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Break Out

Posted on Saturday, 26 December 2020 - 12:16pm by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Operation: Ouroboros

---Set pre The Talk---

Adrianna was still in the Brig but she'd had time to consider her findings at the Baciami House. She needed to talk to someone she trusted. She only hoped someone would visit her to discuss because, hell, let's face it, she wasn't going anywhere for some time.

“You’re dismissed, Ensign,” Lieutenant Kingsley ordered as she entered the Brig, her look silencing any thoughts he had of questioning the order. As he left, Alex crossed to the console, entered her authorisation and watched the force field in the one occupied cell deactivate. “I imagine you might get a dressing down from Stillwater or Soral - maybe both - but it is insane to have you locked up in here when we have people threatening the Federation.”

Adrianna looked up, surprised by the freedom. Her greeting was a mere question though, "Was I really rude? I thought it was a genuine question."

“It was a question,” Alex agreed as she moved inside the cell, “just mixed up amongst a few impassioned accusations. Captains and such seem to dislike it. Especially if the feel they are being challenged. But the captain is on her way so the ship is in my hands until either our CO or XO are cleared for duty. Which is ... terrifying. And I need our best people. So I will take whatever Soral or Stillwater throw at me for doing it but even so, I want you back on duty.”

Adrianna nodded, uncurling herself and standing up. "The cap-ee-tan was right about something. A comparison to my family. I've not been myself since returning to Italy. Well, I have, but my old self. My family are involved, and I think I know how they are going to attempt to kill the guy."

“The guy?” Alex repeated.

"Assuming the president or whoever that the admiral mentioned," Adrianna sighed, "they are going to use the widow maker, or a version of it."

“You think they'd use it on the president?” Alex paled. Stillwater had feared it... What an escalation from protests and attacks on Romulans...

“All of the weapons were there, I destroyed the vials myself but someone has copies of the data. Anyone with a biomedical background could create a tailored biological agent that would work. Hell, I could do it! As for the weapons, I suppose there is no shortage of people who could create more. Especially if they have the original blueprints. Did you find out anymore?”

"I know where they'll hit," Adrianna offered, "Crewman Eberhardt found some blueprints highlighting structural weak spots when he was with me at my mother's house. I couldn't work out where it was though. Then it hit me, why it looked familiar. I used a guard for information there. Gawd he was stupid and over compensated in b- you know what, that's got nothing to do with this. Anyway, we used to talk under the balcony as it was out of sight. Security couldn't even touch it. The president is making a speech there in a few days. We need to get him to change location from the Parisian Palace to literally anywhere without public knowledge. I don't know to what end my family is involved, but if you can, drag my brother Giovanni in for questioning."

“Your brother for questioning and get the President of the UFP to give his speech from somewhere else,” Alex repeated with a nod. “How hard can that be, right?”

" Difficult, " Adrianna replied," I don't trust 'Demi', she went straight for mentioning my family instead of answering my question. It's your judgement call, but you know what needs to be done. The evidence that you need, is in my quarters on my bed," the Italian explained rather cautiously. She didn't fancy being in the brig all of Christmas.

“Well she is gone now so that’s one thing,” Alex pointed out. “I meant she is on her way off the ship rather than on her way here... I wasn’t clear, was I?

I will stop by and pick up the information. I meant it, though, having you in here is insane. I’m happy to release you to your quarters. It had to be better than here and you’ll be able to work. Soral and Stillwater still want to deal with what happened with the delightful captain but that is not a today problem.”

"She seemed like a **** anyway," Adrianna replied, "something was odd about her. We need to get the president to safety."

“If you want, when this is over we can go to a bar and drink a bottle of your choice for every time she said Sorki,” Alex offered. “So, what do you say? Up for a change of scenery and saving the President?”

"I can't get that pet name out my head. It's sounds like a name for a pet cat! Si to the bar once this is over. Though, if we're going to Paris, once the president is safe, I know an excellent bar." Adrianna offered with a bit of a nostalgic tone.

“Depends, did you kill anyone there?” Alex teased.

Adrianna genuinely had to think about it," not sure. I don't think so."

"You," Alex admitted with a rueful smile, "genuinely terrify me sometimes. Now, lets get you out of here. As acting CO I insist."

Adrianna smirked to Alex, "thank you, I think. I promise I'm a softy now. I believe the expression is 'I'm a pussy cat really'. Thank you. Come to my quarters with me. I'll show you the plans."

"Lets go. If you have any more of that aspirin, I'll take that too," Alex admitted before adding, "long story. Lets go."

"Always," she replied, "did you get drunk with a vulcan?"

“Not even close... very long story. Come on, we need to figure out how to stop this attack...”

Adrianna opened the door to her quarters and fetched the plans and information. She handed them to Alex, "Here's the plan and some minutes of a meeting. Translated for you. As you can see, the weak spots of the Palace balacony are highlighted."

“I’m no tactical expert but you’d think security would be tighter or they choose somewhere else,” Alex mused.

Adrianna chuckled," to be fair, the place is ancient."

“You mean they think the place looks good, practicality be damned?”

"History," Adrianna replied, "it would be like destroying everything inside a museum. Either way, even modern builds have weak spots if you look hard enough."

“Alright, I’d like to speak to Stillwater. With the Admiral dead, I’d like to make sure we can speak to people on Earth we can trust.”

Adrianna nodded," I think it should be kept between us and the cap-ee-tan. Less people involved, less chance of compromise. For all I know, putting me in the brig was just a way to gain access to the information I had." She shrugged. Paranoia was running deep since Italy. She needed to get far away and rebuild her mind again.

“Unless he has a direct line to the President, we need to trust someone. I doubt either of us, or both, walking up to him saying his life is in danger will do the trick,” Alex pointed out, “hell we might both end up in the Brig.”

"It's quite homely," Adrianna half chuckled, "we should talk to Stillwater an Soral."


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