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Checking Up & Checking In

Posted on Friday, 30 October 2020 - 7:11am by Commander Soral & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali

Mission: Operation: Dreamweaver
Location: XO’s office
Timeline: 2393


T’Lanna stood outside Soral’s Office door, she’d stopped by Sickbay to see him not surprised to be told that Soral was already back on his feet. She had no doubt he was being an a-typical stubborn Vulcan. Pressing the chime she stood and waited for an invite to enter.

Soral looked up from a report. "Enter."

Walking through the doors she offered a polite nod as she looked at Soral, strangely for her she didn’t offer her usual smile in-fact she was more emotionless than emotional. “Commander, I thought I’d drop by and see how you were,”

Soral looked up at the sound of the voice and raised an eyebrow. Something seemed different. "I am functioning well." He motioned to the chair. "Have a seat."

“Thank you Sir” T’Lanna nodded taking a seat. “Sorry am I being robotic again?” She offered a more T’Lanna like smile. “It’s the extra armour ...” she looked at her arms. “It’s making me act like I did when I was first liberated from the collective, it’s a psychological thing.”

"I see. Has Chief Eyelaya helped at all?"

“I’m planning on asking her to help with removal of my extra implants.” T’Lanna offered a smile. “So how are you? I went by Sickbay but they said you’d already gone.”

"Indeed. Idleness was never a trait I picked up." He paused redirecting, "How is the child?"

“He’s fine. It seems the aliens were more interested in my tech than my body and what was growing within.” She paused. “To be honest I’m not sure what I’d do if anything happened. I’ve already got Raith to worry about, he’s still unconscious.”

"He will be alright. I have read the reports." He looked at her. "Perhaps taking some time to rest and be by his side."

T’Lanna nodded in agreement “I plan to do just that. I have to speak to Ryan about my extra implants anyway. “Speaking of rest shouldn’t you be taking some time off to rest and be with Alex? She’s gone through as much hell as you.”

"Indeed. I am...resting as much as possible. We are currently sharing duties until I am fully recovered. She is, how do you say, watching me like a hawk."

T’Lanna grinned. “Sounds about right. We’ve all gone through the ringer on this one, I never thought I’d ever see myself looking like this again but I’m grateful to Talarn for what he did for me. I’m enjoying having another ex-b onboard.”

"Indeed. I am pleased that he has taken the post of chief of security." He sighed. "I will, when you are better, require you assistance."

“There’s nothing wrong with me apart from ...” She motioned to her extra implants. “What is it you require my help with?”

"The NCO's and officers we lost we will need to draft a letter to their families."

“Of course” T’Lanna nodded. “To be honest I could use the distraction and I’d like to get back to work. Might I suggest we include comments from those close to those we lost?, for their families to read.”

"Indeed I believe that is a good idea." His com beeped again. Soral sighed. "Again?" He muttered.

“Never stops does it?” T’Lanna offered an understanding smile.

"Indeed." He paused. "If you will wait this will only take a moment."

“Of course” T’Lanna nodded and sat quietly waiting.

The screen on his monitor shimmered and a familiar face popped up. "I am still here Severine.

Severine smiled. "I am just ensuring that father." The screen went blank and Soral sighed. She'd called every hour on the hour. He realized how much this had affected her. He'd have to talk to Laura who would be arriving soon.

“Wait a moment ... did I just hear the word father?!” T’Lanna looked at Soral curiously.

He sighed and raised an eyebrow. "Indeed. One of the little surprises that awaited Alexandra and I on Earth. It turns out I have...a daughter...and a son."

T’Lanna looked at Soral in surprise. “Wow! I can imagine that must have come as quite a shock.” She offered a smile. “I take it from your reaction that your daughter has been calling you regularly to check on you?”

"Indeed." He sighed. "She has called every hour since she found out of my return." He paused. "I did not know of their existence before Earth. Their mother died in childbirth an they were raised on Vashti by a twin sister I knew not that I had." That was a whole can of worms in itself.

T’Lanna nodded. “That must have been so difficult Soral, it sounds like your daughter is very worried about you. Have you thought about taking some time to spend with your children and sister while you recuperate?” She wanted to ask him about the loss of his bond with Alex but she couldn’t betray Alex’s confidence. “How does Alex feel about having step children?”

" not know." And in that was his fear. She seemed alright with it. "She has been supportive." He added.

“That’s good to hear, she loves you and I can’t see that changing anytime soon.” T’Lanna smiled warmly.

Soral then did something he never had. He dropped his head in his hands. Why did Alex love him? He failed to protect her. He brought nothing but stresses to her life. Pure emotion and self loathing swirled in his mind.

“Soral ...” T’Lanna leaned closer to his desk. “What can I do to help? What do you need of me?”

"I...I do not know." He shook his head seeming to fight for some semblance of control. "I do not know how she feels." He said somewhat bitterly.

“Then ask her Soral” T’Lanna offered a smile. “If you can’t feel her, then talk to her. She needs to know what she can do to help you. Don’t doubt her love, accept it.”

"That is the point. I cannot feel her. Our non-existent." The bond was something he took for granted relying on it for almost everything. How did humans mate without it?

T’Lanna nodded she dare not tell him that Alex had already told her. “I see ... Soral relationships with Humans are very different, my son’s father was a human and we never bonded. Hell he was just a friend. But you and Alex ... you’re meant to be! She needs you as much as you need her. Go home and talk, if you need to talk afterwards you know where to find me.”

"You do not understand. Our bond is broken. I ... I cannot tell anything. I cannot sense anything. I ...." It was lonely and a bit frightening.

“Soral look at me” T’Lanna moved closer concerned for Soral’s well-being.

Soral sighed and sat back with his eyes closed. "I will be alright. Perhaps it is best that take some time to meditate."

T’Lanna nodded. “Agreed. If you need any assistance just let me know okay?”

He gave a nod. "Indeed."

T’Lanna nodded and headed on her way.

As he watched her go his com chirped. He read the message and sighed. Alex would be surprised...he hoped pleasantly.

Heading out of the door T’Lanna made for Sickbay, she needed to get her implants sorted and the sooner the better.



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