to work in engineering on this." She high tailed it out of sickbay before she said anything more.

T’Lanna offered Ryan a smile. “I think we could both do with a rest, I’ll head off and let you get some sleep.”

Ryan smiled in return, not bothering to mention that it wasn't sleep he needed. "It'll be fine T'Lanna." He offered, though the woman was certainly taking the whole thing rather well. "I'll see you in a few hours." He waved, heading to his office.


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