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Panic Room

Posted on Sunday, 12 December 2021 - 9:39pm by Captain Pippa Whitley & Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura

Mission: Operation: Mirror of Madness
Location: Briefing Room | USS Standing Bear
Timeline: 2394


Hamura watched the group file out and then sat looking wearily at Pippa. The silence stretched. "Thank you," they said.

"You're welcome," replied Pippa though the Captain was not one for pussyfooting. "Let's avoid the eggshells, shall we? What is on your mind, Lieutenant?" The Captain was curious why they had requested the meeting.

"How much do you know about Vulcan Katra links?"

"That it does not necessarily need to be between lovers, unless Doctor Leonard McCoy and Ambassador Spock had something we did not know about, and admittedly, that's fascinating to think about," Pippa said with a chuckle. "But in all seriousness, I know it's like a soul sometimes it can be shared, factured,'s a lot to wrap a mind around."

"It is. But you are able to communicate...I didn't want to say anything but Soral... would want me to say something and it's his life so frankly....I'm not willing to risk it. Soral told me that the person that came back on the ship from the away mission we were on, the pirate ship, was not him."

"Alright," Pippa ricocheted. "I'll bite. I'll accept that, putting disbelief aside for a bit. The problem is it it was a changeling for sake of argument, a blood test should have showed that. If not a blood test, then a brain scan. Doctor Rose has assured me that he has found no abnormalities that explain Soral's change of behavior, and certainly no indication that an imposter was aboard. So, what do you think?"

Hamura looked exhausted and pale. "I … don't know. All he said was that we carried aboard his mirror image. Soral is on one of the decommissioned outposts and he's hurt. We...have to find him."

"Clever boy," Pippa said and mulled that wording over. "Mirror image, eh? Now, that may actually give us something to work with. At least something for me to look into."

Hamura gave a nod. "Yeah....that reminds me...I made a modification, I know I should have asked but better seek forgiveness then permission, right? It's something that if this ship were ever in danger...and Soral seemed to think it you could ensure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands."

"The hell did you do to my ship?" Pippa replied tounge-in-cheek. "You should run any changes by me going forward. Clear on that?" Pippa did, however, wish to know what the modifications were.

"Yes, sir. Well if someone tries to take the ship once I get your voice print all you have to say is no, no, not my ship and all commands are locked under your code and will transport you immediately out of the danger area to a space I converted from an Engineering closet into your private bat cave or sorts..."

"Oh for fucks safe," Pippa sighed. "You made me a panic room? I am flattered, really, but I am not one to be whisked away to safety and out of danger. I'll take my chances and die with the rest if you. Now, I do like the command lock out with ease, but you can merrily sod off if you think I'm going to cry 'no, no, not my ship' like some melodramatic actress."

Hamura laughed. "It's not a panic room it's a command center you can run the ship from there and transport the baddies right off into space."

"Hammy, hunny," Pippa fired back and shook their head. "You can wrap it up nice and posh, place it under a tree, but a panic room is a panic room, no matter what you want to call it." The Captain was not going to get into a semantics war. "I'd rather go into my quarters, take my mek'leth off the bulkhead and clear heads off shoulders in close quarters hand-to-hand, or as I like to call in my reports to Starfleet Command, 'aggressive negotiations.'"

Hamura laughed. "Okay we can scrap the panic room but we can do the voice print for lock out and you can pick the phrase...? Although dramatics can be fun." Hamura grinned.

"Alright," Pippa said. "Let's do this. You let me know when I'll give you my Danger Will Robinson command lock out phrase."

Hamura smiled. "How about just before I leave for the away mission?"

"I'd rather we do it now, if you don't mind? I would feel more at ease if we had that added protection heading to Vulcan without you. Not that I expect trouble from the Vulcans, but I wouldn't put anything past anyone under these troubling times."

"We can." Hamura cleared their throat. "Computer open Hamura file one."

=/\= File open, =/\= The feminine voice came through.

"Record Captain P. Whitley phrase for computer lock out and tag to Captain's heart rhythm as identifier."

=/\= Prepared for recording. Begin when ready.=/\=

Hamura gestured to Pippa to begin.

"Yeet you sodding bastards!" Pippa growled and then reclined in her seat.

Hamura bit their lip to keep from laughing out loud.

=/\= Command recorded =/\=

"Lock and file," Hamura said. "Well...I guess that's it....although two more things Captain."

"Go ahead," Pippa replied.

"One can we change the voice of the's a bit too sexy and I have a girlfriend now...don't want to be dreaming about sexy computers."

"Of course," Pippa nodded. "Though I will be choosing it. The computer needs to have the right voice."

Hamura grinned, "Okay now number two." Hamura stood. "Ummmm can I ask you to stand for this next part?"

"If you are about to say you are pregnant, then I imagine Doctor Rose is to blame," Pippa said as they stood.

Hamura snorted, "Not on your life." They looked at the Captain. "I'm not really good at this but..." Hamura took a breath and then hugged the Captain. "Thank you," They murmured. "You and Soral are the only ones that ever believed in me." It was an awkward hug as Hamura was not used to it but it was from the heart.

Captain Whitley held Hamura close. "You're welcome, but it isn't just us. Give it time. Give the rest of the crew time, and a chance."

Hamura smiled as they stepped back, "Yes ma'am." They smiled. "Thank you," as if on cue their nose started to bleed. "Ugh...I think Soral is getting weaker. "I promise to bring him home."

"And I promise that we will find answers on Vulcan," Pippa replied. "Whatever those answers may be."

"With your permission, Sir. I'll get the shuttle ready."

"Aye," Pippa said nodding. "Make it so."



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