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The Next Steps

Posted on Saturday, 29 May 2021 - 6:08pm by Lieutenant Haru Hernandez

Mission: Operation: Neu Reich
Location: USS Standing Bear | Sickbay
Timeline: 2394 MD 15


Haru wheeled his chair into sickbay. It was check up time. He was seeing Doctor Alexander this time so he'd have to bring him up to speed on everything. He was glad that Doctor Rose was taking a day off, he worked hard and Haru was anxious to get a medical perspective on things. He was, as always, nervous about anything medical but he was dying to know.

Jarin came from one of the rooms off of main sickbay and gave a smile to greet Haru "Hello Lieutenant how are you?"

Haru smiled a little, it seemed strained but more of a worried strained. "I think I'm alright...I could use your help though."

"OH?" Jarin asked, his curiosity wanting to know what he was needed for.

"I'm not sure if you've had a look at my file. But I can summarize it for you."

"That would be most helpful" the doctor smiled and he moved to a console near a bio bed to pull up a medical record.

"Well the gist of it is, I was on duty and we were in a mining accident on my previous ship. I was hit over the head and when I woke up I couldn't speak, I couldn't move...they said swelling and some damage. Short of it is, I regained speech and not legs." He gestured to his legs in the chair.

"Then there was that incident with Lieutenant Vali and...well since then I started feeling sensations in both legs and there are times I can move them slowly. Usually after the pain. Now...the soreness is constant but the movement not so much."

Jarin gave a curious look "There was nothing more they could do for you?" he asked wondering if there wasn't more that could be done for the Lieutenant.

"No, they said that it would take time but it has been a confusing and difficult road," he admitted.

Jarin listened to Haru and reviewed the notes in the medical records. "I'd like to start you out on some physical therapy" Doctor Alexander turned to make eye contact with the Lieutenant. "I think that's a god place to start while I dig deeper into your medical logs" he paused glancing over at the console and then back to Haru. "If you are okay with that sir?" Jarin quickly remembered that Haru was a superior officer.

Haru waived a hand. "Never stood on rank." He smiled. "Sure. I think that this momentum I got back after …. Vali's mind thing needs to be nurtured. Let's do physical therapy. How many times a week? Also will there be things I can do at home?"

The rest of the appointment went smoothly. Now that he had something official to focus on Haru was able to feel more hope then he had in a long while. The doctor gave him some exercises he could do at home, light of course and the two looked at the schedule for work and hammered out a physio schedule.

By the time Haru left the doctor’s office he felt stronger in a sense. There was a plan in place. He was feeling his legs more and more and with T’Lanna’s help, or rather because of her outburst, he was maybe getting a second chance.

This ship had become a home for him, a family and it seemed that no matter how hard he tried to hide, to move away from them, they always managed to pull him back in and there was not one person who would let him feel sorry for himself.

He would be alright and for the first time in a very long time he felt like he would be alright. Haru made it home after his appointment and decided to do something he hadn’t done in a while. Since he had the rest of the day off he would head to the holodeck and he would visit a program that he’d had specially made for when he’d felt lost and he needed hope; today though, he was going because he had an overwhelming sense of gratitude that he had to express.

Smiling he got the program and headed to engineering first. It would need to be laded and he still hadn’t fully met the new engineer. Oh he’d heard stories of the famous Hayashi from Mac and Soral but he had yet to meet him. This program needing to be added to the memory banks was the perfect opportunity for that.

“Today is a good day,” he said to himself and it was. After a lot of bad days it was so important to have this good day. He couldn’t hid the smile that was on his face. Perhaps after he’d study the ship’s gossip boards, it was time he made his presence noticed there too. He was going to like this ship, he already respected the captain beyond all things but he now knew that he had found a home.



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