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Who you are...

Posted on Tuesday, 29 December 2020 - 7:29pm by Petty Officer 1st Class Siana Ilian
Edited on on Sunday, 16 May 2021 - 8:18am

Mission: Operation: Ouroboros
Location: Medical Facility, Jupiter Station
Timeline: 2393

"State your name."

The cold, clinical voice seemed to echo around the room as the robed figure stood in silence. Awaiting a response without even a hint of emotion. For just an instant, the image seemed to flicker before stabilising, a stark reminder that the Guardian was many many light years away. After a morning of being bombarded by tests to examine the physical and mental health of both host and symbiote, the question was unexpected.

"Siana. Siana Ilian."

A brief nod, an entry made in a tablet the Guardian carried. "I require you to name all of the previous hosts. In the correct order. Not," at this there was a vague hint of a smile, "as Ilian often does, by preference."

Siana felt the urge to laugh, for Ilian found that quite unfair. "If you insist... First there was Sorjen, followed by Aamil, Erise, Jayandre, Ehjun, Jerelle, Isran, Aryn, Ellun and finally there was Varod."

"Not Erise and then Aamil?"

Siana frowned, hesitating for a moment. Had she confused them...? "No, Aamil and then Erise."

"Very well," the Guardian nodded briskly, making a note. "While it has not been a smooth process, undoubtedly in part due to Ilian's influence, it appears the joining has been successful. Nevertheless, care and caution are advised. Varod's illness and sudden death impacted upon Ilian's health and the recovery is slower than anticipated. But your host is young, healthy. We are recommending a return to Trill for a complete examination and evaluation but I know Ilian will ignore any such advice and I will therefore keep in contact with you and your physicians aboard the Standing Bear."

Siana paused for a moment, "so... that's it?"

"You will require approval from your ship's medical staff to return to duty, and I recommend a phased return at that point, but yes, from the test results I have analysed, I see no reason not to allow you to continue with your work aboard the ship if that remains your wish."

Siana smiled, "oh, it is."

"In that case, I am sure the crew will benefit greatly from the ten lifetimes of experience and knowledge you now carry with you," the Guardian commented, "though do ensure you stay away from alcohol. Ilian has a very low tolerance and at his age should know better."

At that Siana stuck out her tongue and touched a control to end the transmission.

Get medical to sign her back on to active duty. That couldn't be hard. As long as she avoided that darn hologram...


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