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Getting reaquainted.

Posted on Sunday, 19 June 2022 - 4:07pm by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt & Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Starbase
Timeline: 2396


After the argument with Leopold, Adrianna needed a few minutes. The children were in bed, so it's not as if she was abandoning them. She wandered down to a bar on base and ordered. It was nice to have Baciami branded grappa to buy. She sat at the bar, refilling the shot glass repeatedly and downing the contents whilst contemplating the argument. Her mind raced with the "what she should have said". Adrianna was an expensive drunk, so at the very least, this would merely the edge off. She wasn't a fan of being drunk anyway.

Mac needed a few minutes to himself. There was so much going on that his mind was racing. He found his peace but then she walked in. Taking his drink he walked over. "Baciami...fancy seeing you here."

Adrianna looked round and offered a small smile, "evening, Mac. You ok?"

"Debatable." He smiled. "What's got your leaving hubby and kids?"

"The children are asleep," she shrugged, "as for the husband, he's cooling off."

Mac lifted his eyebrow in a gesture that would have made Soral Proud. "WOW Trouble in paradise? What I need to send medical to your quarters?"

Adrianna chuckled and refilled her shot glass, "gawd no. I'm sure you'll understand me when I say that sometimes it's a matter of 'do what it takes' in terms of our roles. He's a great engineer, but doesn't understand the whys of certain things I do for my job."

"Ah, well then he deserves rotten Grappa." He chuckled. "How are you adapting to all the different roles?"

"I love it," she smiled genuinely, "I always wanted a family. I come from a big family, and whilst I don't want a huge family like mine, I wanted to be a family." Adrianna paused, "what brings you to the bar?"

"A long night and a disagreement with Haru."

"Your paradise seems troubled too," Adrianna commented. She reached behind the bar and got a second glass, "what happened?"

"He didn't like me not telling him about the little switch-a-roo that Soral I and my mirror counterpart did."

Adrianna nodded with a soft smile, "I guess 'we did what had to be done' is difficult for most to understand."

"Yeah but he's in tactical he has no excuse." Mac laughed. "So, you're a family woman now." He studied her. "I can't believe it"

"He is also, for lack of a better term, 'human'," she chuckled, "Adrianna Eberhardt, nee Baciami, is secretly a normal stereotype of woman."

He smiled. "I'm happy for you, I truly am. I think it will also make you better in your work. Our strength comes from family and grounding."

"When did you get so family oriented?" She asked, teasing him gently.

"Must be getting sentimental in my old age." He laughed. "So how are you holding up with everything the ship has been through."

Adrianna chuckled, "it's not too bad, to be honest. The down time has helped personally and professionally. We need more shore leave."

"I doubt that Starfleet is that generous. We’ll be flying away before you know it."

Adrianna nodded, "good, I could do with the change in pace."

Mac sighed. "I wish Soral was coming with us." He swiped his hand down his face. "As much as I'm looking forward to being back in space I have a bad feeling about this mission."

"I know the feeling," Adrianna agreed, "I spoke to a contact of mine and they were all too eager to assist. Something just doesn't feel right."

Mac studied her. "Let's make a deal you watch my back and I'll watch yours."

Adrianna nodded, "that will always be the deal."

He smiled. “So when do I get to meet the family officially? Haru has been vocal about coming over, he has a gift for you too and the kids.”

Adrianna chuckled, "whenever. Sorry, I've been so preoccupied."

"I can understand that." He paused. "So you going to leave the kids on base with Leo for this next run?"

"I'd miss them too much," she smiled.

"Yeah but Cardassians…."

"I know," she sighed, "I do."

He smiled, “Alright, let’s not talk of that. How about we have some food before we go back to our homes?” He’d always liked Adri, from the beginning she’d been smart as a whip and he knew he could trust her. There was something about her that spoke to him.

"Drinking on an empty stomach never does end well," she nodded, "will you be getting one of everything on the menu again but with two slices of chocolate cake?"

He smiled, “Dinner and dessert are on me.” He grinned and stood as he offered her his arm to lead her to a table. “I swear I wasn’t hungry but now I’m famished. Let’s eat and then get back to life as we know it.

"Rather, life we don't know yet."



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