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When Raith woke up...

Posted on Thursday, 7 January 2021 - 5:47pm by Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Lieutenant Raith Kolani

Mission: Operation: Ouroboros
Location: Sickbay, USS Standing Bear
Timeline: 2393


Raith looked up once more, through what seemed and felt like bleary eyes, wondering how much longer he would endure what now felt like an eternal dream-filled sleep. He had been like this for many days, in fact, longer it felt like and wondered when it would end.

He could tell that the outside world was still there and that he was pretty certain he wasn't dead as he felt an internal heartbeat continue to work away. Every now and then, in fact, what seemed like an almost regular occurrence, he was sure he felt the presence of T'Lanna nearby as well...and he knew that he missed her.

But try as he might, Raith hadn't figured out yet why he wasn't awake and was sure that his ordeal must have taken more out of him that he thought, with his body needing to recover. But what he knew was, he wanted to wake up, now more than ever.

What he couldn't answer was why he needed to wake up now, of all times.

Returning from seeing her son, T’Lanna stopped by to see Raith. At first, she didn’t sense his change of consciousness, her mind on her son. “Hello Imzadi” She gently took his hand. “I wish you were here with me Raith. So much has happened and now my son has been born early ...” she paused. “I need you Raith! Please wake up!!” She lay her head on his bed a few tears rolling down her cheeks.

Raith felt a presence once again near to him, except this time he could feel a much stronger connection to him and for a moment wondered if it was T'Lanna. Then he felt what seemed like a jolt or shock of electricity to him.

His hand...he could feel his hand...and someone was holding it...

Raith fought for all his worth to try and open his eyes, being rewarded with what seemed like a blinding light suddenly. In the instant that he felt the pain of the sudden light he saw, Raith reacted to it first by squeezing the hand that was in contact with his before going to release a gasp after wards as he opened his eyes briefly for a second time.

"T'Lanna? is that you?" he called out.

T’Lanna’s eyes widened as she felt Raith’s grip and heard his voice. “Raith! Yes! Yes, it’s me!!” She raised her hand to his cheek gently touching his face. “Computer .. lower light level 50%” She waited for the lights to dim. “It’s okay, you can try opening your eyes again.”

Raith tried to smile as he heard her voice, the voice he had missed for so long whilst he had been this way. Upon hearing her speak again, Rath slowly opened his eyes and saw that the light was a little dimmer than it was before. It didn't seem to hurt his eyes so much to have them open again and after he blinked a few times to get his focus, Raith saw T'Lanna before him.

Looking into Raith’s eyes T’Lanna smiled. “Hey, welcome back!”

"Hey, I'm sorry I've been away so long," he said slowly as he felt the muscles in his jaw ache a little for the first time, it had obviously been a while since he had talked to anyone.

"" he asked slowly and then smiled as he heard the dryness in his voice.

“I ...” She winced slightly as she moved to sit more comfortably in her wheelchair. “I’m recovering. I had a C-section 24 hours ago to deliver my son. Long story but rest assured you haven’t been asleep for months.”

"What? well, that's good to know that you're doing ok..." Raith said before his thoughts caught up with him. "So how long have I been out? its seemed like forever since I was awake."

“The aliens that kidnapped our crew, experimented on us.” T’Lanna paused for a moment. “The result for me was an increase in my gestation period, I went from four to seven months. Then I went into labour and here I am!” She held onto Raith's hand. “How are you feeling?”

"Wait, you've had the baby? is he ok? are you ok?" he wondered, before pausing for a moment and taking a deep breath. "I'm feeling ok... I think it's going to take me a little while but I feel like I should be up and around soon...besides, I have a child to take care of.

“You need to rest, get your strength back first” T’Lanna smiled as she ran her fingers through Raith’s hair. “As for me, I’m ... better now you’re awake!” She smiled warmly. “Just sore from my operation that’s all. Once you’re up and about I’ll take you to see Jayce, or I can have him brought here.”

Raith smiled when he felt T'Lanna run her hand through his hair, happy to feel some sort of touch again from her and also glad that she was beside him as well. "Once I'm up to it, I'd love to see him," he said. "It will be good to see him. It sounds like we've all been through a lot of late, I never expected this."

As he spoke, Raith squeezed her hand gently. Looking up at her, he smiled. "I love you T'Lanna, I don't know what I'd do without you...and now without Jayce."

T’Lanna smiled the biggest smile yet. “I love you too! I can’t see my life without you in it Raith.” She leant forward and gently kissed him before sitting back again. “I should really let you rest but I don’t want to leave you!”

Raith smiled as she kissed him and he could already tell that she felt happier that he was awake and it was clear how much she had missed him. "Hey, I'm not going anywhere, at least not until they clear me for duty or at least allow me home to get some rest before I get back on duty," he explained. "Right now, I'm happy to take it easy, you also need to rest and take it easy too."

T’Lanna nodded. “That’s true, do you mind if I stay for a little while? I’ve missed you so much!”

Raith took a firm grip of her hand as he agreed with the idea of T’Lanna staying with him for a while. He felt happier that she was nearby to him and that he also felt safe with her by his side. Despite not being long awake, Raith also was taking his time to slowly adjust to his surroundings as he got used to haveing his eyes open.

"I will say one thing, despite being out for as long as I have, I still feel incredibly tired, is that weird or just part of the process?" he asked.

“I think it’s normal given what you’ve been through” T’Lanna smiled warmly. “You need to rest just like me. Close your eyes.” She gently ran her fingers across his forehead. “Sleep Imzadi, I won’t leave until you’re asleep and I’ve spoken to the medical staff.”

Raith gave her hand one more tight grip and let slip a small grin as he laid back his head on the pillow. He'd missed hearing T'Lanna call him that and it gave him a sense of peace and love all at the same time. Within moments, Raith had fallen asleep, this time into a proper natural sleep and not the coma he had endured.



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