Command Salad

Posted on Saturday, 20 January 2024 - 3:12pm by Commander T'Varis Pren & Commander Soral & Captain Pippa Whitley & Commander DeVala Victrix Ph.D & Captain Barret Stillwater

Mission: Operation: Lobes & Liberties
Location: Sickbay | USS Standing Bear A
Timeline: Post Away Team Rescue


Soral walked into the sickbay room to find Stillwater on the bed surrounded by Victrix and Whitley. "Am I intruding?" he asked.

Victrix looked up at Soral. "No, we were just visiting. He's a tough one" she said referring to Stillwater who occupied the biobed as a patient, Victrix leaning against it for support. She hobbled away and pulled herself up onto an unoccupied

Pippa placed a hand on the recovering Stillwater. "That he is" Captain Whitley agreed. "You can come closer Soral. They have him heavily sedated for the time being, but he'll be his usual self in no time."

He gave a nod and walked closer. "It is...unpleasant to see him this way." He looked at Pippa. "I am grateful that you are well Captain," He turned to Victrix. "And you as well. My apologies for being late to the rendezvous point."

Victrix nodded, an acceptance of the apology though she held no ill towards him. "Lives were at risk, Commander. You did exactly what any of us, including Stillwater would have done. Besides, our communications were spotty at best down there. I'm just glad he will be okay and that Alex will be as well. My leg will be fine in time, just got to try not getting shot at again. "

He gave a nod. "That would be a logical decision, getting shot is fun." He raised an amused eyebrow.

Turning to Pippa Soral said, "I have a report for you when ready Captain."

"Now is as good as ever," replied Pippa. "We can use the Chief Medical Officer's office for privacy if you are prepared."

"Indeed." He looked at Victrix. "Will you join us?"

Victrix gave a nod and proceeded to follow the two into the Chief Medical Officer's office. Pippa had taken the Doctor's seat and offered either of the two seats in front of the desk to the others. Victrix took one of the seats.

Pippa looked at Soral. "Something to report, Commander?" inquired the Commanding Officer. Pippa had not had as much time with Soral as Stillwater had, but the half Efrosian was finding their First Officer to be dependable.

"This rescue mission was a first contact mission in a sense. The ship that attacked the Light Seeker was one that is not known to the Federation, Vulcans did know them. Because of the way this all unfolded I have convinced the Vulcans to share knowledge of this planet with Starfleet. The report should be under both your messages. The ship was all but destroyed and the CO....will not survive longer. I brought her on this ship rather then sending her with the crew and the towing ship because I believe that her death will...cause the XO, my half sister, harm. It is but a theory but if I am right then she will need aid of a family member when the Captain does pass." He paused. "That being said the Light Seeker is a total loss on last report. Our crew, although not senior staff, performed admirably and I would argue for more freedom given to Medical Holo if he wishes it. He was a part of the crew as much as anyone."

Victrix was visibly uncomfortable. "Soral," she said calmly. "You know the Federation and Starfleet are still not very comfortable with anything that isn't biological at the moment. The attack on Mars, the destruction of Utopia Planitia..." she took a deep breath. "I know Emerick is different. I have had the luxury of serving on the Standing Bear to know that."

Pippa cut in. "And the Federation and Starfleet deserves to know that as well," added the current Commanding Officer. "It is the only way we are going to change these restrictions and excessive prejudices that are cropping up. Soral, I will back your recommendations and we can present it to Starfleet Command. Anything that brings us closer to the Starfleet and Federation that we were is worth it."

Soral gave a nod. "Thank you, both." He looked at Victrix. "I understand their hesitancy but the truth is the truth. Just as the Vulcans should be more honest with the Federation." He looked at them both and sighed. "There is one more matter that....I wish to discuss with you both...a personal matter."

"You always do this" Pippa said with a smirk. "I have come to realize that you always lead up to a personal matter. Go ahead, Commander. What's one your mind?"

He sighed. "As you know from my report the Light Seeker's crew and the ship was towed away. Her CMO, the Captain, XO, and the medical ship are here. The Light Seeker's captain is not .... expected to survive. The Light Seeker, I am told is a complete loss. This ship." He said walking around and looking at the room fondly. "This ship is one that is more then a crew it is a family. I happen to know the XO will be...quite effected by the loss of not only the ship but her Captain. I have decided to leave and I thought that perhaps...if you can convince the stubborn woman, this could be home. My...half sister has never had one, not really and perhaps, with your assistance and agreement we could give her one."

"It sounds like to me that you are looking to step away from all of this, and leave me your half sister as a parting gift? You want me to take her in and pull some strings to get her your position on the crew."

"Indeed. She is a more then suitable replacement. She needs a family and those in this room family. Thus she is your family too she just needs to feel it."

"It's not an easy ask, Soral," Pippa admitted outright. "I do have some pull and sway with brass though. If I dig my heels into the sand, they may grant me this to repay some favors they owe me, but it will probably break me even with them."

He thought about that. "Favours are important. I cannot ask that of you. Perhaps you can speak with her and convince her to ask for the transfer?"

The rest of the conversation flowed normally and once he had soaked up the friendship in the room feeling a bittersweet pain in his chest he left to process just how painful this decision was to leave this ship and this crew, even if it was the right thing to do for himself, his family, and perhaps the people he would hope to one day lead.