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Eyelaya Lost

Posted on Sunday, 2 May 2021 - 12:57pm by Commander Soral & Captain Barret Stillwater

Mission: Operation: Peace or P'Jem
Location: USS Standing Bear | Various
Timeline: 2394


Soral sat on the bridge looking over at his control panel. "Sir. Engineering report. with the help of Mr. Kolani and Harley Chief Eyelaya reports we have shields."

Captain Barret Stillwater was pleased to hear the engineering report. That there were shields functioning was a slight albeit well-desired relief of stress, being a vulnerable target for anyone's gain did not sit well with the man. "Excellent, Soral," Barret replied. "That will definitely help boost morale a bit knowing we can at least take a few hits without being completely destroyed, nor is anyone simply going to beam aboard our starship."

"They are about to try and test communications. The Chief says she can bi-pass the damage and create a link to secondary coms. She warns of a rumble."

Stillwater nodded. "I am sure the Commodore and all of the admiralty, in general, would be happy to have the ability to communicate with us again, but personally, I would be happy if we simply got ship wide comms back up and working. This whole sending Grol around to gather reports and deliver reports is a bit ridiculous."

Soral's lip twitched. "I consider it a well-balanced exercise routine."

The Captain smiled. "Maybe I should start running around with a PaDD and delivering reports. The Commodore has me doing enough paperwork, I may as well get the exercise out of it."

"Indeed." He looked around the bridge. "Communications ready and monitor. We are about to commence communication reestablishment." Soral turned to Stillwater. "Engineering reporting ready, Sir."

Captain Stillwater stood near his seat on the Bridge. "Thank you, Number one," replied Captain Barret Stillwater as he looked at his First Officer.

"Engineering, you are clear to begin."

There was a light rumble and then someone from the cons section called out. "I have communications intra-ship and outside!"

"Nicely done," replied Stillwater. "Keep up the good work," he added.

There was another rumble and then the ship shook wildly almost launching everyone out of their chairs.

Captain Stillwater braced himself against his chair and grabbed the arm rest. "What the hell was that?"

Soral righted himself and looked at his console. "Investigating."

Communications called out. "Sirs, we have intra ship still but not outside the ship."

Captain Stillwater muttered something under his breath before responding. He looked at Soral. "I am looking forward to getting tractored back to Star base 21 and having a full engineering and operations staff go through and look at this starship piece by piece," he said shaking his head. "The Andorians did a hell of a number on us, Commander. Their extent of damage we suffered while you were captive, I'm surprised she's been able to get the ship's comms back up."

Soral gave a nod. "As am I. Injury reports coming in. So far minor bumps bruises. Heavy damage in J tube 5 where the coms relay is...Two broken arms in fatality."

Stillwater did not want to hear fatality. It was a word that caused him to look sharply at Soral. "The majority of our medical personal are still on P'Jem. We haven't had enough power to keep the holo emitters active across the ship, the EMH is currently limited to Sickbay and only activated as needed." The Captain did not like the situation they were in. "Who's the fatality?"

Soral looked up at Grol. "Grol I need you to go to sickbay and ensure the EMH is activated."

Grol paused but nodded. "Yes sir."

Soral watched him leave before he turned to Stillwater. "Chief Eyelaya."

"Damn it, Chief!" Stillwater shouted. He knew Eyelaya fairly well, her taking over Engineering for the time being after the starship's revolving door of Chief Engineers had made her an everyday face. He had read all the incident reports with her and noted the 'encounters' noted between her and Commander Soral, and Barret had spoken to her not too long ago. She was an annoyance, to say the least, but a welcomed one.

He looked at Soral. "Are you certain?" Stillwater said as he started to step away from his chair. She had to have done something risky, something stupidly foolish. thought Stillwater. It was just in her nature to do just that, anything to get the systems repaired or make improvements.

"She's still breathing technically but …" He looked at Stillwater. "We should head down there."

Captain Stillwater had a long service record prior to his being dragged back into service, ripped away from his and Talarn's home on Praire. He had lost people under his command before, several. He, however, had always kept a wall up, a barrier of professionalism, and kept his crews at a distance. The Standing Bear was different. Perhaps because Barret was different now, or simply that aboard a Merian class starship, you rubbed elbows with all souls aboard. Nevertheless, he was still Captain and set in his ways in some cases.

"Commander," he said looking at his First Officer. "I cannot. I can't be down there to watch her die. I prefer to remember those serving under me, full of life, and remember them as they were then. To see her last breaths would tarnish that. I do not want to be reminded of the loss of life, but the life lived and service served. Go. Go down there, Commander." Stillwater looked at Soral. "You knew her better. You served with her longer."

He gave a nod. "Yes sir." He stood hurrying to the turbo lift.

Stillwater took a deep breath. This time is different he thought to himself.

Main Engineering

Soral made record time and when he hit the deck he began running. As he slid to ground by Eyelaya he gently lifted her. It was obvious that the wound was fatal and he was glad that the captain was no there. He knew that it would weigh heavy on the man.

Eyelaya looked up. She smiled, “Ship? How’s Bella?”

He gave a nod taking a moment to compose himself. “Power is back to full, no Warp engines of course, inter ship coms is up but we can’t call outside the ship.”

She nodded. “Resetting…will take an hour and they will return. Bypass was successful.”

“You did great chief.”

“Didn’t tell Grol….baby.” It was obvious that words were becoming difficult.

“Do you wish me to?”

She gave a nod. She looked at him. “Don…don’t be sad.”

Soral blinked back something surprisingly like tears. He felt a lump in his throat that he could not get past.

She motioned and he leaned down. It took a while and the whispered words grew fainter and fainter until he felt her body sag.

Soral lifted his head. He gently closed her eyes and then looked up at the crowd. “Get her body to sickbay. Gently”

As his orders were carried out Soral stood. He tapped his com badge. “Soral to Captain Stillwater.”

"Go ahead," Stillwater replied. His tone masking the whirlwind of emotions underneath. It was the Captain's voice.

“The Chief said that the coms will re-initialize in an hour it needs to re-set. I will stay down here to monitor this as I have some engineering knowledge, with your permission.”

"The Chief, Soral?"

“The Chief is dead sir.”

There was silence for a moment too long. "Understood. Inform the EMH if he's not already activated, have her remains brought to Sickbay."



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