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Posted on Thursday, 4 August 2022 - 12:04pm by Lieutenant JG Jarin Alexander MD & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali

Mission: Shore Leave

There had been a lot going on the last few days, but it was time to spend some time with someone people he was growing quite attached too. As Jarin made his way to T'Lanna's door he wondered if this was a date or just a friendly dinner. He hoped he was dressed okay either way, a pair of nice jeans, a button up shirt and boots. His mother always told him you take a hostess something when she feeds you, so he brought a bundle of sunflowers and a bottle of wine he had picked up on Vulcan. Jarin nervously hit the chime and awaited an invitation, hell he wasn't sure if they were staying in or going to the mess hall, all he knew is dinner and company sounded nice.

T’Lanna was nervous about this evening’s dinner with Jarin, she’d put on a dress that showed off her attributes in a nice way without being over the top. She’d decided to treat Jarin to a home cooked meal, nothing replicated all freshly cooked herself. Hearing the door chime she answered the door with a bright smile. “Hello Jarin, please come in.”

Taking the invite, Jarin returned the smile and offered the flowers and wine "these are for you."

“For me? Thank you” T’Lanna took the flowers and placed the wine on the table. “I’ll just put these in some water. Please make yourself at home. Oh... I thought we could have dinner here? I took the liberty of cooking us a meal.”

"It smell's great" Jarin said with a smile looking around her quarters while she put the flowers in water. "How was your day?" he asked making conversation to break the silence.

“Actually it was pretty good” T’Lanna smiled. “It feels good to be back at work after recent events, though I wasn’t expecting to be temporarily promoted to First Officer! It’s a lot of responsibility.”

"Congratulations" Jarin offered with a smile.

T’Lanna grinned. “Thank you. I’ve got some pretty big shoes to fill, I’ll do my best to make sure the Captain’s faith in me is well placed. Anyway let’s get that bottle open.” She picked up some glasses and brought them over to the table.

Jarin wore a smile and took the bottle opener and was quickly getting around to pouring the wine.

Smiling T’Lanna picked up her glass, holding it up for a toast. “To us, to starting something wonderful and new.”

"So this is a" he paused and raised his glass "date?" Jarin wasn't one to presume anything.

"Well I err ..." T'Lanna paused. "If you'd like it to be a date? Forgive me if I'm on the wrong path here."

Jarin smiled at T'Lanna "nothing wrong with a date" he took a sip of his wine. "Chateau Picard, my grandfather gave me this bottle when I graduated the Academy."

T'Lanna smiled. "Then I'm honoured you chose to use it for our date" she sipped the wine savouring the flavour. "Hmm a wonderful vintage."

"I'm glad you like it" Jarin said with a flirty smile.

“You keep smiling like that and I might just fall head over heels for you!” T’Lanna grinned before giving an embarrassed smile. “Sorry that was a bit too forward.”

The Doctor blushed and took a sip of his wine, still looking over at T'Lanna. "Don't apologize" he shrugged it off "we've got plenty of time" he raised his glass.

T'Lanna nodded and raised her glass as well. "What shall we toast?"

"To the future" Jarin smiled and clinked his glass against T'Lanna's "and if nothing more a beautiful friendship."

T’Lanna smiled as she sipped her drink. “I think I’d like more than just a friendship, if you’re willing?”

With a smile on his face "it's something I'm interested in" Jarin replied taking a sip.

T’Lanna smiled warmly she before put down her drink and leaned in for a kiss. She let the gentle kiss linger before sitting back. “I would very much like us to give it a try.”

Jarin wore a smile on his face for a moment before speaking "then it's settled."

“Wonderful” T’Lanna smiled the biggest smile yet as she put her glass down. “The food should be ready by now, if you’d like to take a seat at the table I’ll go and plate up.”

"Thank you" Jarin said as he took his seat "I'm starving" of course he wasn't really starving but he was rather hungry.

Heading into the kitchen area T’Lanna could barely contain her excitement, a big grin on her face as she plated up the meal for both of them. Returning to the table a few minutes later with two plates. “I hope you’ll like it, it’s a roast meat dish my mother used to make for us when I was young. Complete with vegetables native to Betazed, roast potatoes, boiled potatoes, gravy, and of course the Human favourite Yorkshire puddings!”

"It smells delicious" the Medical Officer looked up from his plate to the woman he was having dinner with, a huge smile on his face.

T’Lanna took a seat. “I just hope I’ve done my mother’s recipe justice.” She smiled as she politely tucked into her food. “ that brings back memories!”

Jarin took a bite and only seconds later "this is fabulous."

“I’m glad you approve!” T’Lanna grinned. “I never thought when I was growing up that I’d enjoy cooking, but I find it quite therapeutic. I also love gardening, but unfortunately we don’t have a garden besides hydroponics and the Arboretum. Besides with Jayce around I don’t get much time for hobbies.”

"Yeah I bet he keeps you pretty busy" Jarin smiled at T'Lanna. "You know I'm glad to watch the little fella sometime" she shrugged "you know if you need a break" a quick glance away and then back at the beautiful woman across from him "and you trust me with him" a soft smile was on his face.

T’Lanna smiled and nodded. “I’d trust you with my life Jarin. I have no qualms about leaving Jayce in your care.” She suddenly realised she was staring rather deeply into Jarin’s eyes. She blushed as she averted her gaze with a warm smile.

Jarin nervously took a drink of his beverage and then smiled at T'Lanna over his glass. "Did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight?" he asked, the nervousness present in his voice.

T’Lanna felt her cheeks turn red hot with embarrassment, she wasn’t normally shy but there was something about Jarin she liked so much, she had to admit he made her feel special. “Thank you” She smiled as she looked up at him.

"You are very welcome, T'Lanna" Jarin's smile faded and he took a bite of his supper. The two of them enjoyed their dinner and then sipped wine on T'Lanna's sofa. "Cheers" Jarin paused and raised his glass "to... to whatever this becomes."

T’Lanna raised her glass “To ... new beginnings” She sipped her wine before putting down the glass. She leaned in closer before letting the emotion of the moment guide her, giving Jarin a tender yet romantic kiss.

A smile grew on Jarin's face as he fumbled around trying not to spill his wine and sit the glass on the table. All the while returning the tender kiss.

As their lips eventually parted T’Lanna sat back just a little. “I hope I’m not going too fast?”

"No" Jarin said with a smile on his face. God's knew he had moved much faster with others in the past "I'm okay if you are" he didn't want her to be uncomfortable and he assumed she wasn't just after a one night stand.

“Good” T’Lanna breathed a sigh of relief. She didn’t want Jarin thinking she was just on the rebound. “I like you Jarin, I like you a lot!” Her smile practically shone. “Would you like...” She paused for a moment. “Would you stay with me tonight?”

"I like you" he blushed and looked away "if you want" Jarin replied looking up at her with a crooked smile.

T’Lanna gently reached out a hand turning Jarin’s head back towards her. “I would like that very much.” She smiled as they sat quiet for a moment. “It’s a good job I arranged a babysitter for tonight so we could have some time together.” She looked back towards the kitchen. “Which dessert would you like first?” She grinned a wry grin.

"Multiple desserts?" Jarin asked with a curious smile.

T’Lanna nodded and smiled. “There’s the one I prepared, and then there’s me...” She blushed. “Or both.”

"Oh no you will be more then fine" Jarin took T'Lanna in his arms and started kissing her.

T’Lanna wrapped her arms around Jarin’s returning his kisses. She wasn’t going to be alone tonight.


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