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Look at all those teeth...

Posted on Saturday, 25 April 2020 - 12:40pm by Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD

Mission: Operation: Overdrive
Location: Personal Quarters

Returning from the gym, feeling decidedly more settled after her workout, first order of business was definitely a shower. Stowing away her kit bag and gathering what she needed, the next half an hour was spent peacefully and was entirely uneventful. At least until she accidentally opened the wrong door of the wardrobe and let out a startled yelp when - rather than her clothes - all she saw was a blur of green and a flash of sharp teeth as something surprisingly heavy fell on top of her.

Heart racing she pushed the mass away and, now that it lay a few feet from her, she realised it was a gigantic toy. An alligator - or maybe crocodile- she always confused those two. Either way, those sharp teeth were just little strips of fabric. Entirely harmless.

“Where did you come from?” She questioned, adjusting her towel to preserve her modesty as she stood, wincing when she realised her ankle had twisted a little as she fell. Perfect.

Cautiously she got changed into simple leggings and T-shirt, braiding her hair as she sat at the side of her bed. It was a fairly pointless exercise since so many strands of her hair inevitably escaped. Satisfied it was as good as it was going to be she needed very little work to establish who had her quarters before her, sending a brief message to Lieutenant Rose to let him know he had left something behind.

Message sent she propped up said belonging against the wall and settled in do some reading when the door chime rang out. “Come in!” She called.

Ryan stepped in. It seemed he had barely left these quarters. But finally he was done playing pinball with his sleeping spot, and was settled back into his original quarters. "Lieutenant Kingsley?" Ryan asked, not immediately seeing anybody.

“Coming,” she called out as she emerged from her bedroom, walking a little gingerly. “Lieutenant Rose?” She asked hopefully.

"Yes. Ryan is fine though..."

“Brilliant,” she grinned, “two seconds...”

Without another word she disappeared again, retuning this time with his alligator. “Sorry I never noticed him earlier. I don’t have many things so i hadn’t even looked in there and well, yeah, here you go.”

"Ohmygod, that's where he went. I should have thought of that. Thank you!." Ryan took the alligator. "Now sit down, let me see that ankle. What did you do?"

“Your alligator wanted to say hi,” she grinned as she sat. “He’s very friendly! It’s not so bad, I was just going to ice it and rest it.”

"Oh shoot. I'm sorry." Ryan put the alligator on the ground and grabbed his tricorder. She was indeed correct. The ankle injury was minor. "Let me just reduce the inflamation, then if you just stay off it for a bit, you'll be fine." Ryan headed towards her replicator for a gel ice pack. Nothing wrong with the old fashioned way, it encouraged staying off the ankle, so added bonus. "So other than being assaulted by large stuffed animals, how have you been settling in?" Ryan placed the cold pack on her ankle as he asked.

“Just fine,” she replied, jumping a little at the sudden coldness against her skin. “Lots of reports to keep me busy. But everyone has been nice and the gym is pretty good.”

"Sorry." Ryan said softly as she startled from the cold. "Yes, there always seems to be plenty of reports, the downside to being a department head that they never tell you about." He joked. "The gym is pretty good, especially if you catch it off peek times." Ryan finished his work on her ankle. "You'll keep the leg." He teased. He may have gone overboard with wrapping the cold pack to her ankle, but it would stay put. "Ok, keep that on for twenty minutes and stay off the ankle for a bit."

“Thanks,” Alex smiled. “I’m a pro at this, don’t worry. A hazard of running and kickboxing means lots of bumps, bruises and twisted ankles. First time it’s been from an alligator attack though!”

Ryan chuckled. "He does that." He reached over and patted the stuffed animal. "Ok, thanks again for returning him. I'm sorry he fell on you. Hopefully I didn't leave anything else in your quarters."

“Me too!” Alex grinned. “Thanks for the ice pack. Guess it’s a good excuse to watch a really bad movie. Try to keep your alligator out of trouble Doc.”

"Sounds like an excellent plan, and I'll do my best but he's pretty high maintenance." Ryan joked, as he picked up the alligator. "Have a good evening."


Dr Ryan Rose

Lt. Alex Kingsley
Chief Science Officer


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