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Family Time Minus One - Part I

Posted on Thursday, 4 August 2022 - 8:02pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Earth
Timeline: 2396


What do you mean, he isn’t there?

Exactly what had driven her spur of the moment call to speak to her mother, Alex Kingsley wasn’t entirely sure. A feeling, perhaps. Or a longing to just hear the familiar voice of the woman who had raised her from virtually the day she was born and who had been her best friend through the good times and the bad. And it was perfect. Worlds apart, one seeking shade from the intense heat while the other hid from a thunderstorm, they had spoken for hours. Or so it seemed.

Until the conversation turned, inevitably, to Soral. In a roundabout way, of course. Her mother had expertly avoided the subject, bless her heart. Just as she had avoided ever discussing various ex-boyfriends either of them had in their life until it felt like the time was finally right to mention a name without unleashing a world of heartbreak. Not that Soral fell into that category- yet it was a difficult subject nonetheless. And it was during an offhand reply about the children that her mother inadvertently let slip that Soral hadn’t returned to Vulcan as planned.

And so, none the wiser about where he had gone or why his plans to be with his children had seemingly gone out the proverbial window, plans were made. Plans which Soral himself may not consider entirely suitable but to Alex’s mind, he had made a choice and it was entirely unfair to leave her mother caring for three grandchildren.

The solution?

Adrenaline rushes and ice cream.

After the sometimes terrifying, yet at all times exhilarating, rollercoaster which had raced through inky darkness broken only by light displays which passed by in a dizzying blur, it was time for a decidedly unhealthy breakfast as the waitress delivered a tray full of ice cream, drinks and chocolate snacks.

“Breakfast of champions,” Laura laughed as she scooped up some ice cream, about to take a bite before she eyed the three young faces looking between her, her daughter and the unorthodox assortment of food stuff laid out before them. With an encouraging smile she added, “it’s a treat for surviving your first rollercoaster. Just… don’t tell your father.”

N'vek sat off to the side but observed the feast before him. He had been about to say something when his sister Severine beat him to it. "I do not think he would mind this. He seems to care more for his job then visiting his family."

Soval huffed and N'vek's eyes narrowed. "You have no idea what you are talking about. He has a duty to Starfleet and Vulcan!" N'vek took off his jacket, his rose and leaf marking, similar to his fathers, on display. He stood and walked away to one of the few arcade style games against the back wall."

Severine looked after him and shrugged. "Touched by the God of Death and he thinks his wisdom is increased."

“Let’s not dwell upon who isn’t here,” Laura suggested gently, “but on enjoying our day. We have sunshine, ice cream of every imaginable flavour and rides and attractions coming out your ears so I’m sure we will find lots to do. Assuming you can keep up with your old grandmother that is….”

“Is that a challenge mother?” Alex piped up as she speared her half eaten ice cream with the little spoon. “Because last time we were here, I didn’t throw up …”

“Lunch hadn’t agreed with me,” Laura countered defensively.

“Uh huh…” Alex replied, rolling her eyes as she winked at Severine. “I think these three will be up for the craziest, scariest rides in the park. Of course I could be wrong -“

Severine raised an eyebrow much like her father. "Vulcans and Romulans have strong stomachs."

“Now that,” Laura decided with a mischievous look in her eye, “was most definitely a challenge.”

"Indeed. The Romulan side is a competitive on." She looked over at N'vek who continued to play the game. She looked back at Alex. "Where shall we go first?"

Touching a button in the centre of the table, Alex called up an interactive map. “That is entirely up to you all, we have all day and even tomorrow if you want, to go on as many of the rides as you want. It tells you a little about each attraction so you can decide if you want to try it.”

“There are some nice relaxing boat rides on the lazy rivers too,” Laura pointed out, “it doesn’t all have to be death defying thrill rides.”

“Sounds like someone is concerned,” Alex teased.

“Not at all,” Laura lied, for surely the three children would outlast them both, “now eat your ice cream and let the children pick.”

Alex stuck out her tongue and began twirling her spoon around in the ice cream but made no move to eat it.

Severine looked at the rides. “I shall like to try Grandmother’s idea of the boat ride.”

Soval smiled, “I want to go on that one!” He pointed to the pirate boat that swung up and down like a seesaw and then flipped upside down.

“A personal favourite,” Alex confided to him before turning to face the last member of their group. “And what about you N’Vek? Anything you would especially like to do?”

N'vek who had wondered back to take a drink shrugged. "I shall await your return here. Or perhaps if there is a library I can wait there." His father's absence had affected him more then he'd like to admit. He had finally found out that the man who raised him was not his real father and the one that was his real father had genuinely wanted to get to know him and now he was not here. He risked a glance at Laura. "Did father say when he would be back to Vulcan?"

“No dear, but I’m sure he’ll be back as soon as he can,” Laura assured him.

“There isn’t a library,” Alex told him, “but there is a science fayre. I could show you? I know I’m not your father but it is kind of my thing.”

“Her initials are carved in various spots in there,” Laura agreed.

N'vek gave a nod. "That sounds alright."

“I’ll take an alright,” Alex grinned, “alright, you three can go experience the extremes of life on a boat and N’Vek and I will go explore the galaxy…”

“I feel I am destined to lose my breakfast,” Laura lamented before shrugging and finishing off the ice cream.

Severine allowed herself a smile. "I believe a calming boat ride is in order first."

“Just try not to fall in the water this time,” Alex encouraged her mother.

“That was … well, a one -“

“Three,” Alex corrected.

“Three time thing,” Laura amended. “Just making sure you remembered dear.”

Severine watched the back and forth between the two with some interest. "I shall watch out for grandmother." She looked at Alex. "I...May I ask something of you?"

“You can ask,” Alex nodded. She was never going to underestimate even a young Severine and readily agree to anything without even a hint of what was about to be asked.

“Father…has finally agreed to consider my request about studying within the Monastery…He said that he would discuss it with you as you both had to agree. May I ask you to consider it as well?”

“Have you researched it thoroughly, weighed up the benefits and possible downsides, and decided it is something in your heart of hearts that you want to do?” Alex asked her, her tone serious and her gaze piercing as she spoke to Severine as if they were - in that moment - the only two people on the entire planet. It was not dissimilar to the questions her father had asked her when she announced she wanted to pack up and study at Cambridge when her friends at school were still trying fussing over first loves and the social complexities of teenage years in the unique backdrop of Mars.

"Yes. I have. This is … what people on Earth would say is my calling."

Soval snorted, in a very un-Vulcan like manner.

N'vek, surprisingly, spoke up. "Then it's something you must do."

“I absolutely agree,” Alex confirmed.

That seemed to satisfy the girl. Before she could speak up her twin did it for her. "I believe that you Humans have a saying, we are burning daylight."

“That’s your cue mother,” Alex told Laura. “Go have fun. We will meet you back here.”

To Be Continued...



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