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Good old fashioned doctoring

Posted on Wednesday, 5 May 2021 - 12:48pm by Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD & Lieutenant JG Jarin Alexander MD

Mission: Operation: Neu Reich
Timeline: BACKLOG

Making it back to sickbay when the ship had only life support was tedious. For once Ryan was happy for the smaller ship size. Making the trek in an Intrepid Class would have really been a pain. When Ryan reentered sickbay he head straight for Doctor Alexander.

"Anything critical Jarin?" Ryan asked, checking on first things first before giving his fellow doctor the news.

"Nothing off the top of my head" Jarin reported back.

"Good." Ryan let out a small sigh. "We are being sent to assist the medical ships. We'll have to leave Emerick in charge here, and pack light."

"A medkit and a few other supplies" Jarin smiled, he knew it would be one of those situation where you wished you had a full sickbay.

"I'm investing in an old fashioned kettle after this." Ryan was double checking his own medical kit.

"Why's that?" Jarin asked with a very curious tone.

"Because without the replicator there is no tea or coffee. A man has needs." Ryan teased.

Jarin giggled "indeed doctor" he was a fan of tea and coffee himself.

"Well. I guess we should get going." Ryan double checked his pack, then glanced at Jarin to make sure the other doctor was ready.

"I agree" Jarin gave a nod "sounds like we have our work cut out for us sir."

"Indeed. and hopefully we have a repaired ship to return to." Ryan patted the bulkhead beside the doors on the way out."


Once they were settled in the shuttle Ryan turned to Jarin. "So it's been awhile now, are you fully settled in?"

"Aye, ready to go sir" the less experienced medical officer smiled at his department head and checked his console.

"I meant on the standing bear." Ryan chuckled softly. But he nodded to their shuttle pilot that they were ready.

"Oh yes sir" Jarin chuckled slightly.

"Glad to hear it. Hopefully Emerick leaves sickbay in a usable state for our return."


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