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Returning to the Fray

Posted on Saturday, 18 June 2022 - 12:00pm by Petty Officer 1st Class Siana Ilian & Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: New Standing Bear| Various
Timeline: 2396


Hands clasped behind her back, Lieutenant T’Paris materialised within transporter room one precisely on schedule. Her uniform in perfect condition and her long black hair meticulously braided and styled to remain in compliance with the dress code all crew members were expected to follow while on duty. Of course some captains were somewhat lenient and while Captain Stillwater would likely be one of those people, she knew nothing of the current commanding officer.

For now her attention was centred upon the only other occupant, a woman. Clearly Trill…

“Welcome aboard Lieutenant,” Petty Officer Ilian enthused, offering the new arrival a warm smile she knew was unlikely to be returned. “I apologise for the lack of welcoming party, we were not aware of your reassignment until a short time ago.”

“Yes, Ensign Tri’li had an unfortunate incident on the holodeck and is returning to his home world for treatment. I was already on the station and given my knowledge of the old crew and ship, as well as my experience as a tactical officer, I was asked to take his place. At least until a replacement is available.”

As she finished speaking the doors opened and Lieutenant MacKenzie arrived.

Mac had come in to drop off some reports for the chief to read on the new tactical upgrades to the transporter and stopped short at a familiar and unwelcome face. Both his eyebrows shot up. "T'Paris?"

“Lieutenant McKenzie,” T’Paris returned, giving a slight nod.

“The Lieutenant just transferred aboard,” Siana added, her tone light and cheerful as she looked between them. “To your department actually.”

He held back a hiss. "Haven't you already done enough damage?" He wasn't one for pleasantries, especially now that Soral and Alex were not up to par.

Sianna frowned, “what did I - oh! You mean her?!”

T’Paris arched one eyebrow. “That is Lieutenant, petty officer,” she stated firmly before addressing Mac, “I am here, Lieutenant, because I was ordered to report aboard. I am certain, as adults, we can all work together in a professional manner and not allow the past to dictate the future.”

"Well small blessings are Soral is not aboard nor will he be on this run. As for the rest we'll figure it out." He sighed and turned to the petty officer. "I'll escort her to her quarters do you have the assignment?"

“Aye sir,” Ilian nodding, passing along the details. “And thank you, I have a few more late arrivals to meet.”

“Once I have unpacked I would like to begin work immediately and familiarise myself with the new ship. Who, in Soral’s absence, is First Officer? Lieutenant Kingsley?”

"No, she is with Soral," He said making it clear that he was off limits. "Vali is the XO for the moment." He motioned to the door. He knew he was being harsh but in a way he was defending his friend. "We also have a new Tactical CO so you'll have to go through her first."

T’Paris arched her eyebrow again. She knew of their whereabouts, of course, and now them being ‘together’ was more recent. Something she found telling. “I shall report in, as is procedure,” she assured him. “Query… if you are dissatisfied with my assignment here - as indicated by your tone of voice and body language - then why did you offer to escort me? I am sure the petty officer would have been capable.”

“Indeed but isn’t it, as you or Soral would say, logical to keep my eye on you?”

“I am not the enemy, Lieutenant.”

"That depends on if you're going to try break Soral and Alex up or not."

“You vastly overestimate my abilities, Lieutenant, in so far as that matter is concerned,” T’Paris replied. “I am here simply because I was ordered to report aboard.”

He sighed. "Well we'll see how it goes. Lucky for you I'm not the XO." They stepped into the turbo lift. "Can I ask you something?"

“You may ask,” she allowed, offering no promise to answer.

"Can you give me your word as a Vulcan that you'll not mess with Soral and Alex and try something stupid to break them up?"

T'Paris raised an eyebrow, "mess with them? Lieutenant, again, you give me far too much credit, as humans would say. Perhaps you would be best diverting some of your energies into understanding how an imposter managed to fool the senior staff and the crew of this ship, abduct the Chief Science Officer who you are apparently so protective of, and indirectly led to the destruction of this ship. Many questions have been raised by Starfleet Command. Ensuring the work of this crew is beyond reproach and adheres to all protocols is more important than some fictional vendetta you believe I hold. Unless you wish for the entire crew to be reassigned?"

He studied her. "Vulcans can be just as conniving as the rest they just hide behind logic as far as Alex's abduction she was safe the entire time she was on the other ship. But that is in senior staff reports only." He bristled. Her return was not very welcome. The lift stopped and they exited. "These are your quarters, settle in and then report to Tactical I'm going to give the chief a heads up that you're here."

"Of course," T'Paris conceded, standing in the doorway of her newly assigned quarters. She nodded to him, watching as he turned to walk back the short distance to the turbolift. Her dark eyes followed him until he had entered and the lift doors were closing before she ventured inside her quarters and opened up her case to begin unpacking.

Not a warm welcome, not by far.

If she were Human, she would have been offended. Thankfully she was not and she had much to do.

Grumbling Mac walked away and into the turbo lift. With more force then necessary he ordered the location he wished to go and the hum of the lift allowed him to freely battle with his mind. He would, of course, tell Soral about what had happened and who was aboard, after he spoke to the CO in TACT/SEC and after he went to check on Hamura. That was another situation that Soral had asked him to keep an eye on. He was starting to feel stressed as hell. This was going to be a long trip. He muttered that phrase under his breath a few times before the lift stopped and he strode out towards the security office.



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