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It's not a good sign

Posted on Wednesday, 11 November 2020 - 1:46pm by Lieutenant JG Jarin Alexander MD

Mission: Operation: Ouroboros
Location: Earth

Jarin had never managed to spend much time on Earth and normally would be looking forward to taking in the fresh air and getting to relax a little bit. However things were tense on Earth and many other Federation worlds. The Romulans had been relocated to these worlds and there were groups of people who were not very happy about it. He was actually wondering how things would go for the two Romulans that were in the same shuttle as him, he smiled and gave a nod as the female caught him looking at them. She whispered something to whom he assumed was her significant other and Jarin thought 'oh great now they probably think I'm one of these crazy anti Romulan people'.

As soon as the young Lieutenant Junior Grade stepped of the transport he was greeted by groups of protesters "ROMULANS DON'T BELONG ON EARTH" one of them shouted as the two Romulan passengers followed him out of the ship. "Find your own home world" a female voice came from the crowd and an object flew from some where in the middle of the crowd hitting one of the Romulan passengers in the head and injuring him.

Green blood started to run down the man's forehead and he quickly hit the ground after loosing consciousness. Luckily security showed up and started dealing with the crowd so Jarin could help the injured man. "Grab me the med kit" he pointed toward the entrance of the transport and looked up at the sobbing Romulan woman, who gave him a nod and ran inside the transport vessel to find the med kit. Doctor Alexander applied some pressure to the mans forehead to try and stop the bleeding.

The crowd had gotten so out of hand that the security teams actually had to stun some of them. Jarin shook his head as seven humans were arrested for acting like fools. "I thought we'd gotten past all this" Jarin said out loud to the poor Romulan that had been injured by these idiots. The woman returned with the kit and the doctor flipped it open and grabbed medical tricorder and quickly went to work.

It didn't take Jarin very long to get the patient stable and was thankful that a medical team showed up to take over. "Thank you" the thanks the woman offered Jarin were very heart felt.

"I'm just glad I could help" the young human smiled "they will make sure he is okay" he offered as the medical team started off with their patient and his wife in tow. Jarin slung his bag over his shoulder and started off toward his destination. Earth was amazingly beautiful and the sun felt amazing on his skin. A smile grew on his face as he thought about getting to spend some time here, but it quickly faded when he remembered what had just happened. Shaking his head Jarin thought 'It's not a good sign if this is how his leave was going to go.'


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By Commander Soral on Sunday, 15 November 2020 - 1:42pm

welcome back doc!