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Unexpected Development

Posted on Sunday, 23 January 2022 - 7:11pm by Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura & Ensign Oriana Skye Sety & Captain Pippa Whitley

Mission: Operation: Crimson Kaleidoscope
Location: USS Standing Bear
Timeline: 2395


Hamura hurried into the darkened lounge after Oriana. Neither was aware that Pippa had been in the room. In a few strides Hamura caught Oriana at the elbow spinning her around. "What happened? Kitten what's wrong?"

Oriana looked at them tears streaming down her cheeks. "I...I....I'm out Haya."

"Out?" Their mind didn't understand what that meant.

"I got a note from Starfleet, my replacement is...on the way."

Hamura's eyes widened. "What?" There was a pause. "I don't know the Captain but they wouldn't....."

Pippa had finally caught the moment alone that they had been desperately seeking, just a few moments with themselves and their innermost thoughts - fears, the time they needed to overcome the blockade that had been forming internally in their mind. Though it was a short relief as the doors had opened, and in came two of Pippa's officers who did not seem to notice that the Captain was slouched on the floor behind the conference table, back against the bulkhead.

"Eavesdrop on a private conversation between two of their officers," Pippa said, drawing attention to their presence. "Computer, lights," Pippa said as they stood from their discreet perch. "I did not mean to interrupt your conversation, but I foresaw the potential for this to become unpleasantly awkward."

"Captain," They both said. Oriana sniffed wiping her eyes. She looked down.

It was Hamura who stepped up and placed an arm around Oriana. "Why is Oriana being replaced?"

"That went around the ship fast," Pippa replied. I'll have to keep that in mind thought the Captain of the USS Standing Bear. "It was out of my hands, came from higher up than I could aim. It is unfortunately true that Ensign Sety is being replaced as my Aide-de-camp."

Hamura hissed out a breath. "Fine, then when she leaves the ship I'm gone, too."

"Haya!" Oriana looked at him.

"Now, I did not say anything about leaving this starship. That goes for either of you. I cannot intervene in them replacing my Aide-de-camp, but I do have enough pull to anchor a good officer to my command, and I have. Ensign Sety...Oriana is staying aboard the Standing Bear. It just won't be as Aide-de-camp."

Hamura's eyes narrowed. "She's staying?"

"Of course she's bloody well staying," replied Pippa with a bit of a huff. "I have a new Aide-de-camp coming that I have no idea how they will be or what training they may need. Oriana is the only reason things stay orderly and neat around here. This starship cannot operate at peak efficiency without her. It would be a cold day in hell before I let anyone just waltz in here and take one of my best officers."

" can I stay when I don't have my job?"

Pippa shook her head. "Jobs and positions come and go. You outgrew your Aide-de-camp position in my book, ensign." The Captain paused for a moment. "Logistics Officer. Now that has a nice ring to it, and we do not currently have one."

Oriana looked up at Pippa the first time. She opened her mouth and then closed it. She sighed and sat down hard. Hamura knelt by her and took her hands. "See, deep breath."

Hamura guided her through a few deep breaths worried that she would have an anxiety attack after this. "Okay Logistics." Hamura looked up at Pippa. "What's that and what's the position."

Captain Whitley looked at Hamura "The people on starships that you are too busy to make eye contact with as you shove a PaDD their way with your lists of demands and supply requests for parts and pieces," Pippa replied. "Ensign Sety would be our Logistics Officer, checking in with each and every Department Head for requests that they have. She would also ensure that cargo is safely brought aboard, logged accordingly, and work closely with command personnel including myself to ensure we have everything we need for a successful mission."

Hamura smiled and gave Pippa grateful nod. They turned to Oriana. "See that's still organizing!"

Oriana gave a nod. Her hands were shaking and she appreciated Hamura holding them. Hamura looked up at Pippa. "Why don't I leave you two to talk?"

"Sure, I am certain the Ensign has questions about her new role aboard."

Hamura felt Oriana tighten her grip on their hands and smiled. "It's going to be okay." They squeezed her hands back and then left.

Oriana looked on after them. Hamura had, in a short time, become her rock.

Pippa cleared their throat. "Ensign, I feel your organizational skills and sharp memorization as well as your use of logic will be beneficial to the position. I will want you to also oversee my Aide-de-camp, take them under your wing."

She looked up at Pippa. "Can I ask you something, Captain?"

"You may," replied Captain Whitley.

"Why? Is it because Hamura threatened to leave...I'll convince them not to I know the ship needs an Engineer and they're the best."

"It was not my decision," Pippa reiterated. "It also was not one that came with an explanation. I was just given the orders, straight and to the point."

"My father," She said. "Now that they figured out who I was they wanted to take this away from me."

"A possibility," Pippa replied. "Though you are staying with the ship."

She studied Pippa. She needed to hear that at least someone found her useful. "Because Hamura threatened to leave if I was going off the ship?"

"No, because you are an asset to this ship. Hamura is not a factor in that decision."

Oriana let out a breath that she'd been holding. "Logistics...I think I can do that."

"I know you can do it, and your desk will remain in the Ready Room with mine."

She smiled, "Is that fair to the new person? Where will they sit?"

Pippa smiled. "It was uncommon that I had you brought into my Ready Room to begin with. They can set up shop elsewhere on the Standing Bear." Pippa mulled over it for a moment. Deck two. We can place them on deck two."

Oriana gave a nod. She paused and then hugged Pippa. "Thank you..."

"You're welcome," replied Pippa.

Oriana signed. "This was all my family. I can't believe that they could..." She paused. "Can you check whose orders those where?"

"I can, and did," Pippa stated with a bit of a sigh. "Your suspensions are correct. You know where the orders came from, but that doesn't matter. You are staying here, and you have your duties. That's what matters."

She gave a nod. "Thank you." She said quietly. "I've never quite felt like I belonged until I came to this ship."

"You belong," Pippa said. "And you stay."

She smiled, "Simple as that?"

Pippa crossed their arms. "They are not pulling you off this starship without a fight, and if they fight me, they will lose."

She continued to smile. "You make a great parent you know?"

"I raised a son," Pippa said. "Whether I am a great parent or not is left to be decided."

Oriana gave a nod. "I guess I better get things ready for the transition."

"At your leisure, Ensign," replied Pippa. "Dismissed," added Pippa with a smile.

She smiled and with one last hug for the Captain she left. It was time to start to process all this change. The question was could she get through all this. She would have to see.



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