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Telepathic Breakdown

Posted on Thursday, 7 May 2020 - 12:19pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Operation: Recall
Location: USS Fontana | Various
Timeline: 2393 MD 02


Soral entered the holodeck. He had another session with Lieutenant Vali. He set up the meditation chamber and sat down. The last few days he'd existed in an energized state of bliss and his control had returned fully. No more dreams, no nightmares, no head pain, no nose bleeds. Doctor Rose had been happy with his normalizing readings. It probably had to do with the recent turn of events. The recent Goddess that had entered his life and bewitched him. He closed his eyes and entered meditation as he waited for Vali.

T’Lanna arrived at the holodeck, dressed in her more relaxing civvies for meditation. Entering the doors she smiled warmly as she greeted Soral, taking her seat ready for their meditation session. “I’ve been practicing what you taught me last session, it seems to be working well.”

Soral opened his eyes. "Good. That means we can add some elements today." He paused. "How are you feeling?"

“A little tired and morning sickness is becoming more of a factor, although it’s more like all day queasiness at the moment.” She shook her head. “Apart from that I’m fine, thank you.”

"Since you are Vulcan there is something that might assist with the morning sickness." Ha paused. "May I show you?"

T’Lanna nodded. “Please do Soral. I know the doctor would be able to help but if you can show me a non-medical way then I’d appreciate it.”

He reached up and measured three fingers under his right ear. "If you apply pressure here constant and even for twenty seconds, rest for ten, then twenty again. It will release something that will counter your nausea."

“Really?” T’Lanna nodded. “I will try that next time I feel off, thank you.” She smiled warmly. “You teach me something new every time I see you.”

He gave a nod. "Indeed. My apologies for canceling the last two session. I was...not myself."

T’Lanna nodded. “I understand, I hope you’re feeling better now?” She looked at Soral curiously uncertain if she’d be able to tell even if he did lie to her, not that Vulcan’s usually lied.

"Actually recent developments have allowed me to feel better." He thought back to the woman that waited for him in his quarters.

"Let us begin," he said. "Take a deep breath and focus on the flame."

T’Lanna did as instructed. She took a deep breath and focussed on the flame just as she’d been doing whilst practicing in her quarters.

The meditation moved along well. Soral found himself relaxing into it as well until the first ping of pain hit him. I was small and fast and then a tide a large wave of pain washed over him. His body jerked once and he gasped.

T’Lanna felt the pain both empathically and via their shared meditation. She reached out with her mind trying not to break their meditative state. ~ Soral, are you alright? ~

Before he could answer another wave of pain but this time his nose began to bleed again. The room spun wildly and within a moment he'd collapsed.

T’Lanna opened her eyes and quickly tapped her coms badge. =/\= Vali to Sickbay, medical emergency in holodeck one! I need the doctor here, now!! =/\=

"On my way." Ryan was about to order the EMH to holodeck one, but decided to use a site to site transport instead.

She moved across to Soral’s side, remembering her medical training she gently rolled him onto his side. “Soral can you hear me?”

Soral groaned. Images, questions, Someone was establishing a telepathic link..searching... A wave of head spitting pain an then the bliss of unconsciousness.

=/\=Elsewhere in the galaxy...=/\=

Cassia-Ren fired at the Ferengi device. She watched it spark and watched Gaylen fall. "Damn you ! I told you to let me use it!" She knelt by her husband's side. "Medic!"

=/\=Back on the USS Fontana...=/\=

T’Lanna was still kneeling at Soral’s side, she wanted to know what was happening to him but she wasn’t sure if a mind meld in his current state would be a good idea for either of them. Instead she gently placed her hand on his face and let her own telepathic link form. She’d felt something unusual from Soral and wanted to know what had caused this sudden collapse.

Ryan appeared in the corner of the holodeck, large medical kit slung over his shoulder. He quickly made his way over, kneeling next to the collapsed figure of Soral. "What happen?" He asked, while pulling things out of his bag.

T’Lanna slowly withdrew herself from Soral’s mind, having sensed Ryan’s arrival on the fringes of her senses. She took a moment to get her own thoughts in order before she answered. “We err...we were meditating. I felt Soral in pain, it happened twice and then he collapsed.” She massaged her temples.

"Were you telepathically linked?" Ryan asked, seeing T'Lanna rub her temples. He began scanning Soral.

“Yes...well kind of” T’Lanna kept a worried eye on Soral. “Soral was helping with my meditation, we weren’t melded just sharing a meditative state.”

"I see. Can you remember anything specific? Perhaps start with what type of meditation you were engaged in?" Ryan asked, trying to get an idea of what was causing Soral's telepathic issues. Things had been going well, and this setback was unexpected. There had to be something else going on, if Ryan could just track it down.

“It’s just normal Vulcan meditation. I was having problems meditating so Soral offered to help me, it was going okay until I felt him in pain. There was a second, stronger occurrence of pain then he collapsed. But there’s more to it, something is off but I can’t pinpoint what.”

"Let's get him to sickbay, so I can do some more thorough scans. Come with me please, I might have more questions." Ryan was ready to call for a site to site transport, just waiting for T'Lanna's acknowledgment.

T’Lanna was lost in thought going over what she’d sensed in Soral’s mind. “Wait! there was a....another in his mind. I don’t know who.” She massaged her temples. “all I know locked is Soral was in a...battle, a telepathic battle.” She looked at Ryan.

“Let’s get him to Sickbay, I’d rather not transport not sure if it’s good for the baby, I’ll meet you there.”

Ryan wasn't about to argue with the woman about the safety of transporting while pregnant. He finally had a lead on Soral's condition. He nodded to her, then called for a transport directly to sickbay. He got Soral settled onto a bio-bed, then grabbed the telepathic blocker they'd used before.

T’Lanna made her way quickly to Sickbay, she wanted to make sure Soral was alright. Entering Sickbay she walked across to Soral’s bedside. She turned to look at Ryan. “How is he?”

"I've put him back on the telepathic blocker. I think he just needs to rest. Then we can try and track down where the source of the invasive telepathy is coming from."

As the blocker took effect slowly darkness gave way to light. Suddenly Soral's eyes opened he sat bolt up in a state of confusion. Where was he, what had happened. His head was killing him, the light an assault on his eyes. "Whe..." He attempted to speak but could not finish. He closed his eyes pressing his hand to his head. He searched for the other voice but nothing.

T’Lanna smiled. “Take it easy Soral, you’re in Sickbay. You collapsed during our meditation in the holodeck. My apologies, part of your headache might be my fault, I linked with your mind trying to find what happened to you.” She paused. “There was someone else in your mind, I sensed the echo.”

"Ship..." He managed. He looked at Ryan. Why could he not communicate?"

T’Lanna looked at Ryan. “What’s wrong with him?”

Ryan checked the telepathic blocker, making sure it wasn't disturbing the speech centers of Soral's brain.

Soral tried again. "Ship, from outside. Telepathic block needed." He wasn't aware that Ryan had already put it on.

“You’re already blocked from outside interference” T’Lanna offered a reassuring smile. “I can’t get past it and I’m stood right next to you.” She took a seat on the neighbouring biobed, being inside Soral’s mind earlier was tiring.

"That's right. You're completely blocked from both sending and receiving anything telepathic." Ryan assured Soral.

Soral allowed a few moments to pass. He then tuned to the two. "Someone is trying to gain access to my mind. Until I am certain as to the motives the blocker must stay in place."

T’Lanna nodded. “If whoever it is can’t get into your mind, do you think they’re likely to try other telepaths onboard instead? I’m guessing they’re looking for something or someone and being the ship’s XO you’d have access to near enough everything with your level of access.” She looked at Ryan. “Would it be best to call in all telepaths onboard and have blockers put on them too?”

"This is geared towards me specifically. Can you let Commander Victrix know." He looked at Vali.

“Yes Sir, I’ll go and speak to her right now.” She looked at Ryan. “Do you need me anymore doctor? Am I free to go?”

"Go ahead T'Lanna. The captain needs to be informed. But if you get any serious headaches or other symptoms, come back."

T’Lanna nodded and headed on her way.

Soral turned to Ryan. "Can you please call ...." He looked at Ryan. "Can leave and rest in my quarters?"

"Can I please call?" Ryan encouraged. "I'd prefer to keep you here just a bit longer, But I can move you to a private room. I want to just be safe and run a few more scans."

"Very well doctor. I will abide by your request." He lay back. He wanted Alex there. "Can you please call Lieutenant Kingsley."

"Of course. Come on let's get you more comfortable in a private room." Ryan hovered, but not too close, making sure that Soral was steady, or steady enough on his feet to make his way there. He then called Lt Kingsley and asked for her presence.

Entering Sickbay, Lieutenant Kingsley paused just over the threshold when she couldn’t see the good doctor. His message had been vague, simply asking her to come to Sickbay at Soral’s request. Which, naturally, was enough to have her abandon her yoga mat and head straight out. On route she had tugged on the running shoes and the sweatshirt she had grabbed on her way out the door.

“Doctor Rose?” She called out, frowning.

Ryan stepped out of the private room and waved Kingsley over. "He's asked for you." Ryan was always wary of discussing patients with non medical staff. He offered Alex a smile. "I'm sure he'll explain. Go on in."

Frowning, Alex moved past him into the room, “what happened?” She said softly as he hurried to Soral’s side, her eyes full of worry.

Soral looked up. His relief at her being there was obvious. "I am alright. Someone tried to access my mind telepathically. Someone not on ship." He needed her help as a science officer but as a man he was glad she was here. Seeing her grounded him. It helped give him strength.

The effort to speak was evident and she took his hand. “You’re certain it was outside the ship?” She asked, hating to think anyone aboard would be capable. She felt anger mixing with the concern. Who would do this? Why? “Are you sure you are okay? What did Dr Rose say?”

"I am well. I have a telepathy blocker in place. I am certain. They were looking for information. He held on to her hand. "Doctor Rose wishes to keep me. I wish to leave." He noted that the doctor wandered back in. Thus far Alex and he had kept their relationship a secret he wondered if she'd withdraw her hand. He hoped not. He, for his part, did not care what the others knew.

“Doesn’t like doctors, huh?” She whispered with a grin as she gripped his hand tighter and turned to face Doctor Rose. “Can he go to his quarters if I make sure he rests?”

Ryan read off the scan results. With mild reluctance he nodded. "Just make sure he actually rest. I enabled the monitor again, so medical will get warned of any abnormal readings, but any further symptoms, come back." Ryan was firm.

“Thank you,” Alex said as she glanced at Soral and offered him a reassuring smile.

"Thank you doctor." He said.



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