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Best laid plans

Posted on Saturday, 20 August 2022 - 11:40am by Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Earth
Timeline: Shore leave

A perfect way to end the day... submerged in the warm water, a glass of chilled wine in hand, Laura Kingsley released a contented sigh as she wiggled her toes and felt the ache in her feet subsiding. It had been a day full of sunshine, laughter, adventure and memories. Now, all three children were asleep and all that was left to do was admire the view from the villa as the sun went down and unwind. Tomorrow would be round two and if she had any hope of surviving surrounded by four younger, fitter, people then she needed this moments like this.

Hearing the footsteps she saw her daughter approaching with a pitcher of something, setting it down beside the hot tub with a couple of glasses before she climbed in to the hot tub beside Laura. Pouring half a glass of the multicoloured liquid, she tasted a small sip, pausing to make sure it was good enough conceding, "either too much or not enough, I can't tell."

"Of what?"


"Alexandra Kingsley!" Her mother admonished, setting aside the wine and turning to face her, "there is no such thing as too much vodka."

Alex grinned, sitting back until she was submerged right up to her chin. "Yes mother."

Appeased by the apology, Laura settled back and allowed a companionable silence to fall. "Are you ever going to tell me?" she asked, her curiosity unable to be silenced any longer. When a call had come in for her daughter, one which she had insisted on taking in private, she had naturally assumed one thing. Soral had been in touch. "What did Soral have to say?"

"It wasn't Soral," Alex admitted after a long pause. While she had left some - admittedly furious - messages, they hadn't yet spoken directly. They kept missing one another which genuinely was starting to seem like an omen.

She had been expecting, no needing, solitude and time to make decisions while he headed home to Vulcan. To be with his children. To recover himself. Yet he had never made it and instead was off doing heaven knew what, never mind he had left three disappointed offspring at home.

She couldn't compare to their own father, their own flesh and blood. But she couldn't just disappear into her own oblivion and leave them alone. Sure, they had her mother, they had other people around them... but it wasn't the same. So after calling in a few favours she had arranged this trip and uprooted Severine, Soval and N'Vek along with her mother for a few days with just them.

"No? The who -"

"Daniel Mathieson," Alex told her, before adding, "or as you called him, Danny Boy?"

"Oh! He was lovely, once you got to know him," Laura smiled, "and a lovely smile. Not that he smiled much. How is he?"

"Married, Twice. With two kids,” she informed her mother, taking a long drink.

“Actually he heads up a research unit, investigating disease outbreaks and response. He is actually leaving at the end of this week to help with situation out near the old Romulan border and since he knew I was here," she gestured around them, "he asked if I would join his team for this one. He has apparently got provisional agreement from Starfleet and it shouldn't take me away for long. In his words it is, and I quote, 'probably nothing'."

Laura listened intently, her brow furrowed. "Would it be safe?"

"It is never safe to be around disease, but I am always careful and it would give me a chance to test out my research in the field," Alex pointed out, leaning towards her, "I think, mum, that this is what I really need. To go and remember what it is I loved about what I do, and remember who I am and not dwell on who she was or what they both did. I need to remember me."

Laura smiled softly and put a hand on her daughter's shoulder, "I would never let you forget who you are. And as difficult as things are right now, Soral would not either. For his faults, and I admit he has a few, I know he loves you. I have seen how lost he was when you were missing, how he worries and tries to protect you. The things I wish I was able to do for you while you are so far from home."

"I told you, parents are usually allowed to live with their children when the child is the officer," Alex teased her gently, wishing to lighten the mood and change the subject. "So anyway, I told him that after our family trip is over, I would be happy to help."

"I think that sounds like a wonderful idea, so long as you are careful," Laura decided, taking a long drink of wine. She paused for a moment, looing over her shoulder, "so this villa full of bright, open spaces and works of art... this belongs to Dan? I remember him having more gothic tastes!"

"Quite. Now, finish that wine so we can drink all of his vodka and everything else I found in a secret stash of alcohol in the basement," Alex grinned.

Laura laughed as she shook her head, "that's my girl. But just so you know,” she warned, “tomorrow you get to do all the rollercoasters.”



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Comments (1)

By Commander Soral on Sunday, 25 September 2022 - 1:46pm

Loved this! You have a way of writing Laura and Alex. So cool!