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A Lesson on Luria

Posted on Sunday, 21 May 2023 - 3:24pm by Captain Pippa Whitley & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt & Lieutenant Tazuko Miyahara & Lieutenant JG Ethan Connelly & Lieutenant JG Jarin Alexander MD

Mission: Operation: Lobes & Liberties
Location: USS Standing Bear | Captain's Quarters

While Commander DeVala Victrix was making use of the Observation Lounge to brief the science and engineering team heading to Balancar, Captain Pippa Whitley had a very particular mission ahead of them, and their selections for their team were made delicately and strategically. They made use of the lavish and spacious living quarters that they had for a more subdued mission briefing, assembling the five officers in their living area was not too difficult. Several chairs and a sofa provided seating around a coffee table.

Captain Whitley settled in a chair with a mug of raktajino in hand. "Has anyone been to Luria before?" asked the Captain though Pippa suspected that the response was likely going to be a negative across the several officers. Luria was a non-Federation world on the fringes of the extremely dangerous expanse of ionite nebulae, full of navigational hazards that had claimed dozens of starships. Even Pippa had never ventured to Luria though they had encountered a Lurian or two on Ferenginar.

Adrianna cleared her throat, "once or twice." The Italian had been on a few runs with her Russian 'friend' Constantine a few times. Both positive and icky memories were made there.

"Excellent," replied Pippa. "That will prove to be useful in navigating the planet. It's a rather peaceful world, but the gap between the ruling class and the average citizen is wide, and criminal activity has been on the uptick. Though we are not going there to fix their government albeit I wish that we could. We will be meeting with the royal family."

T’Lanna gave Pippa a curious look. “What do we know about the royal family of Luria?”

"They like a drink," Adrianna muttered to herself.

Pippa chuckled at Adrianna's response. "Well, yes that is true. They are known as throwing some of the most lavish parties, balls to be precise, they are said to put Betazoid ones to shame" explained Pippa. "The same family has been in power for over a thousand years. The Gheljiar family. Someone of the Gheljiar bloodline has always been ruling over the planet and it's subject worlds and moons."

“Parties that put Betazoid ones to shame, Now that’s saying something.” T’Lanna smiled remembering parties her father used to attend.

Pippa smiled. "Ah yes, Betazoids do throw fabulous parties, but they are physically close to Humans. Lurians..." Pippa blushed a little. "They have several hearts, four lungs at the minimum, some have more than that, and in general they have two stomachs. They are resistant to most known toxins and poisons. So you can imagine that they can more than hold their liquor."

Pippa looked at Adrianna. "I wouldn't challenge them to a drinking contest. The amount and strength of liquor an average adult Lurian can handle is more than enough to kill a Human which is why Ferengi bartenders love having a Lurian at their bar. They are a very social species, love to talk and drink. The life of the party."

“I take it we are going for a reason?” Lieutenant Connelly asked. “And, to put it bluntly, why do you need a science officer?”

"You are here to he more than eye candy, Lieutenant" Pippa replied. "Luria is located on the edge of the Ionite nebulae. In order to get to Luria in the, we'll need to cut through it. That's where you come in."

“But to be clear, eye candy is a factor?” Connelly queried, raising his right eyebrow.

K'Var was slightly late to the meet and when she entered the room she whispered "sorry Captain" and quickly took a seat.

Pippa looked at K'Var and gave a nod. "Yes, it tends to always be a factor," teased the Captain. "Though our trip to Luria is not without cause. It is connected to what's going on with Ferenginar. Luria is still very much a close business partner."

The Captain looked at Lieutenant Vali in particular. "This seems to be a bit in your wheelhouse, Lieutenant. I cannot say the Federation doesn't have a vested interest in the matter, but one of the individuals seeking the scepter of Grand Negus is also being sought by the Lurian royal family to wed a member, bringing Ferenginar and Luria even closer. Our two young hearts, however, do not appear to know one another all that well and hesitant to wed."

“Then that complicates matters somewhat” T’Lanna smiled. “The downside to arranged marriages is that those involved rarely know each other beforehand.”

"I take it that's why you need a security officer, then?" Tazuko spoke up. "In case things go sideways?"

K'Var decided she would let the Captain answer the question as it wasn't really directed at her. She also didn't want to offend anyone or cause any type of rift among them.

"Aside from it being standard procedure for at least one security officer being on any away team, especially one going to an alien planet or another ship, yes. There is also factors outside of our control. Luria is not a Federation planet and parts of it can be unruly, some of it experiences significant poverty. Those in impoverished areas have a tendency to be outspoken about the ruling family.For lack of a better term, a caste or class system still lingers on Luria."

"These impoverished Lurians; would they be desperate enough to try something like, say, assassinate a member of the royal family during an occasion such as a royal wedding?" Tazuko asked. It was a fair question, as a detested ruling family would no doubt have it's fair share of brushes with assassination attempts.

"I couldn't put it past them," Captain Whitley replied. Pippa made an awkward facial expression. "They are usually a peaceful people, but I know how desperate people can be to put food on the table." That statement alone could reverberate around the room.


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