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Imperfect Plans - Part I

Posted on Saturday, 18 June 2022 - 5:08pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Risa
Timeline: Shoreleave 2396


Quiet mediation overlooking the ocean had helped to centre T’Rae. Rising, she extinguished the flame before turning her back on the tranquil surroundings and moving inside. Crossing the threshold the air was notably cooler, artificially maintained in an effort to ensure the interior remained comfortable for Shar of Vulcan's wife. To the healer, the coldness bordered on uncomfortable yet not unbearable. Her comfort was not of import, she had been tasked to oversee the recovery of the two others residing here and she would fulfil her duty as she always had.

Moving almost silently she noted Soral too, had sought to begin the day with meditation and she was careful not to disturb him. While she was certain an opportunity to join in meditation with the Shar of Vulcan, this was a time of healing and he was aware of her offer to aide him should he feel it beneficial.

Her footsteps carried her through the house, and she was appreciative of the sparse décor which - where present - was of Vulcan origin. Some quite ancient and of value. It was clear that while his career took him from his home world, he had taken time to keep elements of home close by. It was sentimental, yet did not surprise her.

Rounding the corner she felt a light breeze touch her skin and raised an eyebrow. Up ahead there was only the master bedroom where Lady Alexandra was under strict instructions to rest.

Several times since Soral had emerged from the room, which was now almost a full day and a half ago, T'Rae had checked in on the woman to find her asleep. At times the sleep did not seem restful but seemed to pass while T'Rae kept watch.

The Healer remained confident of a full recovery, and had been satisfied to allow the woman to sleep for as long as her body and mind required. As such she had kept the room in darkness and the windows closed to maintain ideal conditions although she had kept the bedroom door open to avoid being once again locked out and to allow either herself or Soral to hear if she awoke. The fact that an ocean breeze was drifting through this section of a house told her that she was indeed awake and had perhaps ventured out onto the balcony or just wished some air.

"I am pleased you are awake. You must be h -"

T'Rae paused as she realised the room was quite empty. She walked through the rooms, checking the adjoining bathroom, the walk in closet where she noted some clothes now in the hamper to be washed. She stepped out of the room to listen, straining to make out sounds within the house but able to conclude only that Lady Alexandra was not within earshot.

Crossing the room she stood by the open window, staring out at the horizon and her keen sight found what she sought. A flash of red that let her eyes zero in on her absent 'patient' who was apparently climbing an outcropping of rocks to the side of the cove until she found a spot she was happy with and settled down. By now she was almost a full mile from the house.

T'Rae shook her head. This was not rest.

She half turned as she heard footsteps on the lower level, signalling that Soral had finished his meditation. T'Rea abandoned her place by the window to seek him out. "I trust your mediation was helpful, Soral," she offered with a slight bow. "I must go. It appears your wife has managed to climb out of the upstairs window and is currently around half a mile away. At present she seems to have found a spot to admire the view."

He gave a nod. "Not necessary. She requires time to herself. I have prepared a breakfast for you and your sisters. Please feel free to enjoy some Vulcan cooking and I shall make sure she is alright and bring her back."

“Thank you. I am sure my sisters will appreciate some nourishment before they depart. I will remain for as long as needed,” T’Rae assured him. “I shall tend to this and allow you some time with your wife.”

He gave a nod and headed out to find Alex. It didn't take long for him to reach her. He sat next to her. "You look lost in thought after your window escape adventures."

Sitting on the ground with one leg bent so her chin could rest on her knee, Alex gave a small smile before confiding, “I l haven’t climbed out a window since I was fifteen and my mum said I was too young to go to the student union parties. And that was three stories up. All those gymnastics classes have to be good for something.”

"Indeed." He paused. "I bet you gave Laura a run for her money."

“Who do you think I learned it from?” Alex replied with a rueful smile as she watched the calm ocean water before closing her eyes, enjoying the warmth of the sunlight on her face as much as the occasional cool breeze that kept the heat from becoming overwhelming.

After a moment she turned her head to look at him, “another lost bond… Perhaps the universe is sending us a sign. A big one in flashing neon lights. I still don’t understand half of what happened. Or how you can even stand to look at me, let alone help me. I don’t think I can forgive myself no matter how much you tell me otherwise. And the worst part is, the bond with him is still there. It feels so weak, muted like it’s behind huge walls or underwater. Indistinct. But when I look at you -“

She sighed, shaking her head as she looked back out at the water, her source of calm.

He had promised, long ago, that he would not hide things from her. "That is because he and I are one. He was wounded and had to be put in a medical coma and stasis until they could figure something out...His daughter was on the ship she asked for me to take the Katra and we are now merged. I am both he and I."

“No, no, no…” Alex whispered, shaking her head as she climbed to her feet. “Why? Why would you agree to that?!”

They were the same…. Her head hurt.

“Honestly he had some qualities that I found difficult to cultivate within myself and it is both our hopes to learn from one another. That is why our bond is still somewhat intact and should you wish to fully awaken it, it is possible.” He knew that she needed time to process all this. “Will you be going on that expedition that we talked about?”

Several times she opened her mouth to argue at how absolutely absurd it was to think he needed to learn anything from his mirror self. Although his mention of the bond brought forward a memory, something she had thought nothing more than imagination until she had realised how true it had been. “She took great delight in you ending our bond,” Alex told him, fighting hard to keep any kind of hurt, anger and pain from her voice as she kept her gaze forward, fixed on the horizon. “And no, right now… I can’t … what he did. To you, to me … what he and Lexi did? She enjoyed all the pain she caused anyone who got in their way. Especially Evesta.”

"Indeed, a shadow from the past." "I can understand. Take all the time you need to rest."

“I hate resting,” she sighed before half turning towards him, “but yes… I suppose time. Maybe… I don’t know. I look at you and I see you… but it isn’t just you anymore. And I remember how she loved him with the fire of a million suns but that was her, not me. And he took our bond and broke it, left you for dead thinking it would be a mercy to you! And I couldn’t stop it from happening. I promise you, I tried…”

She took a deep breath. “I don’t know if I can trust him, or myself,” she admitted before adding with a sad smile, “which makes ‘us’ a complicated mess.”

To be Continued...


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