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Not What It Looks Like

Posted on Sunday, 2 May 2021 - 7:38am by Commander Soral & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Operation: Peace or P'Jem
Location: USS Standing Bear | Observation Lounge
Timeline: 2394


Eyelaya held onto Soral as she cried. She couldn't think of anyone else to confide in.

Soral sighed. "Alright. Come on Chief. It will be alright." He knew not what to do so he tried to provide the best comfort that he could. He hugged her back patting her pack. "It will all work out."

“Soral we need to -“ breaking off in mid sentence as she entered the room, Lieutenant Kingsley stopped in her tracks as she took in the scene which welcomed her. “Soral?” She said his name as a question which had an undercurrent to it. A tone which practically screamed ‘what the hell?!’.

He looked up. Before he could say something Eyelaya pipped in. "I'm sorry I'm ...pregnant."

"Not mine!" Soral stepped back his face erupting green.

She stared at him for a long moment, frowning. That he reacted in such a way made her more concerned than suspicious but it sure as hell stung. Did he think she would assume he was? That he would betray her that way. “Congratulations, Chief. My apologies for interrupting. Soral and I can speak later.”

With that she turned to leave.

Eyelaya burst into fresh tears. "Chief....hold that thought." He hurried after Alex. "Alexandra!"

“Yes?” Alex said with a weary sigh as she turned to face him.

"Alexandra...I...she is upset she just...hugged me. I am sorry you must know that I would never do anything to hurt you."

She stared at him a long moment. “You think I am jealous?” She asked incredulously. “You think I am that insecure? Honestly, Soral! Never mind the fact you physically couldn’t be the father, I know you wouldn’t. And - unlike T’Paris - I highly doubt the Chief would betray someone like that either. Have at least a little faith.”

"I … It is not a statement on you Alexandra. I am jealous. When you hugged Ensign Peters on his birthday I had the urge to vent him out of the airlock," He admitted. "Why do you think we was transferred for a week to waste duty."

“Soral!” she admonished him. “And it is hardly relevant. This is you doubting me!”

"I do not doubt you but myself. I know that you deserve better then I and I worry that one day you will see this and I will be alone."

“Don’t be ridiculous!” She snapped. “When have I ever said you are not good enough? Given you a reason to doubt us? What am I doing wrong?!” She fell silent at approaching footsteps, standing to the side as an engineering tech hurried by making it obvious he had head, but wanting to very much be invisible. “Never mind. I came by to check on you but I need to get back. You should check on the Chief, she seemed upset.”

He touched her hand. "Alexandra. You have not given me reason to doubt us. My doubt is my own. In my past everyone I cared about has left me and I fear the same will happen here. I fear the problem is with me."

“You wouldn’t doubt me, us, if the bond was there, would you?” She challenged. “You would know what I felt. And you’d know how hurtful it is that you believe I could think you capable of breaking out vows. Even when T’Paris was at her worst, I never doubted you.”

He rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Alexandra I never wish to hurt you." Suddenly he felt a little hurt. Yeah she trusted him but... He shook his head. "Never mind." He couldn't handle these discussions now, not that he could handle the mess that was Eyelaya either but he was XO and he needed to talk her down.

Her eyes narrowed, her natural stubborn streak and flare of temper fighting to come through. “Alright... dinners at seven,” she told him as she turned away, “I might be late, so don’t wait for me. I have a call with my old professor at Cambridge to maybe start some new research when my lab is fixed.”

He gave a nod and headed back.

Inside the room Eyelaya looked up. “I’m sorry Commander I….”

He waved his hand. “Do not concern yourself. It is fine.” He helped her sit down. “You must tell Grol.” He said walking to the replicator. “Drink?”

She gave a nod. “Water is fine.” Eyelaya sighed. I suppose that I do have to tell him.”

Soral brough a couple of waters and sat across from her. “It is his right to know. I will be there if you wish.”

Eyelaya pause the glass half way to her lip. “That would scare him.”

Soral sat back. “There is also another aspect you both must consider.”

She looked up at him. “What’s that?”

“This is not a family ship. I will be sending N’vek away as well you will need to transfer if you do not have someone to care for the child.”

Eyelaya looked at him and then burst into tears again.

Soral suddenly got a headache. This was going to be a longer conversation then he thought.



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