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He may kill you

Posted on Sunday, 10 January 2021 - 4:16pm by Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt

Mission: Operation: Ouroboros
Location: Italy, Earth
Timeline: 2393

Adrianna was still in Italy. In fact, she had found a safe spot, hidden in a cliff, watching her family. The Italian had felt a remorseful close of chapter, but she just wanted to hear a voice from her new life. "Baciami to Kingsley."

There was a brief pause and an almost audible sigh of relief when the response came through. “Kingsley here, are you alright?” the science officer queries as she set down the dermal regenerator and peered at her reflection in the mirror. Good as new. Yet the call made her vividly remember how angry her husband had been and it had been clear - for no good reason - that their XO considered Adrianna responsible for the multitude of bumps and bruises she acquired in Rome. “I was just about to come and see you but the computer said you were off the ship?”

"I'm fine," Adrianna smiled a little, "have you recovered? No amputations or death?" Adrianna knew Alex was fine, but she needed the distraction of her new home. This one was but a memory now.

“A few bumps and bruises but uniforms hide a multitude of sins and what they don’t hide, a dermal regenerator does,” Alex grinned. “And the alive part is thanks to you. I should warn you though... Soral saw me in the shower and he... well overreacted as usual the overprotect idiot. I persuaded him to stay home last night so hopefully he had calmed down but just in case, I wanted to warn you. Where are you anyway?”

"I'll ensure my phaser is only set to stun, just in case," Adrianna teased, "I'm in Italy, actually. Solo mission. Solo mainly to prevent husbands and general next of kin from retaliating." She sighed a little, her honesty showing a little pain.

Alex paused, "if you need company, you just have to say the word." She doubted the woman would, given she had chosen to go alone in the first place but she felt it important to put the offer out there, regardless.

Adrianna smiled and left the call silent a moment. "Thank you, but let's not have Soral have more than one reason to kill me, hm?"

"Quite, there is only so much distraction one person can do," Alex grinned. "The offer is there regardless. Leave Soral to me. Seriously though, are you alright?"

Adrianna nodded, not that Alex could see, "you know what? After today, I think I'm going to be permanently alright. I'll be on my way shortly. We have an active Baciami contact now, and an interesting tidbit."

“It’s cruel to tease a scientists curiosity like that,” Alex teased, “but as long as you are okay.”

Adrianna chuckled," that's a secure line only conversation or a face to face." Adrianna chuckled," grappa when I'm back?"

“Only if we have Dr Rose on speed dial,” Alex grinned.

Adrianna chuckled, "well, of course! I'll see you soon. I'm just heading back to base now."

“Safe journey,” Alex said as the comm link ended, not entirely sure she’d survive another encounter with grappa so soon. Only one way to find out...



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