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First Meeting

Posted on Sunday, 23 January 2022 - 7:07pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura & Captain Pippa Whitley

Mission: Operation: Crimson Kaleidoscope
Location: Sickbay | USS Standing Bear
Timeline: 2395


Soral and Hamura lay side by side in sickbay. Soral was awake, contemplating, Hamura was still down for the count. He was worried about them. He stole glances now and then at the still form. He was not strong enough to fully Call Hamura's mind back. Feeling useless he turned his head to stare at the stars. It was a long while before the door hissed open. Soral turned to see an unfamiliar face heading towards him.

"Commander Soral," Pippa said as they met the man's gaze. "Before you go hopping to attention and getting me tossed out of here by Doctor Rose, at ease." It certainly would not be the first time that Pippa had a Chief Medical Officer expel them from Sickbay. However, those circumstances were entirely different and Doctor Rose had a much different personality.

Pippa did, however, extend their hand towards Soral. "Forgive the Human gesture. I'm a bit used to it as a greeting. It's nice to actually meet you - the real you that is."

"Indeed." He shook their hand. As a touch telepath he instantly knew that this was a person he could trust. "I did not think I would meet you. The other... me was quite convincing that I would not."

"The other you is a perversion," Pippa replied. "Whatever he fed you, I'd take it with a spoonful of salt," the Captain adding their own twist on the Hunan expression. "I wouldn't trust much if it."

"Indeed. He had a most fascinating mind in some ways." He studied the Captain. "I do not know how you got through to them." He pointed at the unconscious form of Hamura. "They and I share a Katra, their … respect for you is high, in a short time."

"Nor I," Pippa replied. "I never had any direct interaction with the other Soral. I imagine that admiration came from my actions on Vulcan or from whatever he acquired from the bond you two shared."

Soral actually released an unvulcan like chuckle. "Not my alter self but I mean Hamura."

"Years of tough love and parenting," Pippa replied. "Hamura is not too different from a mouthy and unruly teenager. Something that I gave experience with."

Soral smiled. "Indeed." He studied the Captain. "I must apologize at the disquiet that my alter self caused."

"If we had to apologize for things that alternate or parallel version of ourselves did..." Pippa waved dismissively. "Do not worry about it. I am sure there are versions of myself causing worse trouble."

Soral smiled, "Your alter self is quite fascinating, Soral, the mirror version knew them. That is how I know I can place my trust in you, in this universe or beyond."

"There is someone aboard that will want to see you," Pippa said to Soral. "I have been keeping him from being on your visitor's list, but he's been wanting to see you since you were brought back aboard. Your alter self apparently did a bit of damage to him physically, but he's been treated and has been impatiently resting in guest quarters."

Soral's eyes caught the Captain's. "Whom do you speak of?"

"Captain Barrett Stillwater," replied Pippa. "Your previous Commanding Officer. He was on Vulcan trying to...I believe he was trying to clean up the problems that your alter self had caused. I do not exactly know what he was intending on doing, but your alter self and he had a run in or two, an incident occurred at a monastery as well."

Soral sat up. "Is he well?" He was already pulling the blanket off himself getting ready to stand. He could only imagine what the other Soral had done.

Pippa was noncommittal. "He's alive," she replied. "As healthy as he can be, but he arrived pretty battered. Psychologically, I think having the alter Soral mess with him, bait him, and do what he has done, has messed with the Captain. Though he understands it wasn't you."

"I will see him..." Before he could move the nursing staff took over forcing him back to bed. He studied the Captain. "It appears I am not allowed to leave."

Pippa nodded. "Yes, we want to make sure you are physically in shape and alright to return to duty. Until then, you are under Doctor Rose's care. I have to wait for him to discharge you, Commander. I will be glad to have you back on the bridge as soon as possible. Until then though, try to rest. I can have Captain Stillwater see you tomorrow."

Soral gave a nod. "I yield to your logic."

He watched the captain go and then turned to look at Hamura. “You must wake my friend.” Soral knew that he’d never forgive himself if Hamura did not wake up. Sighing he lay back and let sleep claim him.



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