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Inside the Order

Posted on Sunday, 15 May 2022 - 3:38pm by Captain Pippa Whitley & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt

Mission: Operation: My Unfair Lady

It was substantially easier tracking down Adrianna's contact with the help of Giovanni. Negotiations certainly went well with him. To be fair, over the years, she had developed the knowledge on how to get inside her borthers' minds for her own benefit. It was, after all, the job of a little sister, right?

With the task of eliminating all trace of Starfleet from her person, so as to not scare her contact, Adrianna ran her fingers through her hair and placed the call.

The call was placed and soon Adrianna's screen would change to a hooded figure in a dimly lit setting, but the contact dropped their hood, apparently feeling safe and satisfied. The wrinkly pale pinkish skin and wiry hair of a Yridian woman came to focus. "Miss Baciami, to what do I owe the pleasure of dealing with your family again?" inquired Caskava. "I have left the explosives business was getting too messy."

Adrianna smiled, "is that not the whole point of explosives? I'm actually calling for a favour. Did you manage to make it to the order in the end?"

"When you are known for smuggling in weapons without so much as a few months served, you are often welcomed with arms wide open anywhere that has a seedy underbelly or an underground resistance movement" she replied. "The shorter answer is of course."

"That's good news," Adrianna nodded, "I need an in. This time I promise there's no risk to you."

"A Baciami promise?" The woman cackled and sighed. "Last time I had one of those I was left at the alter and my bank accounts on Bolarus were drained drier than the Vulcan Forge. Don't make promises that you can not keep, there's always a risk...that is what makes it enjoyable."

Adrianna ran a hand through her hair, considering her next word carefully, "actually, it's an Eberhardt promise, not Baciami and that was a long time ago... On a planet far away..."

"Practically a lifetime ago," Caskava replied. "An Eberhardt promise it is then. Now that I am may I be of further assistance? I clearly was not just meant to get in for the sake of seeing if it were possible. "

Adrianna smiled and sat back in her chair, "I need information on an upcoming attack or two, and the weapons they're currently armed with, for starters."

Caskava scoffed. "I just got here, and it isn't like they are laying out war plans in front of me. Though it is very clear that they are well organized and attacks are certainly in the works on an ongoing basis, Adrianna. I did not get 'in' without giving them something they needed. I had to supply them with weapons. Nothing too flashy, just some older Cardassian phase-disruptor rifles."

Adrianna nodded, thinking a moment. There was silence as her brain worked, "do you think you could get me in on a promise of federation grade weaponry?"

"Potentially," the Yridian replied. "Though I wouldn't advise you coming here. The outer Cardassian worlds, the colonies are just about fallen into the control of this...Obsidian Guard. It will only be a matter of time until they mount enough force to take Cardassia itself, especially after the Castellan fled to Federation space."

"You've known me long enough to know that if you tell me not to do something, I'll do it and then some," Adrianna replied, "if you can give me the heads up about any and all information, so I know how to get in and... You know... Play nicely with others."

"You don't," Caskava said swiftly. "I don't like the feeling I am getting here, Adrianna. This is not the Obsidian Order...these Cardassians will not hesitate to kill another Cardassian, and I fear for any Humans here, I wouldn't be surprised if they start cleansing Cardassian soil of Bajorans."

"Anyone can be bought," Adrianna simply replied, her look going cold.

The Yridian shook her head. "I'll try, but I cannot guarantee your safety. Whoever is leading these people, they have fired them up and have them in their hands."

"You don't owe me a guarantee of safety," Adrianna shrugged, "as you said-- the risk is enjoyable."

"Tell that to your husband," replied the Yridian. "Eberhardt promise you said? Took their name it seems. You must really love the man, but how would he feel if you went to Cardassia?"

"What he does not know, won't kill him," she replied, "his life is on me."

Caskava scoffed. "It may not kill him, but what about yourself? If you go to Cardassia and get yourself killed, you are going to leave that man widowed and who is going to explain to him what happened to you and why? It won't be me."

"Since we last spoke, things have changed," Adrianna replied, "I'm no longer scared of death because I've met him. My husband knows my role. He knows who he married and he is not scared for me, only of me. You would be wise to not worry about myself-- I showed you once what I was capable of, and I will not hesitate to show you again."

"So it be. I suppose we should call this a pleasant discussion and let me get back to doing your bidding while I am here," noted the Yridian. "I will contact you again if or when I have something more to provide you with. Until then, it would be in our best interest that we remain quiet. I do not want to arouse attention."

Adrianna nodded, "I'll look forward to hearing from you." The channel was then promptly severed. Caskava would ensure that she covered her tracks well.


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