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Shuttle Trip - Part II

Posted on Monday, 27 December 2021 - 12:11pm by Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie & Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura

Mission: Operation: Mirror of Madness
Location: Vulcan Space
Timeline: 2394


Just as they had thought the shuttle stood in the clearing. It had taken a good ten minutes of walking to reach it and Mac had to admit it was sleek. It was a shuttle like nothing they had seen. A quick tricorder can showed that the material was made of something that could not be penetrated by a mere tricorder.

It was something that caused both Mac and Hamura to pause but they had to know so onward they pressed. They rushed into the shuttle phasers up only to find it empty. A glance at the tricorder showed that it worked less inside then outside.

“What tech is this?”

Mac raised an eyebrow and grinned, “Coming from an Engineer.”

Hamura rolled their eyes. “You know what? Nobody asked for peanut gallery commentary.”

Mac chuckled but sobered quickly. “Let’s get this look around done so we can find Soral.”

Hamura gave a sharp nod. The search began and Mac kept seeing Hamura stop and close their eyes. “What’s wrong?”

Hamura looked around. “There is something about this place…I … I can’t place it but there is a familiarity to it.”

“As in you’ve been here?”

“No… the layout the positioning of things but I know I’ve never been here.”

Mac gave a nod. “Okay well keep your senses about you and when you put your finger on it let me know.”

Hamura gave a nod and went back to it. For his part Mac had to admit there was something vaguely familiar about the layout, at least now that it was pointed out to him.

He briefly wondered what it was and then went back to searching. The ship felt dark and cold, he had to shiver at the eeriness of it all. They were sensor blind so that meant that there could be someone behind any panel, not that they could see the seams. The ship was… spectacularly built.

“This is a custom ship,” Mac said more to himself then to Hamura but Hamura answered nonetheless.

“Yeah, it’s built to a specific design. No sensors inside or out for penetration but when I look at the controls it could break the shielding on the Bear. Powerful and hell I couldn’t have built it better myself.”

Mac watched a light turn on in Hamura’s eyes. “What?”

Before he could say something, he felt a sharp blow to his head and then darkness as his body hit the floor.

Hamura stared open mouthed at Mac’s unconscious body. Their eyes slowly rose up the leather clad feet up past the back long sleeved shirt to a pair of familiar eyes. Eyes that they knew well, ones they saw in the mirror on a daily basis. The only difference a scan on their cheek.

Hamura’s mouth opened and closed as they stared at their double.

Their mirror version smiled coldly. “Well, I’ll take my outfit over yours any day.”


“That’s right, I’m you.” They smiled. “Although I doubt I use the name Hamura as much as you. Call me Yashi.”

Hamura didn’t hesitate in pulling the phaser only to be met with a cold laugh from Yashi. “Go ahead, that won’t work in here. Dampeners. I was always quicker with a blade then that.” As if to score the point they pulled out a sickly-looking curved blade. Hamura recognized that too. It was a Vulcan ceremonial blade that was used in the old days, one that was gifted to them by Soral.

“My favorite and I’m guessing yours too.”

Frustrated beyond measure Hamura pressed the phaser button and then let out a frustrated sign as their mirror version laughed on.

“Had to check, I get it. I’m that way too.”

“What are you doing here?”

Yashi, as his double liked to be called smiled. “I’ve been set a task by Senpai.”

Hamura’s eyes narrowed.

“By now Senpai, well my Senpai has your Alexandra in his hold and has probably severed the bond with your Soral.”

Hamura gasped. “That will kill them both!”

“Oh no…he’s already formed a secondary bond with Alexandra so she’ll live. Your Soral…well that’s a different matter.”

Hamura’s hands balled into fists.

Yashi laughed. “Feeling helpless? I know, it bites, I hate that feeling too but it is what it is,” they said with a flair and a flip of their wrist. “Now while I would love to stay an examine this little paradox,” they said pointing between themselves and Hamura. “I have to go. I have a task to complete.

Hamura watched as Yashi lifted their hand towards a button and in an instant, from the dreams of a ship like this, one they’d designed in their mind over and over again they knew what was happening. Hamura leapt in the air just as the floor beneath them jolted an electrical shock that would have a fatal effect. Hamura leapt onto the chair that instinctively they knew would be immune.

Hamura heard a muttered curse and then looked up as Yashi hurried out of the shuttle.

Hamura cursed them and then saw the electrical pattern. They leapt again to a safe spot and then hurried to drag Mac out of the shuttle.

A few choice words were aimed at his friend about being a glutton and putting on weight and then they dropped Mac outside like a hot potato hurrying after Yashi. They had to get to Soral, they had to save him.

Mac groaned as light started to filter through the darkness. He rubbed the back of his head gingerly and then shifted his head. The blurry mess started to clear and then he was greeted by a form running away, after another form. He groaned again trying to get up only to fail and fall back down.

Mac tried to speak, tried to call out but nothing sounded and then, “Shit.” He took a few steading breaths and then started to push to his feet. He had to get to Vali and the nurse. Hamura Hayashi was above all a hot head and they’d run into the fray heart first. Damn it!

Mac managed to get his footing under him and swayed a little before hurrying in the direction that they’d come. He hoped to hell they wouldn’t be too late.

To be Continued…


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