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Phaser Range

Posted on Saturday, 15 May 2021 - 11:02am by Lieutenant Haru Hernandez & Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie & Lieutenant Scarlet Rogers

Mission: Operation: Neu Reich
Location: USS Standing Bear | Holodeck
Timeline: 2394 MD 09 - Just after work


Mac and Haru sat in the holodeck waiting for the next appointment. Haru manned the desk, on the account of his hover chair, and Mac sat in one of the chairs across the desk. "That is almost everyone. Sety will need to come back in she's really bad."

Haru chuckled. "Yeah but she's a yeoman of sorts. Give her a break. I'll make sure I book her in for a few more rounds and I hear that the boss is working with her."

Mac raised an eyebrow surprised that the Cardassian had offered. "I see." He sighed, "So who's next?"

"Scarlet...Rogers I think."

"Great, last one for the evening?"


Scarlet had been forced to rearrange to the evening because of a meeting with the ethics board. She stepped into the holodeck and apologised in a timid voice, "sorry I'm late, my meeting ran over."

"No problem," Haru smiled. "Come on in and have a seat." Haru said as he pulled up her tactical tests pre boarding.

Scarlet did as told with a slight blush, embarrassed about being a mere two minutes late. "Thank you," she offered a small smile.

"So tell me about your experience," Mac asked.

"I passed the training at the academy and have not been retested or picked up a phaser since," she replied honestly, "there was no need in my line of work. Plus, I was always on Earth in a lab or in a hospital, so definitely no need."

"Well this ship has seen its share of battles," Mac said. "You'll need to be proficient in the use of a phaser." He motioned. "Okay stand up and let's do a simple test."

Scarlet sighed, "the safeties are on, right?"

Mac chuckled. "That good huh? Yes they are on." He handed her a phaser. "We'll go to level one where you just fire at the dots that appear. We'll start it really slow."

Scarlet smiled, appreciating the enthusiasm but also appreciating not being made fun of. To be fair, level one wasn't too bad. It was slow enough for her to hit all targets, albeit not in the centre. "Is that it? Do I pass?"

"That's the basic but we'd like everyone at least at level three. Wanna try level two?" Haru asked.

"May we skip to level three so that I can put the phaser down?" Scarlet asked, "I'm not much of a fighter. Prefer to solve problems with a cup of tea or leave it to the experts." She gestured to Mac.

"But you need to know how to defend yourself." He paused. "Haru why don't you tell her the story of the 'unseating' so she can see that even tactical officers have issues." Mac was smiling but Haru sighed.

" really love that embarrassing story."

"Absolutely." He winked at Scarlet.

Scarlet blushed then protested though without much confidence in wanting to protest, regardless of how she felt, "I know how to defend myself. I keep fit and active. I can shoot a phaser. Just not a fan of doing it. I'm just an all-round nervous person. I'm not the best at this-- one of the many reasons why I've not been stationed on a ship before." She shrugged a little, now blushing even more. Oh gawd, had she overstepped?

"Well the key is to get you comfortable with one. You need to defend yourself but you may also be called to defend this crew."

Scarlet sighed internally. Was she actually ready for a PhD that forced her to be on a ship? She knew she'd have to up her basic skills but it was slowly dawning on her that it was also for a reason - - these ships often went into battle and there would be a chance that she'd need to be a bit more proactive in defence. The ship had already taken substantial damage from whatever happened last time, so heaven forbid what she'd walk into. "Ok," she nodded, somewhat defeated, "I'll do level three and promise to be back for more training until you feel I at least look like I'm confident."

"Let's see how you are on level two first."

Mac set up the level. "Now they will move faster don't worry about the center just worry about hitting the targets."

Scarlet just about managed but it was clear she wasn't a fan, flinching at every trigger pull. The woman was definitely more a lover than a fighter. She lowered the phaser and asked, "even doctors have to do this?"

"Doctors, nurses, pretty much everyone." He sighed. "Okay level two wasn't so bad. But I would like you to join the class."

Scarlet nodded, accepting the request, "that's fine. Thank you for seeing me, though."

"You're welcome." Mac said. "And don't worry. It gets easier."

Scarlet chuckled, "I'm sure it does for most. At least you can guarantee I won't give up, regardless of whether or not I improve." She shrugged and handed the phaser back, "it was nice meeting you both."

"Nice meeting you too," Haru said. "And welcome aboard again."

Scarlet smiled and offered a timid wave as she made her way out. She needed to see Ryan. Perhaps he could offer advice on phasers. She really didn't want to ever have to use one and she was convinced that he wouldn't either as a doctor... Surely...

Haru and Mac watched her go and smiled. Haru looked up relieved. “Thank goodness I didn’t have to tell her the story of when I lit the instructors pants on fire with a phaser by accident.”

Mac looked at Haru and laughed. “I love that story.”

Haru blushed, “You would.”

Mac walked over and sat down by Haru. “Haru we have some talking to do tonight.”

“That sounds ominous.”

“It’s not…it’s just we don’t talk anymore. It’s time we started.”

Haru gave a nod. “Let’s clean up here and head home then.”



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