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Posted on Monday, 28 December 2020 - 8:20pm by Warrant Officer Reza Jomiael & Commander Soral & Lieutenant Talarn Zilth & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie

Mission: Operation: Ouroboros
Location: Shuttlebay & Venus Weapons Depot

It was almost time.

Completing one last pre-flight check, Lieutenant Kingsley awaited the arrival of the small team which had been tasked by Commander Stillwater to make the journey to Venus. In his absence, their assignment was simple, in theory. Simply ensure all of the equipment and data relating to the development of the TR-116s was still secure. For Alex it was her first time visiting Venus since the Academy. The atmosphere made flying conditions on Venus challenging at best and so Starfleet Academy took full advantage to test the piloting skills of cadets.

She had thrown up. A lot.

Satisfied everything was in order, she moved to the ramp to wait for the others to arrive. She was inwardly grateful to have the experience of Lieutenant's Zilth and MacKenzie for the mission, especially since the commander was unable to join them. As long as MacKenzie did not attempt to play marriage counselor, it would all go fine. Touch wood.

Reza Jomiael rounded off the group, a warrant officer who worked alongside both Zilth and MacKenzie. She didn't recall having met him before, although the fact he had been recommended to join the group was all she needed to know.

Mac had checked on Haru one more time and had checked on Soral then headed off to pack his toys for the mission. It didn't take long and soon he was strolling into the shuttle bay. He didn't like leaving the ship without Zilth or himself, but it was what it was. He looked up to see Alex by the shuttle. "Ready to go?"

“All set,” she confirmed.

He grinned. "So we're going to your home now?"


"Well it has been said that woman are from Venus."


He laughed. "Many people think I'm quite funny actually."

“By many, do you mean you?”

He laughed and gave her a hug.

“Knock it off,” she grinned, pushing him away as the sound of approaching footsteps signaled another arrival.

It was Reza Jomiael approaching, more used to missions that were bordering on suicidal, he was finding this one to be more mundane and more footwork and paperwork than he was accustomed; however, given his first solo mission had been to take the 'liberated' Orion appearing male to Freecloud, he'd have to get used to these sorts of excursions.

"Hello," he said to both individuals. Mac he was somewhat acquainted with, but he had never had more than a brief passing with the Chief Science Officer in their months aboard. "Though Commander Stillwater cannot join us on this mission as planned, I know we will be successful."

Soral strolled into the bay. He was not slated to go, but he wanted to see the group off. "How are the preparations for departure going?"

“Just awaiting Lieutenant Zilth, then we will be off,” Lieutenant Kingsley replied as she emerged from the shuttle.

"Excellent. Zilith will be along shortly." He looked around. "I need not tell you all that this is both dangerous and vital. I trust that you will all ensure you do your best and I wish to request a report from each team member upon completion."

“We know,” Alex assured him, “and we will.”

"Nevertheless, Lieutenant, it is my duty to remind everyone." Perhaps him coming down hadn't been a good idea.

“Of course, Commander,” she said quickly.

He gave a nod. "I shall monitor your launch from the bridge." He turned. "Safe journey."

Mac watched him go. "You alright?"

"I'm going to recheck the supplies I brought," Alex said as she moved away, refusing to discuss it. Lieutenant. Lieutenant! She was far more forceful than necessary as she opened and then closed the storage compartment. "Can someone check on Lieutenant Zilth? I'd rather leave sooner rather than later."

"Impatient much?" Talarn asked, as he watched Alex move around frenetically. "I'm here now. I had to gather supplies and check on my... Commander. All of that is taken care of now." He adjusted the pack on his shoulders. "Sorry to make you wait." He wasn't really sorry, but it was what people said when things were not quite going as smoothly as possible.

“Alright,” Kingsley announced as she took her seat. “Everyone get comfort, we are out of here.”

Uneventful was perhaps the best way to describe the journey from Jupiter Station. Idle chat had given way to a quietness, everyone ensuring they were up to speed. The entire time, Kingsley resisted the urge to check news reports. Had word of the Admiral’s death become public knowledge yet? It was inevitable, yet she hoped. While it would shock many, those behind the recent disquiet on Earth would likely twist it to take advantage of the poor woman’s fate.

Reaching Venus, the received clearance to land in the bay servicing a series of what appeared to be domes, interconnected by a spiderweb of corridors. During the decent, the turbulent atmosphere was as bad as she recalled and touching down she said a quiet prayer in thanks.

“Remind me to never request an assignment here,” she quipped as she began powering down. Outside, she saw the red warning lights turn green, signalling the bay was re-pressurized and it was safe for them to depart. Pulling her science kit from the storage locker she turned to her fellow crew mates. “Shall we?”

"I'll be sure to remind you," replied Reza. "We shouldn't have too many issues here though. Federation facility and an assignment from an Admiral, we're going to to probably unnerve these people. This place doesn't seem to get visitors often."

"Yeah Mac, best behavior," Kingsley agreed, sticking her tongue out at her friend as she touched the control panel to open the door. Equipment bag slung over her shoulder, she stepped down onto the floor and into the cavernous room. On the far side a door opened, and she assumed they were about to meet the welcoming committee. Such as it was.

Mac snorted. "I'm always on my best behavior. I even brought the noise makers."

She raised an eyebrow. "I do not wanna know where you are hiding those..."

Talarn was quiet for most of the journey, carefully going over everything he had bought with him. His mind was on the mission. He had never been to Venus, that he could recall. Once they'd landed he raised his head and started to look around.


Behind three secure doors, four levels beneath the surface, was vault XK2215. In essence an average size cargo hold completely sealed off from the rest of the building. One of the most advanced security system monitored the interior day and night, spewing a steady stream of data to someone somewhere. As such, the arrival of four individuals was duly recorded and logged while their subsequent activity within the vault was closely monitored. Observed both within the facility itself and beyond. Which seemed excessive.

They stood on a platform overlooking countless aisles of storage crates divided over three levels. Kingsley glanced at her companions. "We need to ensure all the vials, weapons and data are still here. Mac, Creepy Guard Guy said the workstation will hold the inspection manifest, can you load it up? If between you, you can check the weapons and the PaDD itself, I will check the vials."

By check she meant, of course, make sure they were rendered harmless. Stillwater had been clear in his wishes that the data and the biological agent could not be left here. She could definitely deal with the later. Destroying the information on the PaDD, she was leaving in the capable hands of the three tactical officers. Assuming they were confident it was no longer needed.

"Lieutanant Kingsley? Your clearance is through, so I'll take you through to the biological containment lab," Lieutenant Ivanson spoke up from behind them. Aka Mr. Creepy Guard Guy. The moment they arrived he had been far too up close and personal for her liking and way too happy to see people. He was... odd. In a 'been cooped up too long without social interaction' kind of way.

"Happy searching," she offered to her shipmates as she trailed off after their 'escort'.

"I have to say, we did not expect an inspection, Lieutenant," Ivanson was saying as the pair of them disappeared out of sight.

"Expect the unexpected," Reza shot back in response looking at this Ivanson individual. "Isn't that one of the mantras for Starfleet or something of that garden variety about the unknown," added Reza with a small flash of a smirk. Once upon a time, Reza Jomiael was on track to become part of an up and coming new crop of Starfleet officers. He was an Academy cadet, a good one at that. Though the synthetic attack on mars, the destruction of Romulus, and the needs of the many outweighed the needs of Starfleet. He cleared the way for a new path for himself with the Fenris Rangers, but now his brethren were near extinction with only a few fighting for what was left.

Reza had bonded with Commander Stillwater, believing him to be a noble and honest man who would make an honest woman out of the Federation and Starfleet yet again, but the Federation and its service arm, Starfleet was not exactly palatable women of valiant honor as they once were, and this mission was a reminder that beneath the veneer of a prestigious humanitarian service were venial projects such as the aptly named 'widow maker' that Stillwater in some way was a part of or beholden to the burden of responsibility.

The man looked around and let out a small sigh. "Where the hell do we even start in a place like this," he mused. "There must be hundreds of R&D rejects in here, a plethora of 'toys,' thousands of PaDDs, and among all of these haystacks, they decided to store a few needles they were afraid were too deadly to prick someone with?"

Talarn, who had remained quiet, looked around the room as well. "We split up... and do the best we can. It's the only way to find this needle in a stack of needles."

Mac sighed. "Split up is a good idea." He paused. "Inventory, does anyone wanna tackle that monster or have I drawn the short straw."

"You've volunteered the moment you spoke," Reza teased. "You take inventory, Zilth and I will have a look around and see if we can locate those TR-116s and all the rest of what Commander Stillwater said should be here. I have a feeling this place is full of things that shouldn't exist or 'don't exist' but happen to be here" added Reza.

Mac sighed. "Alright, but we need to be careful. I have a knot in my gut and that is never a good sign."

"Always," replied Reza. "That is one of the foundations of how I have made it this far in life."


An hour or so had gone by as Reza and Zilth went level by level aisle by aisle looking around and finding some interesting things while Mac was off by himself running through the inventory list which conveniently was not very well organized nor up to date. There were things where things did not belong and others items which were no where to be found. Reza had even found several barrels of Bio-mimetic gel, highly regulated and considered contraband according to the Federation.

A weapons locker near by peaked Reza's curiosity and when he opened it, he found something. According to the copy of inventory that Mac had obtained, the locker was supposed to house some old 2250s phaser riffles. "These aren't phaser riffles and they sure the hell aren't from the mid 23rd century" he muttered to himself as he examined the riffle which was clearly one of several TR-116s. A small container sat in the display case, which Reza had 'picked' the lock of by causing a power surge in a tricorder and some ingenuity that was unorthodox.

Inside was a PaDD that once activated required someone with a lot better 'hacking' ability than he had. Calling over Zilth, he handed the PaDD over to the Cardassian ex-Borg and watched the man use his best 'Borg bits' to get access to the PaDD. Zilth had let him know it was what they were looking for and Reza tapped his combadge "Reza to Kinglsely and Mackenzie, I located the TR-116s and more. We found the PaDD you're looking for Lieutenant Kingsley, Zilth had to assimilate it a bit to get access, but it definitely is it."

There was a brief pause, “perfect timing. I’m almost finished, I think... I'll be with you in about five minutes."

Mac tapped his badge. "I'm on my way too. I found a few things that may add to this." He shut everything down and stood, his body acknowledging the fact that he'd spent too much time lost in inventory. It had not been a short job but he'd been as detailed as he could. He headed out. The sooner they were back to Venus the better.


Just a little over five minutes later, Alex joined them. "I located a hundred and fifty vials. All are now inert."

"Damn," replied Reza almost shocked by the number. "That was a lot of vials to keep stored away. I fear what the Federation had in store for this project widow maker if it ever made it into full-scale production and implementation, minus the unintended Vulcan victims that is," he added. "Were we able to secure a copy of the digital logbook? We could perhaps bring it to Stillwater and see if any of the names mean something to him." Reza looked over at Zilth and then back at the Second Officer. "I'm afraid Zilth and I found something that you are not going to want to hear."

Alex frowned, steeling herself. “What did you find?”

Mac arrived just as her question came out. "Me next." He said.

"Zilth and I found that the PaDD containing the schematics for the TR-116s as well as the information on the 'widowmaker' contagion is still on the PaDD, but the bad news is that it was most certainly copied. Someone had been in here and downloaded the files, transferred them over to another device" Reza reported.

She swore under her breath. “If someone has the data then it doesn’t matter what we find here... this isn’t a tourist hotspot though. How many people could have accessed this? Is there any indication of when it was copied? We could pull security logs - narrow down our suspects?”

"We can be 70% confident whoever copied the files did so in the past six months," replied Reza. "Whoever did it tried to cover their tracks, but they did not account for Zilth's Borg touch."

"So we know who did it?" Mac asked.

"Well, we can pull the logs of who checked in and cut it down to the past six months and work from there. I imagine this place doesn't get too many people, but it still gets some."

"Good work," Alex commended them. "Unless anyone has anything else I need to know, I'll go ask our shadow for the logs. We can analyse the info on the way back to the ship. This place is way too creepy."

"This place needs a Ferengi desperately," replied Reza. "I never thought I'd say those words." It was true though. Ferengi were very meticulous about order and inventory.


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