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A Small Universe...

Posted on Sunday, 19 June 2022 - 3:00pm by Commander Soral

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Various | Space and Earth
Timeline: 2396


Soral sat back in the ship that would carry him to Vulcan. He looked at the stars feeling somewhat tired and a little down. It was odd for him but his life seemed to be changing and he was not sure if that was for the better yet or not.

The coms unit interrupted his thoughts and he stared at the Starfleet Engineering logo. Raising an eyebrow, he hit the accept button and watched the screen shimmer into the face of an older more distinguished man. “Admiral Tanaka to what do I owe the pleaser of your call?”

Tanaka smiled, “It seems your, what did you call it…ah yes your merging has given you a little personality.”

“Indeed, I am still unused to the more… familiar method of my mind mate.”

Tanaka smiled. “You’ll get there. I have no doubt. You’ve been through a lot.”

Soral inclined his head. “Yet you did not call to check on my wellbeing.”

Tanaka sighed. “Indeed. Will you be visiting us here in Japan? Aniko would love to have you over.”

Soral knew that Tanaka would never invite him over unless the circumstances were dire. “Is Katsumi well?” The only reason Tanaka would wish to speak is if something were wrong with his adopted daughter.

“I am…uncertain.”

Soral sat up. Katsumi, in addition to being Tanaka’s daughter had been his protégé. “She is on a ship now?” He felt odd no knowing what had happened to someone whom he cared about.

“A station…Bellwether.”

“Remote, out of the way, small staff. Why is she there?”

“A choice but…I.”

The hesitation was all he needed. “I shall visit Earth in a few days. It has been years since I have seen the cherry blossoms.”

“Then Aniko and I insist you be our guest.”

Soral noted the relief on his face. “Indeed. I am honored Admiral. I shall see you in three days. I look forward to reconnecting.”

“Until then.” The coms shut off.

Soral sat back. He paused a moment and then pulled up the specks of the station, what could have Tanaka in a tizzy. He called to the front and asked for a diversion to Earth.

Suddenly Soral felt old, he felt as if the weight of the world hung on his shoulders, Hamura, Katsumi, Alex, the children, Laura, the ship so much weighed on him.

He stood and paced the small of his quarters. He could feel his other half roaming his mind and for once he was glad to have the help of two minds. The Mirror version of himself held a strength that Soral was not sure he, himself possessed.

Never one to sit idle he headed to the front convincing the young Ensign to take a break so he could fly. It was flying that calmed him and then another image popped into his mind, a friend lost, Eyelaya. He sighed. The emotions behind her loss hit him hard as he took the controls but years of taming them had him shoving the feelings in the back of his mind. He needed to just fly, to feel the shuttle in his hands.

He took if off automatic and took manual control. He needed to rest his mind.

=/\=Several Days Later=/\=

The shuttle doors opened and Soral watched as the aging man walked toward him. Tanaka seemed to walk with a thousand worries and Soral knew what that felt like. “Admiral, I did not think a personal Escort from the Academy to Japan was necessary.”

“There is much to talk about.”

“Indeed.” Soral grabbed his bag and followed the admiral to the private shuttle. He’d have used an interplanetary transport but this would give the two time to talk, obviously the man hadn’t shared his concerns with Aniko.

They sat in the shuttle and it took off at a snail’s pace.

“What do you know about Gypsy Midnight.”

Soral knew a lot, she too was a pupil of his once. She was more then that. She had aided him in the saving of Romulans from a dying Romulus and she had been a confidant and friend. “I do not understand. I thought we were to talk of Katsumi.”

“Well, this has to do with Katsumi. Apparently, Midnight has been hanging around the station, she’s using the Bolian for information and he doesn’t even realize that she’s a bounty hunter. Katsumi has spoken of her, a lot.”

Ah, he understood now. Knowing Midnight Tanaka was right to worry. “Gypsy Midnight is an honorable woman who has aided in the Romulan evacuations. She is an excellent bounty hunter even used by the Federation for bounties. She is a womanizer who, as you humans say, loves them and leaves them.”

Tanaka slammed his fist on the dashboard. “Katsumi will not be a conquest of hers.”

“Indeed. I shall spend a few days here debriefing with you and then perhaps I shall visit with Katsumi to ensure she knows that Midnight is someone whose company she does not need to be in.”

“Excellent, I knew I could count on you.”

Soral suddenly had a headache. He remembered his talk with Midnight and her saying that she’s met someone she likes. This was not going to be an easy time and his trip to Vulcan would have to wait. He had also heard about Hamish Brott the Station commander and that in itself was going to be an interesting encounter.

“Aniko is making Tempura in your honour.”

“It has been a while since I have had a home cooked meal. I am looking forward to it.”

“We’ll have more time to catch up. I also want to hear about your adventures in the mirror world.”

“Indeed, it seems to be…the talk the town.”

Tanaka gave a nod, “I look forward to hearing it.”

The rest of the trip passed in silence. Soral knew that he was in for a long few weeks but he had responsibilities and he was never one to shy away from them.



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