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Wedding Aftermath

Posted on Saturday, 17 July 2021 - 2:43pm by Ensign Oriana Skye Sety & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt

Mission: Operation: Lazarus
Location: Baciami Office | USS Standing Bear
Timeline: 2394 MD 5


Oriana headed over to see Adrianna Baciami. There was some paperwork with respect to name change that had to be filled out and she wanted to ensure that the woman was happy with the event that Oriana wouldn't name. Although she hated weddings, they caused some emotional pain for her, she still wanted to make sure that the event went well as she'd put in a big effort with respect to it.

Adrianna was sat in her office. Her mind was trailing off from her work, focusing more on the experiences on Ekos haunting her. Seeing the familiar face at her open office door she quickly snapped out of the mental whirlwind and smiled, "sorry, hi. I was in my own world. You alright?"

"Indeed. I have some documents for you to review with respect to name changes on your record and updates to your status." She walked in and placed the PaDD on Adrianna's desk. "Also I wanted to make sure that you were pleased with the way the wedding worked out. I followed Eyelaya's directions in what she left the rest I had to figure out.

"I could have had a wedding in the room that recycles our output and I still would have been happy," Adrianna replied honestly, "that said, I think you did Eyelaya well, and more to the point it was an amazing day and I have you to thank for rounding off the preparations with very short notice. It didn't go unappreciated."

Adrianna smiled and then looked to the PaDD. She scrolled through it, skim reading but taking everything on board, "Don't think I've worked on board a ship that has two people with the same surname before. How does the comm system change? Or do I remain Baciami on it?"

"Goes by Rank and then you'd say first and Last. You can always add his name to yours. Plus he's a crewman and your a Petty Officer so the computer will figure it out."

Adrianna mused at the thought but shook her head, "I think it's time to lose the Baciami. Been stuck with it without association long enough. That said, calling contacts-- I'd still be a Baciami since that's where I know them from. Not that it matters to them." She paused and thought a moment, but her mind was set and so she added the thumb print and details she needed and handed the PaDD back over.

"Perfect. I'll make sure the change is done. Sometimes a new start is important." She too had tried to distance herself with her name change but for her it hadn't worked. She hoped that for this young woman it did.

Adrianna looked the woman over a moment, "your sounding positive and helpful but your eyes-- they aren't showing enthusiasm. Bad divorce?"

Oriana stayed quiet a moment. "No, no divorce. Bad family experience." She said. "I know what it's like to want to leave your old life behind and sever associations with those you once knew."

Adrianna nodded, "I put mine in prison and can't return home without someone wanting bloodshed. The associations I keep are for work only. Cutting ties isn't easy, and frankly, I'm glad I didn't sever ties to the extreme. It's nice to have a reminder of a life once lived. Helps you remember where you're going." Adrianna had found herself to be a bit more philosophical since returning. Whilst, yes, her temper and people skills had been going haywire, she had plenty of time whilst in solitary to contemplate all of her life so far and felt more at peace with who she actually was and had been.

"Yes well I tried to cut all ties unfortunately the past has a way of coming back, like a bad tooth ache."

"Always," Adrianna agreed, "it's how you deal with it that helps ensure it doesn't happen again, or at least if it does, it's on your terms or you're more prepared."

Oriana looked down at the PaDD in her hand. "Sometimes it's helpful but some people have a way of making you feel that even on your own terms things work out in their favour."

"Then you're not seeing it right," Adrianna offered, "I have time if you need to talk to someone who knows all about this stuff from first hand experience." Frankly, the company may be what Adrianna needed. She'd been trying the return to work, albeit on light duty, but the worst part was being in an office alone. She'd kept the door open to at least see beings, but it was hard.

Oriana looked like she had been about to say no. She'd talked to Hayashi about this but … "Perhaps." She shrugged. "I'm not good at making friends. I have to warn you about that."

Adrianna snorted, "we don't know each other well, but you'll quickly learn that I'm the same."

Oriana studied her and then gave a nod. "Alright then." She paused, "I also have no filter."

"Nor do I," Adrianna replied, "continue."

Oriana stayed standing one more moment and then she sat down. "It's complicated but can be explained simply. I left home when I was young, changed my name, found myself, my life, and now my family has found me."

"Simple enough," Adrianna replied, "now you don't want them creeping back in or now you want to see if anything has changed?"

"I want nothing to do with them. I have a life, one I've fought to build since I left home. I don't want to even know how their doing. That makes me a horrible person, doesn't it?"

"Not at all," Adrianna replied, "what's eating at you though?"

"My brother sent a note that my father is on a war path. They are still angry that I left."

"You are about to be on a ship where the maximum they can do is send message," Adrianna replied, "the decision you hold is whether or not to act upon it and equally whether or not to be bothered about the threat."

She shrugged. "My father is an Admiral. It's not that cotton dry."

"Ah," Adrianna clicked, "not as simple, but it's workable. It always is. Like it or not, you work together."

"I have no intention of working with him. I'd rather leave the fleet."

"Bit cowardly, don't you think?" Adrianna asked, sipping some coffee.

"Not in the least. I just want nothing to do with him or anyone from my past. Not cowardly, a choice." It rattled Oriana that this woman would use that word.

"Just seems a touch simple," Adrianna shrugged, she hadn't meant offence, only to play devil's advocate, "there's no reason you have to leave, but if you do, I hope you understand, and this word of warning is coming from personal experience-- there is no place you can go where someone cannot find you if they are seriously determined."

"Ohhhh I don't know. Cardassia seems nice."

Adrianna chuckled before offering, "my father used to drill into us that the beat hiding places were in plain view. 'Right under your nose'. He was right for the most part."

"In some cases." She sighed. "It will all work out I guess. I just have to think it through."

"Don't think about it too much," Adrianna nodded, "it messes with your mind."

"Yes, that has always been the case." She sighed. "I'm sure once I figure it all out it will be fine."

"My experience isn't your experience, but it holds some similarities," Adrianna commented, "if you need help, be it professional or about this, or both, let me know. I, at the very least, know how to run away."

She studied the woman and then gave a small tentative smile. "Thanks." She picked up the signed PaDD. "There is one final administrative issue."

Adrianna nodded, "Oh?"

"About your honeymoon. Have you made any final decisions as to a proper trip?"

Adrianna looked confused, "I guess my lack of presence went unnoticed. I've just got back from it."

She gave a nod. "Excellent. Thanks for your time." She gave a nod and walked out

Adrianna went from feeling confused to a little angry. Nonetheless, she watched the ensign leave and dropped a message to Leopold stating: apparently, we haven't been away for our honeymoon... Fancy another?"



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