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To the Rescue - Part I

Posted on Tuesday, 4 July 2023 - 2:28pm by Commander T'Varis Pren & Commander Soral & Ensign Oriana Skye Sety & Lieutenant JG Jodon Joral & Petty Officer 1st Class Siana Ilian & Emerick

Mission: Operation: Lobes & Liberties
Location: USS Standing Bear A
Timeline: 2396


Soral sighed. He rubbed the bridge of his nose and took a deep breath. "Commander Soral to Lieutenant Joral, and Security department. I need you up here now."

The voice of Lieutenant K'Var's recently assigned Assistant Chief Tactical Officer, Lieutenant Álvarez was breathing heavily. "Si," he replied though the universal translator had translated his native Spanish to English and into Federation Standard with ease. "I'll be right there Commander, and uh I'll get Jodon too."

Soral sighed. "See you both soon in the ready room." He shut down coms. "Computer activate the EMH."

The activation of the Standing Bear's Emergency Medical Officer had brought the program to life as it were. Not as used as he had once had been when Doctor Ryan Rose ran Sickbay, the blonde-haired holographic physician appeared before the First Officer "Please state..." Oh God thought Emerick stopping himself. "I can't believe I almost said that" he said with a sigh, his personality subroutines kicking in. "Commander?" he said looking at Soral and a sparsely crewed bridge.

"Hello Emerick. Follow me to the ready room. I will need your medical help. We are responding to a priority one call, Multiple injuries some casualties."

"Where's the Captain? Where's Alex?" Emerick looked around. The Italian is gone he thought as he observed and so was Vali. "Commander, where is....everyone. What kind of priority call, how many injured? Causalities you said casualties. Are there fatalities, Sir?"

"In the ready room." He stood and headed towards the room. He saw Oriana and called her, "Ensign Sety, join us." He entered the ready room and allowed them all to follow. He hoped the other two officers would show up soon. They would regret the ready room as it was a tight space but they would fit.

Behind them the turbolift doors opened as Petty Officer Ilian entered the bridge, glancing around the room as she headed towards her station at Ops after some time assisting in engineering with diagnostics.

The room was certainly not the briefing room, but it could be used at the Captain's discretion or in this case, Acting Captain as the case were with Commander Soral in command to respond to this distress call. Emerick did as instructed and entered the room with Ensign Sety and Commander Soral. The three of them were only in there for a minute or two before the chime rang. "Commander," Emerick said nudging Soral. "Lieutenants Joral and Álvarez" he stated.

"Enter." He said as he sent a message to the Ops Officer to join them. This would be an interesting briefing. He was starting to regret the meeting in the ready room.

The two lieutenants entered and both looked around. Clearly, this was going to be a bit unconventional.

At the summons, Ilian quickly crossed the Bridge. At the call to enter she joined the others inside, “you asked me to report in, Commander?”

Emerick looked to see Ilian. Good, someone I do know thought Emerick. "Yes, he activated me and started summoning several of us. I think we're the 'C Team' for something. There's a distress call."

"There is no C Team on this ship. There is the crew of the Standing Bear and as of this moment you are all Senior staff. The Bear received a priority one distress call and you all will have a place on the away team and coordinating the rescue."

Lieutenant Santiago Álvarez's dark eyes were warm and a fire lit behind them, but it was not a heat of hatred. It was a heat ignited with inspiration and determination. A dark purplish bruise on his neck barely obscured by the collar of his uniform. "You're right Commander, we do not have a 'C Team' on this starship or any starship. Whatever you need us to do, Sir. We're your crew."

"Alright, what is said here stays here. The USS Light Seeker has been attacked by a race not known to the Federation but know to the Vulcans so this will be a nightmare to navigate. They were more tech advanced and the Light Seeker is more advanced than we are they were attacked but managed to destroy the ship. They have several hull breaches and several casualties; five fatalities and their CO is in a coma. The ship is....unique in the fleet it is know as the ship of Amazons and they do not ask for help unless it's bad. They are without shields and no weapons and we have the pleasure of helping them out..." He looked at Illian, "You will coordinate the Engineering teams and the Ops teams, Emerick I need you on Medical, will be my XO during this and Alvarez you are head of Tactical however be warned...the Tact/Sec chief is....not a friendly one on the Light Seeker."

The Trill science officer had taken a seat on one of the chairs in the Captain's ready room, and his head shot upward to look at Soral the moment he said that Jodon would be First Officer. "Me...what?" he said anxious. "Commander, surely someone....there's got to be. I mean..." he looked over at Santiago. "Álvarez, Sir. He's a tactical officer. He can be more of an asset to your as First Officer, or even Ensign Sety. She's at least in the command department."

Ilian glanced over at the scientist and fellow Trill, full of sympathy at the unexpected assignment. “I believe the Commander has chosen wisely,” she commented to nobody in particular.

"Wisdom can be debated, however I have faith that you shall do well." He picked up a PADD and handed it Emerick. "Medical updates from the ship. Sety I need you to head coms for me. "

She blanched. "Me?"

"Indeed. Each of you have a job on this. We have a crew that is off ship so we need to help the Light Seeker as quickly as possible." He handed each of them a Padd that updated them on the departmental situation of the ship. "Joral in addition to you leading the away team I need you to assist their science department with respect to ensuring they are secure. Take a moment to read through the data and then I want to hear your thoughts."

Jodon looked through the information. "My thoughts are connecting with the nearest Federation starship and requesting assistance" he said. "This is a lofty undertaking for us."

"There is a general distress call that went out." He turned to Sety. "Joral is correct, You are to see which other ships are responding to this. As XO," he said to Joral, "You will coordinate with the other ships since we will be first on scene."

"Let's hope there are other ships responding," stated Joral. "Communications are not the greatest out here."

“Doctor once you have reviewed the casualty reports please let me know of any additional resources you may need, and I will make sure you have it,” Ilian promised Emerick. While not in this body, she had been in his position facing a daunting list of casualties requiring varying degrees of urgent help.

"Of course," replied Emerick. "I will probably have to pull personnel to assist" he added given his activation for this.

“Alright, I think we all know what we are doing. Everyone to their posts. I will follow up with Acting Captain Prin. Emerick prepare for the transfer of the Light Seeker’s captain to our ship. Her CMO has indicated that they need to do surgery but their bay is not functioning. I trust you will assist the CMO with the surgery?

"I am well programed in various surgical operations and techniques" the EMH reiterated. "I also learned quite a bit more from Doctor Rose while I worked with him. His surgical prowess surpassed even mine."



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